Civil war breaks out in National’s ranks

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Simon Bridges is due to go live right now with the conclusions of the leak enquiry.

Jami Lee Ross has responded by effectively announcing war.

Stay tuned … will be updated with developments.

Update:  I missed this tweet.  Clearly Lee Ross must have leaked the news about the donations to Newshub.

There has to be a formal inquiry into this allegation.

235 comments on “Civil war breaks out in National’s ranks”

  1. Carolyn_Nth 1

    In his announcement that JLR is the leaker, he says JLR is lashing out, caucus will decide, but suspension is an option.

  2. Robert Guyton 2

    “Lashing out” or “spilling the beans”?

  3. Robert Guyton 3

    Simon had no idea, though, that Jami-Lee’s need for “time out” was in any way connected to the leaking. No idea. How could someone with so little nous be the leader of the National Party???

    • Tricledrown 3.1

      Anonymous texts with no number how does that happen you can’t send a text without your number.

      • Craig H 3.1.1

        I assume there are apps which can conceal these things, or otherwise use a burner phone.

  4. Dennis Frank 4

    It all depends whether he’s a lone wolf, or has a group in caucus that will support him. If he’s positioning himself as a leadership contender, why go on sick leave?? Bridges reiterated just now that that was unconnected to the leaker identity. Can’t see why anyone would believe him!

    • Dukeofurl 4.1

      Ross was a former Senior Whip, so Im thinking hes part of a cabal.

      Not surprising that hes fallen out with Bridges , as he was a ‘numbers man’ for Bridges leadership. probably had high hopes for him and made promises to other MPs that werent fulfilled.
      Oh dear.

      • Dennis Frank 4.1.1

        Yes, good point. A cabal would be more effective if covert (trad conspiracy theory) but in the Nats looser groupings seem the norm, gathering around opinion-leaders rather than ideology. Perhaps Wayne will offer an opinion?

    • Treetop 4.2

      ….why go on sick leave??

      To get out of the way. To give Bridges rope. Bridges fumbled with why JLR went on leave and now the public know why Bridges would not let go of the leaker inquiry as it comes down to Bridges or JLR.

      For me this comes down to last one standing JLR or Bridges.

      Does JLR want to be the new National party leader or is he working with the next National party leader contender?

      • Dukeofurl 4.2.1

        hes Mcullys replacement within the caucus as the ultimate backroom operative- unelectable as a leader as well.

        But even McC wouldnt go so far as to ‘bring down a leader’ with his reveal on the donations saga.

        What else does he know , from his time as senior whip.

      • Dennis Frank 4.2.2

        Tactical retreat is often a good idea but rarely seen to manifest in politics via headlines! Has to be more to it, I reckon. Weird thing about it is none of the Newshub poll contenders seem viable leaders. Why replace one nonentity with another? Labour spent enough years doing that race to the bottom to teach the lesson to any observer with a working brain.

    • Michelle 4.3

      Maybe he is sick of leaking so he need leak leave for his leaking disease.

      • cleangreen 4.3.1

        Michelle 4.3

        “Maybe he is sick of leaking so he need leak leave for his leaking disease”.

        Ha ha Michelle, that was worth reading as I giggled afterwards. – Thanks for that.

    • Chris 4.4

      I didn’t think anyone could be a better leader than Bridges, but now it’s been mentioned, yes, Ross is definitely that person.

  5. Gosman 5

    This is actually quite damaging for Bridges. I can’t see how he will rebuild his leadership after this. His handling of Lee-Ross’s personal leave situation makes dealing with this revelation difficult. I foresee a leadership challenge or a leadership resignation in less than 6 months.

    • chris73 5.1

      Agreed, unfortunately

      • Chris 5.1.1

        Yes, it is unfortunate. But there will be other people in National who’ll be able to do the job as well as Bridges.

    • Dennis Frank 5.2

      Remarkably cautious of you! Could easily happen tomorrow. If JLR is on the same page as other opinion-leaders in caucus, very likely will.

    • Robert Guyton 5.3

      Hang in there, Simon!

    • mickysavage 5.4

      Bridges best chance is for Lee Ross to implode. Which may be possible if Lee Ross has anything further to come out.

      • Dukeofurl 5.4.1

        Jamie-Lee first names , and Ross is the surname isnt it.?

      • Gosman 5.4.2

        Ross’s political career is dead. He looks like he has decided to take Bridge’s career with him. The trouble is the way Bridge handled the leave situation is that he can’t cruicify Ross, which is the only way I see that he could have survived this. Although there is one small chance people might take pity on him for having to deal with such a rogue character. Relying on pity is never a good look for a leader though

        • shadrach

          Hi Gosman. IMHO Bridges could turn this to his advantage by putting his leadership on the line at tomorrow’s caucus as follows:

          1. Call for an immediate vote of confidence in his leadership.
          2. Call for JLR’s immediate suspension from caucus.

          That would take huge courage, and could cost him the leadership, but it would it buy him significant public and caucus support if he was successful.

