Clark’s answers delayed

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We had hoped to have the answers for our ‘interview the leaders‘ series from Helen Clark today. I talked with the PM’s office and they explained the questions are with Clark, she’s been busy travelling, and we’ll have them as soon as they come back. So, they’ve asked for an extension and I said ‘fair enough, she’s got a country to run’.

Obviously, we would also be happy to give extensions to any other leader who wants to participate but needs some more time.

I still think it’s pretty cool they’re answering at all and this confirms the leaders, or at least Clark, are writing the answers themselves.

As soon as we have the answers, we’ll put them up. In the meantime, get your questions in for Tariana Turia.

25 comments on “Clark’s answers delayed”

  1. Absolute Power 1

    “Diddums”; can my answer not be any more precise.

  2. Steve Pierson 2

    I’m not sure what your point is meant to be AP.

    I see you really are Wishart. Only he would write a mess of a sentence like “can my answer not be any more precise” and then forget the question mark.

    Selling any copies? Not many from what i hear.

  3. Psychobunny 3

    Reminds me of waaaaaay back in the day when Richard Prebble came to talk to the students of U of A. He just kept repeating over and over, “Helen Clark won’t come to talk to you!”

    … Because, you know, the Prime Minister of a country just has SO MUCH TIME to spend standing in a dreary, pigeon-crap-filled quad getting egged by the stoners.

  4. big bruv 4

    Comrade Steve

    The outstanding book Absolute power has sold out three times at my local bookshop.
    Clark cannot answer the questions because she is far to busy covering up for the lies of Mike Williams and preparing for the storm that is about to her once more people finish their copies of Absolute power.

    BTW..chapter 10 is most interesting.

  5. redbus 5

    Psychobunny. I’m not sure if the egger was a stoner. He was an old man pissed off with Prebble. Unless Prebble was egged more than once?

  6. Absolute Power 6

    “can my answer not be any more precise’ and then forget the question mark.

    Steve, it wasn’t a question, no marks sorry my old sunshine. It was more like a command, not unlike how Helen speaks.

  7. Matthew Pilott 7

    Absolute power, that makes no sense even as a command.

    Bruv, you just keep getting better with time. So your local bookshop got three copies, each on a separate occasion, and you bought them – that’s bigger news than the book itself. Has the MSM even sniffed at it yet? I think not, O deluded one.

  8. mike 8

    “and I said ‘fair enough, she’s got a country to run”

    Yes steve please don’t distract her cause that might cause interest rates to sky rocket, inflation to rise, job losses, strikes, EFA rorting… ahhhhh too late.

  9. Tane 9

    Mike, I though all Helen did these days was sit around writing nasty songs about John Key?

  10. Catherine 10

    .. or pashing Judith Tizard….

  11. illuminatedtiger 11

    Sold out three times? Last I heard Wishard couldn’t sell enough and was reduced to flogging them off to Pac N Save stores as a cheap toilet paper substitute.

  12. woppo 13

    Absolute Power is poor old Dad4Dumb, excitedly twiddling his tiny plonker in the hope that Wishart’s steaming bucket of ordure will bring about the second coming.
    With your limited concentration span, drongo, you’ll be finishing the final chapter sometime around 2058.

    [let’s keep it civil, eh? SP]

  13. Luke 14

    Funny….last time she was in the back of a speeding car she had no problem doing work…. maybe she has started to develop motion sickness and can’t work in moving vehicles?

  14. Psychobunny 15

    @redbus: Pretty sure Prebs got egged by the stoners at one point; the first shot missed and he taunted their lack of aim, which of course invoked Murphy’s Law. Unless the angry old man was brave enough to stray onto the smoky, smoky balconies …

  15. Hillary 16

    I presume its supposed to be insulting to imply that Helen Clark and Judith Tizard lesbians. Makes glad not to be a tory – on so many levels.

  16. Absolute Power 17

    Fact or fiction Hillary? Many know the truth.

  17. Hillary 18

    There they go again!!!!!!

  18. Absolute Power 19

    Fact or fiction? Many know the truth. What is so upsetting about that statement? Surely if you are correct Hillary then why the complete over the top reaction?

  19. bill brown 20

    Oh come on people, let’s not drag it down to this level.

  20. Hillary 21

    And again!!!!!!

  21. Absolute Power 22

    Please don’t bust a spark plug Hillary. Talk about a hissy fit. Calm down or you won’t be the next president.

  22. lprent 23

    AP: As usual you’re wrong.

    BTW: I am starting to view you as a mindless troll wanting to start flamewars. Difficult to see any contribution you make to debate here. Certainly you display bugger all ideas or intelligence. I’m getting sick of reading one line sound bites.

    How about lifting your game before I start to get annoyed.

    Of course that is just my opinion, but around here… well I’m the Bastard Sysop of this blog (and I’m being nice for a change)

    And please don’t do the standard luser tactic of whinging that it all someone elses fault and listing them – I couldn’t care less.


    Anyway, apparently the wait for Helen’s answers is nearly over according to my sources.

  23. Pascal's bookie 24

    AB, Ian believes lot’s of things. Some of which may be true no doubt. But if you read enough of his stuff you can only realise that he doesn’t ‘know’ anything much at all given traditional definitions of knowledge.

    If you try and make a mental map of his arguments you end up feeling like you are sitting in John Nash’s tool shed. Lot’s of seemingly random assertions and newspaper clippings are stuck to the walls and there are dozens of pieces of different coloured string linking them in convoluted ways. None of it means anything however.

    John Nash was a genius however. Ian just flapps his hands a lot and shouts “if you don’t sue me I win”. That’s retarded.

    ergo either Ian is himself an idiot, or he has cynically identified a ready and reliable market for stupidity and is merely laughing at his customers.

    Going by the coverage recieved so far ‘Ab Power’ has to be slowest burning explosive in history.

    Glad to see you’ve stopped leaving the space before your punctuation marks.

    have a good weekend.

  24. randal 25

    wishard has been fiendishly clever in issuing his vomit on glossy paper so it cannot be used for the only thing it is any good for or would be any good for except it has been doctored so that nothing will stick to it.

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