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Yet another reason to move to Australia

Written By: - Date published: 7:34 am, November 14th, 2012 - 13 comments
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Here’s an entry to add to the already very long list of why people move to Australia. Apparently, they have much better taste in media there:

Paul Henry’s breakfast show axed

Controversial broadcaster Paul Henry may be on his way back to New Zealand after having his Australian breakfast show axed by network bosses.

Australian network Ten released a statement saying Breakfast, which is fronted by Henry and journalist Kathryn Robinson, will cease production on November 30.

The show has lagged behind its rivals in the ratings since debuting on Ten in February.

13 comments on “Yet another reason to move to Australia”

  1. irascible 1

    Apparently the staff involved with the show also were not enamoured by P.Henry. Obviously there is a greater awareness of the dangers of talentless egos among Australian TV people as well.

  2. ak 2

    Repulsive, obnoxious, racist tory bigot. Pumped as “victim of tall-poppycock” and “incredible talent” “lost” to the US only to fail repeatedly at every turn and further grind Aotearoa’s reputation into the mud.
    Speaks volumes about our media controllers if his ugly mug ever graces a screen again, and a good reason never to watch a single programme from whichever channel dares to bring this excrement into our living rooms again (with the exceptions, of course, of Newsroom, re-runs of The Castle, and Shaun the Sheep).

  3. marsman 3

    Did I hear the vile Paul Henry is talking to NZ TV re a breakfast show? Yech!

  4. fabregas4 4

    Strikes me that like Paul Holmes these folk think the success of a show is all about them but when it is tested by their move to a new channel they find out that it is more that people turn on their TV sets to the channel they always have and that very few actually have an allegiance to any particular presenter or personality. Ego fuelled nonsense. That TV comapnies pay million contracts for these people in the belief otherwise makes me wonder about the cultural in these organisations.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      It’s not the culture in the organisations so much as that the people at the top believe that they’re Randian Superheroes and thus that all the success is up to them and they’ll claim success even when it can be proved that there isn’t any (Think ENRON).

  5. kea 5

    Problem solved. I’ve unplugged the TV and will view video selectively online rather than be force-fed advertising and Henry’s self-serving political advertorial.

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