          • Gosman

            The trouble is coming down harshly on Ross could backfire in the public’s mind and it seems as though there may well be a deeper level of opposition to him in the caucus. He isn’t going to win this faction over by destroying the career of Ross. That would probably just make him a martyr

            • shadrach

              It could backfire, but IMHO Bridges is at the point of having to take a risk.

            • Chris

              Doesn’t look like Bridges is likely to treat Ross as the vulnerable person with serious health concerns. But then again, Ross looks like he’s denying it’s him. Oh…what to do?

          • Kevin

            Public support? The public don’t like him. Period.

        • woodart

          way better than” my kitchen is a survivor without talent”though. natz are following the same internal self destructive wonderfulness of aus,u.s and england. great entertainment for humans.

    • ankerawshark 5.5

      Gone by xmas if not before

      Does anyone know when the next poll result is due? Surely this will dent Nationals popularity.

      Simon has been a disaster. None of the past Labour leaders, Goff et al come close

    • Dukeofurl 5.6

      Will Ross dig his heels in and refuse to go – much as Williamson V English 15 yrs ago.

      or has Ross ‘crossed over’ and now supports Collins and will be her stalking horse?

      • Sacha 5.6.1

        Ross was in the Collins faction before helping Bridges take the leadership anyway.

        • Dukeofurl

          Thats what I thought – he used to be in the Collins Coterie- but then drifted.
          Well rewarded by Bridges for his support, but he must have made promises to other MPs , as the numbers guys do, that Bridges didnt deliver on.
          or it could be a plain old personality clash as Bridges let the fancy office suite go to his head and forget those who put him there

    • infused 5.7

      He was always an idiot. It was just a matter of time – like I stated.

      Although, I think this is lee-ross just lashing out.

    • alwyn 5.8

      Do you mean the way that Phil Goff resigned within a couple of months of Chris Carter undermining him?

      Ross has got to be kicked out of the National Caucus. He is in exactly the same position as Carter was and the reasons are exactly the same as the ones that one-time Labour Party President explained for Carter being dumped.

      Isn’t it funny how the Labour Party stooges here regard this as showing weakness by Bridges but dumping a couple of Cabinet Ministers showed “strength” by the Peters-appointed PM?

      • woodart 5.8.1

        whats it like alwynge, running flat chat, putting out fires, while yelling,’look over there’…?

    • Michelle 5.9

      the whole thing is quite damaging for national gosman not just soimon

    • cleangreen 5.10

      100% Gosman, @

      Simon Bridges time is up; – he is gone very soon now.

    • Skinny 5.11

      No one will want to be leader for a year or so after this sad saga. Especially when the next poll will see Natcorp drop down into the mid 30’s.

  6. Anne 6

    Jamie says he and Simon fell out earlier this year. Oh dear, its pistols at dawn I think.

    • Robert Guyton 6.1

      They fell out, but Simon didn’t suspect him of leaking?
      He knew and hence the investigation. Playing hardball. Looks nasty.

    • OnceWasTim 6.2

      Earlier this year when Soimon got himself a new little cadet licker (Simeon)

  7. chris73 7

    While it’d obviously be better coming from Labour this is still pretty interesting. I do enjoy and good political blood letting 🙂

    • roy cartland 7.1

      I agree. Now *this* is more like the scandals of old… petty, pointless and riveting!

      • Dennis Frank 7.1.1

        Petty & pointless only if it’s just male rivalry. If JLR is on common ground with others, we need to see what that is and why to judge political import. Hope their caucus meeting will illuminate that via subsequent reporting, but if they keep it in-house we’ll have to hope for another leaker…

    • Anne 7.2

      It’s your side’s turn now 73. We had ours back in the the early to mid second decade. 😉

  8. Jimmy 8

    National in self destruct mode

  9. Kat 9

    Since the halcyon Holyoake years National has progressively turned into the rotten apple it is today. Rotten to the core. No wonder Winston looks back in disdain.

    • woodart 9.1

      good comment kat. natz of today are a commodity for sale, with very few principles they would die in a ditch for. a very poor descendant of a once good party. old time natz must either be very ashamed, or have altsheimers….

    • Macro 9.2

      If anyone was a rotten apple – corrupt to the core – it was Holyoake. Just look at the fleecing of the public purse – and the lining of his own pocket in Kinloch.

      • Kat 9.2.1

        Hard to find the perfect PM Macro, although I have to agree with the Hon Shane Jones when in reference to Jacinda Ardern he said “something special has been uncorked here bro”………

  10. Anne 10

    Does anyone else get a faint sniff of whale oil in all of this?

  11. Chris T 11

    Two ways this can go really

    The most likely. Bridges is ditched

    The remote possibility. He actually comes out better.

    Depends on how much back up he has.

  12. ScottGN 12

    JLR claims to have a taped conversation that he alleges has Bridges discussing unlawful activity that he was involved in??

  13. dV 13

    Can The make Lee Ross resign if he doesnt want to?
    He is an electorate MP.

    If he goes the will be a by election
    So the cost will be ca 500k +

    FOR info that was going to be released in 3 days!!!!!

