Who needs evidence?

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John Key doesn’t need evidence. He just knows stuff. John Key just knows that Don Brash’s emails were stolen by a mysterious hacker – “but I can’t back that up”. Well of course he can’t back it up, no one can, there’s no evidence at all:

The investigation appeared to favour the theory of an inside job. An assessment of Parliamentary computer security from 2003 to 2005 found no evidence of any “hacking of any sort, no evidence of any interception or use of similar devices”. “No evidence of anything, really – in fact there was absolutely no trail to follow.”

So, Nicky Hager says it was an inside job, the police think it was an inside job, and insiders across the political spectrum are pointing the finger at Bill English. But Key would rather believe in imaginary ninja hackers.

In many ways Key’s touching faith in the imaginary should come as no surprise. Key believes that “National Standards” will raise educational achievements, despite having no evidence at all (in fact, despite evidence to the contrary). Key believes that tax cuts for the rich will save the economy, despite having no evidence at all. Key believes that having un-elected businesspeople run Auckland and trampling local democracy will be good for the city, despite having no evidence at all (again there is evidence to the contrary). Key believes that the three strikes policy will reduce crime, despite having no evidence at all. And so on, and so on. Key believes without evidence. Hell, maybe he really does believe that there are pixies at the bottom of the garden printing money.

Shouldn’t we live in a world where facts had some chance of driving policy? Shouldn’t we expect better than this from government? Shouldn’t we demand better than this?

11 comments on “Who needs evidence?”

  1. Julie 1

    I guess he needs to believe it’s not Bill, otherwise he’s got someone on his team, v senior on his team, who possibly isn’t on his team at all.

    • Mr Magoo 1.1


      You mean he has not worked that out already??

      They will cut his throat the millisecond he is no longer popular. Lucky for him he is.

  2. Kevin Welsh 2

    Maybe it was the Minister of Holidays, Handshakes and Celebrities?

    Motive is often the most important factor. Who stood to gain the most?

  3. not convinced 3

    my money says it was an insider
    my money also says the insider is the man himself, all smiles and waves and empty air promises

  4. Rich 4

    How many dollars were wasted on pointless police investigation at the behest of the National Party?

    Why did they get this investigation. The cops don’t investigate burglaries, or car breakins, and I strongly suspect if anyone else complained about their computers being hacked, they’d be fobbed off.

    • Pete 4.1

      Exactly right Rich,

      It reminds me of a recent story about a blogger where the police were being slagged off for wasting money…

      • Bright Red 4.1.1

        except that there is actual evidence of an offence in that case. Multiple offences, in fact.

        A blind bat could ahve told you the leaker was a Nat.

  5. not convinced 5

    police will do anything when the ‘ispy without a warrant’ laws are on the table

  6. Draco T Bastard 6

    Key believes that…despite evidence to the contrary

    The dominant characteristic of the Delusional RWNJ.

    Shouldn’t we live in a world where facts had some chance of driving policy?

    That would be nice.

    Shouldn’t we expect better than this from government?

    Nope as they’re a bunch of Delusional RWNJs.

    Shouldn’t we demand better than this?

    Yes we should. Where’s our powers of recall? Oh, that’s right – we don’t have any 🙁

  7. Bill 7

    JK and this government do not need evidence. This is because JK and this government is driven by conviction; by ideology. And if the left focuses on evidence….on facts…then we will win the arguments that nobody listens to and lose on absolutely everything else that actually matters.

    So, in the interests of shedding pretences and getting down to the guts of matters. Try this … and extrapolate. And then this And extrapolate again.

    And if you get it, to any measure, then please for your and our sake, get up off your arse and outside of your comfort zone ….

  8. BLiP 8

    Get with the programme – your:

    un-elected businesspeople running Auckland

    . . . are now “appointed representatives”. Banks’ media spin doctors are in “change the language mode”.

    Talk about an imaginary world!

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