Why no photo-op for Banks?

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John Key has been asked if he will be giving an explicit order to National voters in Epsom to vote for John Banks. He said ‘not today’. He said that a few weeks ago too. No photo-op of Key shaking Banks’ hand either. Why the hold-up? What could possibly be behind National wariness of linking Brand Key to Banks?

34 comments on “Why no photo-op for Banks?”

  1. toad 1

    0.9 per cent support for ACT

    • Ari 1.1

      Honestly, if it were Richard Prebble he needed to shake hands with at .9% of the vote, I think Key would be there in a heartbeat.

      No, this is about the fact that middle New Zealand knows that John Banks is a bigot, and simply not a very nice person, and that being seen to endorse him would ruin people’s positive perceptions of John Key.

  2. felix 2

    How odd. It’s almost as if they know about some dark secret hanging over Banksie’s head.

  3. wyndham 3

    They know what their polls are consistently showing them !

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    Banks = Radioactive Man.

  5. Maybe charges could still be pending over the Hujlich affair ?

  6. fender 6

    Banks and Brash are relics from a bygone era and should find a retirement home asap. We dont need them. That was evident when Brash proposed cannibas reform (which i support) but coming from him nobody took it seriously. And Banks has got a long history of foot in mouth disease that paints him as a bigot and irelevant in a modern world. To recognise this and see it as toxic is at least an indication that Key is not the complete dork he appears to be.

  7. Ianupnorth 7

    A simple reason could be that Banks’ new specs are so f’ing ugly that nobody would want to be seen in a picture with him.

    That or what The Sprout was on about (like Felix said above)

    • IrishBill 7.1

      He wears those glasses because he’s trying to soften his image so female voters in Epsom are more inclined to vote for him. Clearly ACT underestimate the good sense of Epsom’s female constituency…

  8. Anne 8

    … what The Sprout was on about (like Felix said above)

    My pick. What’s the hold up? If there’s something voters ought to know about, then lets have it before the election.

  9. One Anonymous Bloke 9

    Banksie Banksie, give us your answer do,
    Don’s gone crazy, and we are in the poo,
    We may need a brand new leader,
    Not a bald drug dealer,
    Now Dr. Brash is on the hash,
    Will you please mind your Ps and Qs?

  10. Di 10

    According to TV3,”
    “Prime Minister John Key says he will not be surprised if the Conservative Party manages to woo undecided voters”.
    Will Rodney become the new Epsom?

      • Ianupnorth 10.1.1

        That prat behind the so-called Conservative Party has such a stupid, in need of a good slap, face. Their flyer came in the local paper. What a load of bollocks – still talking about ‘anti-smacking bills’, ‘eco-light bulbs’ and ‘shower heads’.

        Some people need to get a life….

    • millsy 10.2

      I have to say, Im a bit worried about the Conservatives rising in the polls, albeit slowly, if they had their way:

      Homosexuality would be recriminalised
      Divorce laws would be tightened up
      Abortion would be outlawed
      Welfare would be abolished with the churches taking over assistance for the poor, same with health and education
      The sale of condoms and contraception would be banned
      Single mothers would be put into homes and make to work like slavess
      Evolution would cease to be be taught in our schools
      The would be slut-shaming, and spousal rape would be re-legalised

      And so on…

      • Lanthanide 10.2.1

        Are any of those their actual policies?

        • felix

          Don’t think so, not openly anyway. But would you believe them if they said no?

          Maybe they’ll do a Key: “We won’t ban the teaching of evolution in our first term”.

        • the sprout

          here’s some

          It’s time to get back to common sense and acknowledge that reasonable force is necessary and beneficial for some children. It would be difficult to find a parent that hasn’t at some time needed to use reasonable force to effectively control or discipline their child….

          Also in support of parents we should fix the anomaly that exists regarding abortion procedures for minors….


  11. fender 11

    On the subject of total fukwits if you like to piss blood you might also like to read some of the comments on yahoo by the biggest bunch of racist bigots in history. Theres a crowd of nat supporters with names like: perplexed, sir2u, rockape, paulhenry4primeminister and others. Biggest bunch of inbreeds imaginable, all they do is slag off Labour constantly. I wanna find out where they live and well you know maybe do the Key handshake or something.

  12. gnomic 12

    Anybody else finding the election makeover look for Banks kind of weird and unnerving? Somewhere between a 65-year-old choirboy and something of the undead sort? Somehow I expect the mask to slough off revealing the wizened features of a very old man.

    Definitely time for the dustbin of history. More ‘leadership’ from this headcase we don’t need.

  13. geoff 13


  14. tc 14

    I believe you can rest assured there are forces in power keeping anything damaging buried very deeply and those that could let the cat out of the bag know that’s potential career suicide…..their memories are long and they’re very vindictive with all the right connections.

    What is it about this electorate, they all seem such nice grammarians and retired folk.

  15. One Anonymous Bloke 15

    Prime Minister ponders pandering to pothead party plummeting in polls.

    “Act have been very stable…”? The PM’s a truther!

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