    • Dukeofurl 13.1

      Using the Waka jumping law he can !
      Supend him from caucus, send a letter to the Speaker sayings hes ‘defrocked’


      • Gabby 13.1.1

        That would be bowel-cloggingly rich, given their highly principled opposition to it.

        • Dukeofurl

          Likely he will give JLR 2 options.

          1) A $200k golden parachute to tide you over till you find your feet, but you must quit now
          2) Threaten to use the Waka jumping law which means he gets nothing. ( Only at general election time do ex Mps get 3 months pay after election date.)

  14. ankerawshark 14

    Yes ScottGN. If that is true about the tape this is going to get very dirty and Bridges is done for, which is the most likely option anyway.

  15. Draco T Bastard 15

    Jami-Lee Ross

    When I started to become expendable, I confronted him with evidence that I had recorded him discussing with me unlawful activity that he was involved in. Working on his instruction, he asked me to do things with election donations that broke the law.

    If such evidence exists he needs to go to the police.

    Mandatory screenshot.

  16. arkie 16

    Paging Muttonbird to collect their Prognostication Award…

    Jami-Lee Ross takes time out

  17. Sanctuary 17

    I wish to fund both sides of this civil war., but only enough so that neither side can achieve a decisive victory.

    Kinda like Syria.

  18. AB 18

    I didn’t like it when the media were swarming over Shearer and Cunliffe predicting their demise, and I don’t like this either. I would rather have National panned for their obsolete ideology rather than because their leader is a dipstick.
    The real task is to render core National Party beliefs unthinkable for the vast majority.

    • UncookedSelachimorpha 18.1


      National’s rump support is for their dreadful ideology, not the dreadful people.

    • Treetop 18.2

      I do not have your blind faith. English had to go over the Barclay tapes as it was the only thing he could do to shut the matter down and personally be rid of it.

      If JLR has a tape what is his tactic going to be? Sacrifice himself to take Bridges down. I think this is what is probably rattling JLR.

      Bridges may resign as leader, if he does where does this leave JLR? Both are not right.

  19. Fireblade 19

    This could be the end of Bridges, Bennett and Lee-ross.

  20. Nick 20

    ’embarrassing’….. Famous quote.

  21. Nick 21

    The saddest bit is both of these guys have powerful influence on the country. Neither deserve it.

  22. Gabby 22

    Where are Jason Evil and Simon Lush?

  23. James 23

    This whole thing has been handled worse than a clusterfuck – both will get what they deserve. #TheyAreTheWeakestLinkGoodbye

  24. Ngungukai 25

    Some serious blood letting going on within National Party, not a good look for Slimey Wedges ? Jamie Lee-Ross appears to be seriously pissed off ?

    Winston may have been right Wedges gone by Xmas ?

    • Chris T 25.1

      ” Jamie Lee-Ross appears to be seriously pissed off ?”

      I think we should remember that there were mental issues going on, albeit according to the police, not self harming.

      I think he is just trying to burn the house down behind him as he goes down.

      • Sanctuary 25.1.1

        Of course! The man is mad!

        Isn’t that smear a bit, well, Soviet for you righties?

        • Chris T

          It would be if I said he was mad

          I didn’t

          • Sanctuary

            So much passive aggressive going on in this one,

            • Chris T



              15 October 2018 at 1:52 pm
              I wish to fund both sides of this civil war., but only enough so that neither side can achieve a decisive victory.

              Kinda like Syria.”

          • Tricledrown

            Implied Chris T but you are also writing the fact he is on a destructive path because of his mental health issues without knowing what type of issues he is facing.
            So you are trying to paint JLR as say a borderline personality or something similar.
            Chris T you speak with forked tongue
            It hasn’t worked for Bridges he will be gone by lunchtime.

      • Treetop 25.1.2

        If burning the house down is the case then JLR is unwell. If he is being unfairly targeted then the person doing this is making him unwell.

        Bridges had other avenues and options he could have taken to deal with the leak. Bridges was unable to predict the outcome and it was foolish of him to pursue it.

      • Tricledrown 25.1.3

        Bridges is trying to paint JLR as unhinged.
        Which has backfired.
        Bridges expenses debacle could have been handled a lot better.
        All Bridges had to do was ignore the leak and says it was going to released next weak with a bit spin thrown in and his leadership wouldn’t be in question.
        But he has behaved like an arrogant bully and has no one to blame but himself.
        National are to blame for rushing leadership change putting an arrogant school boy in charge was a mistake as was Bennett who looks like death warmed up.
        Collins is well out in front and can handle all the issues with ease ie lying consummately.
        Bridges shoots himself in the foot while barking at cars.

        • woodart

          love it..lying consummatley… collins has the chinese yen behind her, natz are a commodity for sale, witness a nonvoting cult, sorry religion giving dosh for ???. yen will outvote kiwi $$$ in the natz conscience… natz conscience, now thats a conundrum..expect to see many more “new” New Zealanders standing behind next weeks natz leader in promo pictures…. thats the sad thing, angry old white guys still think they matter……..

          • Tony Veitch [not etc.]

