Is there an issue or an angle on a story that The Standard hasn’t covered? Do you have a political story that needs be made public?

Why not contribute a guest post?

The Standard offers a range of views on politics from across the Left but the authors can’t cover everything – we don’t always have the time, the knowledge, of the information to do a topic justice. We encourage guest posts to bring in a wider array of views and knowledge. A guest post can be a great way to release information to the public that you otherwise can’t.

As the most widely-read and influential leftwing blog in New Zealand, The Standard is a great platform to get yourself heard.

We can’t guarantee to publish all guest posts but we publish most of them. We sometimes edit for clarity or brevity but try to keep your voice. It may take some time for your guest post to get published or it may go up pretty quickly, it all depends on the schedule of other posts.

You don’t have to give a real name but you can if you want. The post will appear attributed to “Guest post”, but you are welcome to sign it with your own name or pseudonym in the body of the post if you wish.

Writing Guidelines

  • Generally, shorter is better and more people will read what you have to say.
  • Keep your language moderate, it’s a family blog (albeit an often raucous and rowdy family in comments) :).
  • A bit of humour is always good. Note: comparing politicians to Nazis never comes off well, even in jest.
  • A guest post should be something more than a comment. It needs to offer new insight or information that hasn’t appeared in posts on The Standard already.
  • Take some time to form your argument well and make it comprehensible.
  • Images and graphs are good. You can attach them below the form.

Have fun! We look forward to receiving your post.

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