Should’ve done it before, John

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It seems John Key is now belatedly wading in to look at whether it’s at last time to cut Andy Haden loose as a Rugby World Cup Ambassador. Apparently it was ok for Haden to talk about “darkie quotas” in the Crusaders and still remain a PR face of our nation, but now Haden has screwed-up once too often, even by Key’s standards.

Haden’s latest comments suggest, in the wake of a the Robin Brooke disgrace, that some women “target” sportsmen with false accusations of rape for cash. Exactly the sort of comment you’d expect from Haden, but not from someone who’s supposed to be acting as a national ambassador on the world stage.

John, how many times have we said it? When it comes to cauterizing the rotten, if you act swiftly you look honourable and strong, if you act belatedly you just look weak and like you’re just doing something because if you don’t you’ll look like a spineless creep.

Good for you John for finally having the balls to lose a few red-neck rugby votes on the alter of political correctness.

43 comments on “Should’ve done it before, John”

  1. gingercrush 1

    McCully is a fucking dick.

  2. big bruv 2

    Sacked for telling the truth!

    Goodness me, what next?

    Oh, and gingercrush, I am sure the feeling is mutual.

  3. comedy 3

    I wonder if Haden is becoming senile – just the latest in s string of comments from him over the last few years.

    Sometimes people need to learn to STFU.

    • felix 3.1

      I wondered that too. How many times has his poor old brain been sloshed from one side of his skull to the other?

      And then there’s all the rugby injuries as well…

      • burt 3.1.1

        You might be onto something. We know about boxers getting punch drunk, perhaps he’s tackle bagged.

    • gingercrush 3.2

      He’s been senile for a very long time then. That’s the thing. Why he was chosen to be an ambassador in the first place. He’s always been a rather controversial figure within rugby circles and it really should come to no surprises that such a person would make controversial statements in the first place.

      • Name 3.2.1

        As someone with no interest in rugby whatsoever I mentally switched off when this was being discussed on the PM programme, but believe I heard the accusation levelled that Haden, whoever he is, was only chosen to be a Rugby Ambassador, whatever that is, because he was pally with Murry McCully who is apparently the Minister in Charge of the Rugby World Cup fiasco.

  4. Sookie 4

    I love how you picked a particularly creepy photo of the loser. Reading some of the misogynistic comments on the Stuff post this afternoon has been quite fascinating. Someone needs to get through the thick skulls of the ‘shelias are asking for it’ crowd of munters that real men control themselves, even with a skinful of piss. It will never happen though. New Zealand, what a pathetic land of knuckle dragging, pig ignorant peasants who think being racist, sexist, homophobic and generally bigoted is totally acceptable providing your a a real ‘man’ who plays sport, builds shit, shoots guns and other such manly pursuits.

    • Lanthanide 4.1

      I like how his glasses are crooked. There was a photo of David Farrar used on stuff a while ago where he had crooked glasses also.

      Now, there is a kernel of truth behind what Andy was trying to say, but he chose a very bad way to say it (and the media are distorting it further), and as a sports representative of the country this is not the sort of thing you should anyway.

  5. george 5

    He looks like Peter Griffin.

    • burt 5.1

      The chin is wrong, but there was that episode where he pulled his nads off his chin….. you might be onto something!

  6. tc 6

    Sideshow didn’t touch it last time as the timing was immediately after Blindtrust gate so it took the heat (none with our MSM) off him while everyone went over the top reacting to this proven agent provocateur….yawn.

    Still the same bunch of knuclehead old boys out of touch with reality……..haden also so my question would be what’s really going on as he’s no idiot, despite the public image and these are calculated comments.

    Remember the Blind trust issue ? A serious case of F you NZild I’m protecting my portfolio even better with this PM job thingy I got.

  7. bobo 7

    About time Haden took a cup of shut the F**K up, the boofhead has to go, I guess sex with an unconscious teenager is ok unless its your own daughter judging by his logic, McCully has to go too, as he appointed the guy, and defended his last discretion, what has Haden actually done as ambassador to promote the event ???. Nact inherited the RWC and are doing their best to screw it up with mismanagement and jobs for the old boys club.

  8. RobertM 8

    Yes but what on earth is Andy talking about. Courtesans soliciting All Blacks. Party Girls getting happy and loose with their favours. Denying 16, 17 and 18 year old punters there chance to have sex with their heroes. And really why on earth can’t the all Blacks have sex with teenagers, party girls, office girls, all black groupies or call girls. After all its quite legal.
    And why on earth is it a problem for feminists or Trevor Mallard that all Blacks have sex with teenagers, non whites or intoxicated ladies. After all we all do and its good sport.