            The Chinese currency is the yuan, not the yen (Japanese)

            Apart from that minor quibble, I agree entirely!

          • patricia bremner

            Woodart. “nat’s conscience now that’s a conundrum” Oxymoron came to mind. I agree as to motivations. $$$$$ follow the money!!

      • Fireblade 25.1.4

        Chris T and the other right wing psychopaths were blaming Clare Curran and Trevor Mallard. The right has no credibility.

    • cleangreen 25.2

      Ngungukai @ 25

      Winston Peters is always right.,

      Winston has been inside the ‘toxic culture of parliament’ for so many years that he has a mirror view of what is about to happen next.

      Bet the bank on it.

  25. Stuart Munro 26

    Some people do not strive for greatness, they have it thrust upon them. Now is the time Paula, to stand up for your party. (rofl)

    • Tricledrown 26.1

      Paula Bennett is finished unelectable.

      • Stuart Munro 26.1.1

        I was thinking more of the operatic possibilities than pragmatic ones I confess. The final aria “I hope you die you miserable bastards” would almost write itself. Ebben n’andro lontana would come pretty close though, if it came to that.

        • Tony Veitch [not etc.]


          And let’s hope that somewhere in this whole sorry, delightful and entertaining saga, there is room for Sidney Carton’s last words in the Tale of Two Cities:

          “It is a far, far better thing I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.”

          [NB – not death, just one, or both, out of parliament!]

          • Stuart Munro

            I really fancy Gerry for the role of Brunnhilde too. Maybe Ray Columbus was a little tough on him back in the day, and he just needed a few more life miles to develop his vibrato.

        • Anne

          The most glorious soprano of all time.

          • Stuart Munro

            Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez is pretty good for this piece – but that opinion may be shaped somewhat by sentimental associations with her role in Diva.

            These of course I would not willingly contaminate with imagery of the deputy leader of the opposition.

            • Anne

              I will have to amend my comment to:

              The two most glorious sopranos of all time. That was beautiful.

      • cleangreen 26.1.2

        100% correct Paula Bennett is gone to.

        Many hate her so much now.

  26. Ngungukai 27

    Paula or Judith need to step up to the plate and stop the rot ?

    • Michelle 27.1

      But how can they ( judeath and pull the benny) stop the rot when they are the rot.

    • Treetop 27.2

      Parliament sits tomorrow, I will be glued to the TV screen.

      • mary_a 27.2.1

        Treetop (27.2) … be interesting to see who will be sitting where on the Opposition benches when Parliament commences on Tuesday afternoon.

        According to SB, tomorrow morning Natz caucus will be discussing JLR’s future as an MP. Then it could well be SB’s head on the chopping block, as his leadership begins to be questioned.

        Expect to see Natz playing musical chairs very soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow.

  27. ianmac 28

    But what if the phone calls were coincidental? What if there is a real Leaker not yet named?
    To be convicted because they couldn’t find anyone else is a bit thin.
    Mr Ross would become a very vengeful man!
    The Avenger is Arisen!

  28. Reality 29

    Like a b-grade movie! Was JLR put on leave by mutual agreement between him and Soimon or on Soimon’s orders? More to this saga still to come out.

    • Draco T Bastard 29.1

      Like a b-grade movie!

      It was the mole with the leaking fountain pen in the office.
      Followed by the rat with the knife in the kitchen.
      Assisted by the ex-dancer in the ballroom and the hare in the entranceway while exiting.

  29. Booker 30

    Time to get some popcorn 🙂

  30. millsy 31

    Not too sure what was hoped to be achieved from all this. Bridges probably has less then 24 hours left as National leader, and JLR is all but out the door as an MP.

  31. Dennis Frank 32

    In regard to a smoking gun, the report from PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting doesn’t find proof, just sufficient evidence to identify the likely leaker:

    38. With one exception, our examination did not identify any evidence to suggest that any National Party MP is the Text Message Sender.

    39. The exception is Mr Ross, who communicated with: a) Reporter B, five times on 23 August 2018, whose employer RNZ then on 24 August 2018 reported information from a “source” about the fact of the subject text and its content. Note that Mr Ross has communicated with Reporter B on multiple occasions; b) The Speaker, on 23 August 2018, who on 24 August 2018 announced that the Inquiry had been called off because he was satisfied that the leak was a National Party matter. From the information in the dataset the only other time that Mr Ross has called the Speaker was once, in February 2018; and c) A senior Police Officer from the policing area in Mr Ross’ electorate on the same day (19 August 2018) that the Police reported to the National Party Leader that they had identified and spoken to the Text Message
    Sender. There is no evidence in the dataset recording that Mr Ross communicated with this Police Officer prior to 19 August 2018.

    40. This evidence is not conclusive.

    • Dukeofurl 32.1

      I remember that RNZ story which indicated a ‘source’ had indicated the text had occurred.
      My conclusion was that another MP was supporting the leaker, not that the leaker was trying to whip up interest in the txt, after Bridges and Mallard didnt reveal anything about the txt.

      Seems like the enquiry has used corroborating evidence, as it would be highly unlikely an experienced MP would have ‘fingerprints’ over any leak via the email or phone system

    • woodart 32.2

      40. this evidence is not conclusive…standard right wing practice…”how much justice can you afford ,son?”

    • Treetop 32.3

      Labour are going to be dragged into the JLR v Bridges stoush as Mallard received a text from JLR. The RNZ reporter received a text as well. And the police received a text as well.

      A transcript of the contents of texts and phone calls with the named above will determine JLR’s involvement.

  32. newsense 33

    Weighting on the endless reports of National as a bunch of disloyal infighters who couldn’t organise a picnic after picking a new leader and then trying to ditch him moments later. A bit Australian.

  33. Tricledrown 34

    Bridges has opened a whole new hornets nest.
    Now Bridges is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
    This is a gift that keeps giving Bridges should know better to make claims that can’t be held up as evidence in court.
    If he hadn’t taken it personally he would look stronger.

    • Dukeofurl 34.1

      Doesnt need evidence that would ‘hold up in court’, as Ross isnt being charged with any offence.
      Ross hasnt admitted to directly leaking , but the circumstances of his admitted falling out with Bridges fits the story that the leak info has came up with.

  34. Tricledrown 35

    Next step JLR sues Bridges for deformation.

    • Carolyn_Nth 35.1

      Sounds painful.

    • Dukeofurl 35.2

      Politicians are a special class so have a higher hurdle to cross in damage to their reputation. As well Bridges has a defence of ‘based on honest opinion’- the report which points to JLR

  35. Ross 36

    If Jamie has mental health issues, as the leaker claims to have, I am surprised he would repeatedly put his head above the parapet and tweet like a bird. I doubt mental health issues are involved.

  36. Michael 37

    It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch. No wonder the “business community” think so highly of them.

    • woodart 37.1

      “business community”whoever they are, love the natz, cause they know they can be bought, but :business community” can be outspent, like shonky cult/religions….suckers!!!

  37. Ngungukai 38

    JLR is obviously not happy that Slimey Wedges has come out into the Public Arena and broadcast that JLR has mental health issues, I would also be pissed off if I was JLR ?

  38. Delia 39

    This is the arrogant, born to rule party now going rogue…few could cope with losing the election..Opposition just about kills them. No humility, now in house wars break out.

  39. woodart 40

    party for sale, ….will go to highest bidder, prefer to be paid in yen, everything must go. principles and morals already gone. you are bidding for name and logo, comes with unthinking angry old white royalty, sorry , loyalty, not much else……..

  40. mary_a 41

    For someone who was “required” (own choice, forced, pushed, threatened) to take leave on health grounds, JLR’s recent tweets don’t seem to indicate he is ill in any way.

    But who knows. This is Natz after all!

  41. Herodotus 42

    This family is very unfortunate, bad things seem to follow the JLR family.
    “A byelection estimated to cost ratepayers more than $100,000 will be held in February to replace her.”
    If another by election, the only good thing will be that both local and central govts can say that they have spent a lot of $$ in the area !!!
    2 By elections in only a few years + 1 more ???

    • Katipo 42.1

      Wonder if an ousted JLR would stand as in independent or for another party in a By-election?

  42. Dean Reynolds 43

    Over on Kiwiblog & Whaleoil, the Nats’ comments reflect a Party in hysterical meltdown – good to see

    • woodart 43.1

      on a completley unrelated(but just as funny) topic, eminenem will be playing at the caketin soon, wondering if there will be a bag of natz dollars at the door for him??

    • Cinny 43.2

      lmao, popcorn time.

  43. Ad 44

    With the inevitable Botany by-election, the best thing Labour and the Greens could do is not stand a candidate. The National majority is so strong there it would be better to just let them fluff around between them and Act.

    We could have a two-fer from Jamie and his wife 😉

    Thank god that “Party Hopping” legislation got passed in time!

    • Dennis Frank 44.1

      Would be interesting to know the extent of his support in Botany. If most voters in that electorate are Chinese, my pick is that they vote National on auto-pilot, and if he knows that he probably won’t bother to stand again. Would be even more interesting to know if that National branch is still supporting him.

      Incidentally, just heard Richard Harman telling Jim Mora’s Panel that today’s tweets from JLR will be viewed as way more serious than his being fingered as the leaker, in the Nat caucus meeting tomorrow. He’s right (alleging Bridges did something illegal) and JLR taping his conversations with his leader will also be controversial. Harman reckons suspension of JLR tomorrow is almost certain.

      • Ngungukai 44.1.1

        National could win Pakuranga without standing a candidate due to the high number of new immigrants of Asian extraction in the Pakuranga Electorate, as previously mentioned they vote National on autopilot. 90% of new Asian immigrants voted National at the 2017 General Election I was told if I am correct ?

      • gsays 44.1.2

        I am not being cheeky when I ask this, doesn’t Labour have an Asian Mp that could stand there?
        You know conservative enough to appeal to the electorate but left enough for the education and health for all to resonate.