    • McFlock 8.1

      Haden’s issue seemed to be that sometimes public figures are targeted for blackmail regarding sexual assault allegations.

      His suggestion that women targeting sportsmen “do so at their peril” implies it’s her fault if the sexual assault complaint is legitimate.

      By his own logic my perspective is that the sportsman who rapes a highly intoxicated woman does so “at his peril”. Frankly, a rule of thumb of “if a complete stranger is obviously alcohol impaired, don’t have sex with them” should be apparent to everyone, not just sportsmen.

      • burt 8.1.1

        His suggestion that women targeting sportsmen “do so at their peril’ implies that Haimona Kenneth Gardiner might have been testing the soon to be standard issue AB’s sports bag and false allegation insurance device.

  9. BLiP 9

    Hayden is far too cavalier to be an ambassador for New Zealand.

  10. logie97 10

    Key’s problem is that he wants to be one of the boys. Remember those photo-ops with the kids doing a rugby drill and him “jacket off” running and passing. Remember that photo at the barbecue with the prince, beer bottle to the mouth. The recent tee-shirt photo-op in South Africa with the boys…

    Unfortunately, one of the “real blokes” (Haden) has shown himself up twice in a few weeks – one of Key’s blokes that he wanted to be seen with and rub shoulders with (if Haden knelt down).

    Key, if he had any class and substance, should have sacked him in the first instance. Now he looks tarnished.

    Looks like some of the tinselly world of Key is beginning to lose its lustre. Party Central, Rugby world cup…

  11. tsmithfield 11

    I would have been prepared to give Hayden a second chance after the first incident. This is because Hayden may well have had a point about the Crusaders, even though it was not expressed in a very considered way. However, clearly after the second comment he has to go.

    The point he could have made more eloquently about the Crusaders is that they may have found the optimal mix between uninhibited flair and controlled discipline. It might be that full value can be gained from players with uninhibited flair if they have a foundation of controlled discipline from which to operate from.

    Of course, players who possess uninhibited flair can come from any race. However, Polynesians seem more likely to be players with uninhibited flair as can be seen by the success of Fiji in sevens rugby for instance compared to their much weaker 15 man game. Consequently, there may effectively be a limit on the number of Polynesian players in the Crusaders simply due to the team balance the Crusaders may be seeking to create and how the natural playing style of Polynesian players tends to fit with that. If it was rugby sevens the Crusaders were playing balance might be far in favour of Polynesian players.

  12. Ian 12

    It’s serious when John Key is neither relaxed or comfortable with a situation.

    • Armchair Critic 12.1

      Sure is. If it takes Andy Haden referring to PI rugby players as darkies and saying that it is okay to commit rape, if you are an All Black to get fired, WTF did Richard Worth do?

      • travellerev 12.1.1

        Could it be fraud? It is commonly known that assholes like John Key think fraud and theft are far worse crimes than rape and discrimination.

        Those crimes could after all happen to them while the latter only happen to people of colour and the female persuasion or if you are a person of the imprisoned class which as we all know doesn’t happen often to our white collar criminal elite.

        • prism

          Are you really sure travellerev? I think that the reverse has been the case
          for John Key and his type – fraud and theft are far worse crimes than rape and discrimination.

          The reality of apprehension of crime doesn’t apply to them.

  13. Nick C 13

    1) Why is this post written as an attack on John Key? It was McCullys decision to make. I know he is PM, but that doesnt mean he has to micromanage every decision like Clark did.

    2) The flip side of the ‘be strong and decisive’ coin is that you might sack competent people just because they make one mistake, and thus not get the best results. Here the guy made a fool of himself again and deserved to go but that doesnt mean we should always support ruthless leadership.

    • felix 13.1

      Haden publicly endorsed a hypothetical racist quota, publicly referred to polynesians as “darkies”, and publicly stated that chicks who get raped by sportsmen are probably asking for it.

      McCully’s done nothing about any of that.

      That makes it Key’s problem.

  14. prism 14

    It is a fact that chicks who are ‘influenced’ by celebrity sportsmen are often mistaken in their decisions about attraction! Andy Haden possibly speaks from experience. Women are publicly and regularly found to be very silly in their decisions about relationships to sportsmen also men in general. It is possible that some venal considerations about financial outcomes from sex are part of participating women’s possible considerations.