    • Herodotus 44.2

      In here press conference just ended our PM mentioned that Labour always does its best in any by election into putting every effort to win. And giving the voter choice. So I gather by our PM’s statement should there be one that Labour will be standing, even given your great advice

    • Gabby 44.3

      They could campaign on the slogan, ‘you don’t have to be crazy to vote nats, but it helps’.

  44. rod 45

    Where’s Hosking when the Natz need him?

  45. Brian Tregaskin 46

    If its true Jamie has the audio recording as proof
    Jamie should then start a new party National 2.0 before the Waka jumping laws take effect ;
    he could be the new Winston Peters. Rob Muldoon
    If its not true and no audio recording materialises -who knows what do with him.

  46. Gosman 47

    What is interesting is if we are to believe Ross there was nothing really wrong with him and Bridges pushed him to step down for medical reasons. If so, then the ’embarrassing’ condition that Bridges blurted out as the reason for the leave was merely Bridges making up something. This suggests that Bridges was seriously annoyed at Ross and wanted him humiliated. That suggests a degree of vengefulness that is ugly.

    • woodart 47.1

      a degree of vengefulness that is normal for the right… there ,fixed it for you.

      • Gosman 47.1.1

        Hardly. Left and right would probably have the same degree of vengeful people.

        • woodart

          the natz dont like loosing, or sharing, and always deflect and look for revenge. your many posts prove this.

    • cleangreen 47.2

      Yes Gosman;

      Those ‘Young Turks’ are bloody vicious are’n’t they?

      As a 74 yr old i am shocked how viscous they really are today.

      I was raised on Sid Holland and Walter Nash.

    • Ross 47.3

      What is interesting is if we are to believe Ross there was nothing really wrong with him and Bridges pushed him to step down for medical reasons.

      But the leaker said he was unwell, Bridges didn’t say it. So if Ross is the leaker, his mental health problems seem to have cleared up remarkably quickly. Or there’s a more plausible explanation…the leaker never had mental health problems but thought that by using that excuse his identity wouldn’t be revealed.

  47. veutoviper 48

    For anyone interested, the Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill (aka the waka jumping bill) received Royal Assent on 3 October 2018 and came into effect the following day 4 October 2018 – despite National’s filibustering against the Bill and taking up over 13 hours of Parliamentary time in debate against it over the last month or so.

  48. Morrissey 50

    Jami-Lee Ross? Even David Shearer kicked his ass.

    Mayor Len Brown was relaxed, affable and confident. And, surprisingly and most gratifyingly, so was Labour leader David Shearer. He was at ease and in command throughout the program; in fact he was likable. He did not stammer or forget what he was saying, and he spoke clearly. When he smiled, it was a genuine smile, not the anxious forced rictus grin we have seen too often. Late in the program, he provided the highlight of the evening when he pulled rank and firmly squashed National lightweight Jami-Lee Ross.
    Jami-Lee Ross was exactly how he always is: smarmy, nasty, arrogant and bumptious. But worst of all—and this proved to be his undoing—he was disrespectful. Throughout the hour, he referred to Shearer as “this guy”, and to Shearer and Norman as “these guys”. To compound this display of offhand disrespect, every sentence he uttered started with “Look”. I was impressed with the way Shearer handled himself in this difficult situation; not only did he have to deal with Ross’s vexatious and ridiculous comments, but he also had to contend with Chapman’s offensive and partial behavior. While Chapman’s childishness was something he just had to put up with, he did not have to let Ross go unchallenged. Twice during the early part of the program, he effectively refuted Ross’s nasty comments, then at the end he put Ross firmly in his place—right at the bottom of the pecking order.

    Read more…

  49. toad 51

    What’s the bet the invisible hand of The Rt Hon. Judith Collins-Thatcher is behind all this?

  50. Rae 52

    One of the biggest tells with the Nats is how, standing by Bridges’ side, Paula Bennett looks like she’d rather be anywhere else but there. Talk about a just swallowed a dead rat.

  51. ianmac 53

    Bridges explanation was a bit too smug for my liking.
    What if JLR is really suffering a mental breakdown hence his paranoia approach to Bridges? What if JLR’s attack and general threat is a manifestation of his mental health.

    If so, then Bridges’s apparent confidence, will be based on knowledge of JLR’s state. Bridges could win points with this.
    (Bridges has been given public speaking coaching for his presentation, perhaps over the weekend?)

    • (Bridges has been given public speaking coaching for his presentation, perhaps over the weekend?)

      So what . He still comes across as a widget, and nothing he can do will ever detract from what people see as his foolishness. Imagine calling for an inquiry into something that was going to be openly disclosed three days later and making a circus of it…

      • ianmac 53.1.1

        “given public speaking coaching for his presentation,given public speaking coaching for his presentation,…”
        My point is that he seems to sure of himself with the end view of being vindicated.

        • WILD KATIPO

          Yes I understand what you were saying, and yes he might seem sure of himself but no one else is. He’ll be gone by the next 12 months.

          • ianmac

            WK. I meant in relation to the leak. I suspect that his self assurance means that he would escape ridicule because he knows full well what JLR’s problem is and he can turn it to his advantage – maybe.