    Women have been reported as having chosen to get drunk or drugged and lose their ability to control their involvement in sexual relationships too often to question Andy Haden’s comments. What he did wrong was to state the known and frequent outcomes in too crass a way. He is not diplomat material.

    • Armchair Critic 14.1

      Nothing makes it okay to have sex with someone when they are asleep. Ever. Especially casual acquaintances. Which is why it is a crime, and a serious crime at that. By involving himself and trying to justify a serious crime as acceptable in some circumstances, Andy Haden shows that he is unsuitable to be a RWC ambassador. Thankfully he resigned.

  15. BLiP 15

    Women have been reported as having chosen to get drunk or drugged and lose their ability to control their involvement in sexual relationships too often to question Andy Haden’s comments

    What do you mean “reported”? I can only imagine that you are referring to the *.txt section of whatever porn site you frequent.

  16. Jum 16

    Just like the judge saying women in tight jeans can’t get raped.

    When will guys start taking responsibility for their own decisionmaking. Of course women are silly over these men. They actually think these men think of them as people. So much for equality between women and men in New Zealand. For women the inequality is going to get much worse.

    But what really frightens me is the amount of women sending in feedback to TV3 saying that Haden was okay to make those comments and for Rape Crisis to ‘get over it’. Apart from the usual blame game on women for men raping them these women and men don’t seem to understand the meaning of being an ambassador for a country which involves keeping your mouth shut if all you can come out with are comments which put your country in a bad light – especially a country that calls itself enlightened in the rights of women. (What a joke).

    Haden – by all means join the other couple of million men and women who blame women for everything from the breakdown of society to being raped and even putting too much starch in his collar but do it in your own time. Paid or unpaid you’re a disgrace, but nevertheless a perfect candidate for NAct. I can see you achieving great heights in NAct. You’d fit in perfectly with their current political behaviour towards women.

    • Carol 16.1

      Exactly, Jum. And as for Haden’s claim of gender equality?! He said that as an ambassador for a sport that demonstrates how male endeavours are mostly the markers of national identity, and on an all male panel about it. He must be so used to that dominance that he judges everyone other opinion to be part of a “sectional interest”.

      Haden’s views are those of a “sectional interest” that has historical gained a lot of power.

      PS: I enjoy male rugby – very happy after the commanding performance last night. But would also like to see more equal treatment of women’s sports. I am looking forward to the netball game tonight & wish the telly showed more women’s rugby.

      • Jum 16.1.1

        Have they ever recorded or shown a full game of women’s rugby on any of our radio stations and tv channels?

        Rugby – can’t stand the game.

        But, with the so called tall poppy Hadens of the rugby world so goes their fans’ thinking. The less airplay he gets the better. He only got on there because he rushed around the field diving on other men and balls, or both…

        Nah, give me football any day. Gotta use yuh brains for that!

  17. logie97 17

    Over on Labour Blog, Trevor Mallard suggests Mr Key might choose Pinetree…

    “… generally accepted as the best rugby player ever.” By whom Mr Mallard?
    During his career Colin Meads could have claimed to be the best number 5, 9 and 10 as an All Black. Flanker and lock. (Note they changed the shirt numbering system during the sixties). I’ve heard commentators saying that Carter is the best ever number 10.

    Best ever rugby player – let’s see … Farr-Jones, Gibson, Barry John, Going, Tremain, Whineray, Fitzpatrick, Ella, Brooke, Jeeps, Risman, O’Reilly, Sharpe, Williams (any one) Wilkinson, Campese, Kirwan, Blanco, Carter, McCaw … nah sorry it’s a 15 man game.

    World’s best in New Zealand is an expression that comes to mind – followers in other RFU’s will have their favourites.

    I think he confuses best with most famous.

    So most famous lock possibly.
    Most famous enforcer – possibly.
    Automatic selection in a World 15 – probably.

    Colin Meads also has the unenviable record of being only the second ever (at the time) to be sent off during an international rugby match – Murrayfield 1967. Might be one of the factors in his being so famous. And ask Ken Catchpole of Australia what he thought about the “Great”.

    As for our Prime Minister – I doubt Mr Key would know much of the above because he tells us he was indifferent to rugby in 1981 and, just supposing Key had been interested as a boy, Colin Meads would have been coming to the end of his playing career at that time – (Key would have been 10 when Meads played his last test in 1971 a lost series to the World’s best ever Rugby team – that Lions team) – (in my opinion).

  18. Maggie 18

    Haden is the Michael Laws of rugby, loves being in the limelight. Next thing you know he’ll be standing for Super Mayor.

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