          • Ngungukai

            Nah Winston reckons b4 Xmas ?

  52. mosa 54

    I don’t think Bridges has to worry about being involved in alleged illegal activity because the National party is above the law and has a complaint police force at its disposal to see that it stays that way.

  53. Carolyn_Nth 55

    Whenever I watch Bridges make today’s statement, I get transfixed by an immobile Bennett beside him, trying to look serious and severe.

    The checkpoint guy just commented on the “unblinking” Bennett.

  54. bwaghorn 56

    Oh my oh my now that has brightened my day no end .

  55. mosa 57

    No Right Turn
    Monday, October 15, 2018

    Leaks, dirt, and ethics
    So, National leader Simon Bridges thinks he has found his leaker: the same MP he granted leave to a few weeks ago for “embarrassing personal health reasons. Given that the leaker supposedly sent text messages to Bridges and the Speaker claiming to be mentally fragile, I’m not sure how much I really want to go near this. But earlier today Jami-Lee Ross tried to pre-empt things with a series of tweets claiming he was being stitched up, including this one:

    Jami-Lee Ross

    When I started to become expendable, I confronted him with evidence that I had recorded him discussing with me unlawful activity that he was involved in. Working on his instruction, he asked me to do things with election donations that broke the law.

    12:55 PM – Oct 15, 2018
    131 people are talking about this
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    Which is presumably related to this morning’s revelations about a “clerical error” around donations. But if its more than that, and Ross does in fact have such recordings, he should release them. Because sitting on solid evidence of unlawful activities and corrupt electoral practices by a politician, presumably as “insurance” or “leverage”, is not just unethical, but also being an accessory after the fact.
    Posted by Idiot/Savant at 10/15/2018 01:30:00 PM

    Labels: Crime, Election Funding, National, Simon Bridges

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    Irredeemably Liberal

    No Right Turn

    • Ngungukai 57.1

      I am interested to know what “the embarassing personal health reasons are” as Mental Health is not an embarassing personal health issue ?

      Mental Health problems are a major issue world wide and are not embarassing, poor mental health is a serious issue for the individual and the families concerned IMHO.

  56. mary_a 58

    Now Si how about those dodgy donations, dodgy as in hmm 🤔 as well as dodging from one account to another

  57. Craig Glen Eden 59

    What a mess. So according to Bridges, Jamie-Ross was unwell so he goes on sick leave. Now the National caucus is going to discuss the sick guys position in the National Oposition. But hang on isn’t he sick and has personal issues? Like wasn’t that the reason he was put on sick leave? Gee so either Bridges was lying about Jami-Lee having issues or National are really mean and kicking a sick guy when he is down. Either way Bridges and National are stuffed. Imagine being a National MP and needing sick leave in the future. 🔥🔥

    • Gabby 59.1

      Or Weewoss has been fibbing.

    • mauī 59.2

      His illness is an embarrassing one and any sight of him in public would likely make him more ill. He fingers are ok because he can still tweet, thank god.

  58. UncookedSelachimorpha 60

    The danger is – National might clean out these incompetents, and find an electable ‘winner’ for Crosby Textor to pump up – sooner rather than later. A Richie McCaw or similar (as an example, I don’t actually know about his politics). National is the party for ‘winners’, and this has often worked for them at the ballot box.

    Of course in reality, a handful of winners relies on having a large number of ‘non-winners’, but people can be encouraged to look past that with some carefully selected soundbites and copyright-infringing advertising.

    While us progressives want an outcome that works well for everyone.

    Hopefully National will keep gargling on these stale leader dregs for some time to come.

    • gsays 60.1

      I like the image of gargling on unpleasant folk.
      However as was stated up thread, it’s the politics Tories vote for not the personalities witness Theresa May, Shipley,

  59. Brian Tregaskin 61

    Exclusive Bretheran rearing their heads again — “this has elements of Noelle McCarthy and the classic 95bFM Breakfast Brash interview she did that changed the outcome of the 2005 Election”

  60. nzsage 62

    Interesting how the MSM are reporting on this. Had it been Labour then I’m convinced headlines of “disarray”, “disaster” and “unelectable” would abound.

    Instead, we get “MP’s must back Bridges” See:


    “National Party MP Maggie Barry stands behind leader Simon Bridges, attacks MP Jami-Lee Ross” See:

    The MSM are not even trying to hide their loyalties to the Natz anymore, all the more reason the left need to get the message across via social media, other online media and The Standard!

  61. Brian Tregaskin 63

    Amazing tech is here to counter NZ MSM
    Embrace it learn how to use it to counter:)

  62. Ken 64

    Two words….Exclusive Bretheren.

  63. Jenny 65

    Someone didn’t tell News Hub about the recently enacted Waka Jumping Law.

    Mr Ross is the MP for Botany, Auckland. If he’s expelled from the party he could quit and cause a by-election, or stay on as an independent.

    News Hub, October 15, 2018

    Under the bill, lawmakers who quit or are expelled from their party will also be ejected from Parliament. Electorate MPs could seek to win their way back in through a by-election.

    Radio NZ, September 27, 2018

    There is no ifs or buts about it, if Ross is expelled from his party he loses his seat.

    Previously Ross could have chose to stay on as an independent.
    But under the Waka Jumping Law Ross cannot choose to stay on as an independent.
    If Ross is expelled from his party, there will be a by-election in Botany whether Ross agrees or not.
    He has no say in the matter.

    Ross’s only choice if he is expelled from his party, (and parliament), will be to choose if he wants to run against his old party in the resulting by-election, either as an independent, or for another party, (that is if there is any political party politically amoral or mercenary to want to have him as their candidate, looking at you BNZ).

    • Pete 65.1

      Wasn’t it the Waka Jumping Bill that had the National Party anti anti anti and stonewalling on?

      • Dennis Frank 65.1.1

        Yeah, Henry Cooke on Stuff had this re how Bridges handles it: ” The National Party’s constitution is silent on the issue of expelling or suspending MPs from caucus, meaning the caucus itself can decide the process for doing so – likely through a vote. National MPs cannot stay on as part of the caucus if they are expelled from the party itself, but that’s a separate process involving the board.”

        “You might assume that the freshly-minted waka jumping law would mean that if Ross left the caucus he would also leave Parliament. But unless Bridges explicitly writes to the Speaker asking to expel Ross then he can technically stay on in Parliament as an independent MP. Using the waka jumping law could be quite a bad look for a leader who so vociferously opposed the the bill so recently to make use of it.”

      • Jenny 65.1.2

        Pete 65.1
        15 October 2018 at 10:26 pm
        Wasn’t it the Waka Jumping Bill that had the National Party anti anti anti and stonewalling on?

        Indeed it was.

        Which is why the Nats may be tippy toeing around Ross.

        But I suspect that much of this may have been parliamentary theatre, and that deep down the Nats actually approve of keeping authoritarian party control of MPs.

        Maybe the Nats fear a by election in Botany. Which is why they haven’t acted to expel Ross from their party. Maybe the threat of him standing as an independent is what Ross is holding against them? I have no doubt Ross would lose, (though Trump proved almost everyone wrong on that one). But there is a real possibility that Ross could split the Right Wing vote.

        If Labour put up a Credible candidate, the Greens stood down, and both put there efforts into a powerful joint electoral campaign, they could seriously dent the, (admittedly large), National Party majority in Botany.

  64. Jenny 66

    Indeed it was.

    Which is why the Nats may be tippy toeing around Ross.

    But I suspect that much of this may have been parliamentary theatre, and that deep down the Nats actually approve of keeping authoritarian party control of MPs.

    Maybe the Nats fear a by election in Botany. Which is why they haven’t acted to expel Ross from their party. Maybe the threat of him standing as an independent is what Ross is holding against them? I have no doubt Ross would lose, (though Trump proved almost everyone wrong on that one). But there is a real possibility that Ross could split the Right Wing vote.

    If Labour put up a Credible candidate, the Greens stood down, and both put there efforts into a powerful joint electoral campaign, they could seriously dent the, (admittedly large), National Party majority in Botany.

  65. Dennis Frank 67

    Tracey Watkin hones in on the motives:

    ” Ross was Bridges’ numbers man in the recent leadership contest – despite previously been seen as an ally of rival Judith Collins. Bridges rewarded Ross with a huge promotion to the front bench and the prized transport portfolio. The promotion placed him in Bridges’ inner circle and gave him a key role in the party’s strategy and policy development.”

    “But Ross wanted more, according to insiders, and demanded the role of Senior Party Whip as well, a position that pays extra. Bridges was under pressure to share the spoils after getting pledges of support from MPs and said no.”

    • Muttonbird 67.1

      More than most Watkins runs the National Party line. The piece you link to is factual and empty of the opinion she usually populates her article with. It’s in clear support of National and Bridges and promotes that Ross is a crazed lone wolf.

      Watkins is clearly a National Party aligned journalist.

  66. Sacha 68

    Danyl provides the sharpest analysis so far (and concise), explaining why Bridges has behaved so foolishly:

    That’s why from Bridges perspective it was obvious that Labour was the leaker. And if he could prove it — it was probably just some staffer but maybe the Speaker of the House was involved! Maybe even someone in Ardern’s office! — then that would be a devastating blow to the government. So Bridges had everything to gain and, he must have figured, nothing to lose by vigorously prosecuting the investigation into the leak.

  67. Sacha 69

    Detail about the Nat party management failures for many moons around their rogue MP’s aggressive behaviour:

    The caucus meeting could have some awkward moments. Some of the conduct Ross is accused of – one person told Newsroom there were as many as four allegations, and all were ‘correct’ – would in normal circumstances remain private.

    Add in the extent of head office involvement last year in squelching the Botany bushfires.

    Then stir in yesterday’s almost extortionate claims about secret taping of the leader …

  68. Brian Tregaskin 70

    Right now Ross needs to stand up and not take this crap from National Party aligned journalists. Ross can change the course of history and fight back big time. I see Ross as the next Winston Peters.

    • Dennis Frank 70.1

      So does that mean you don’t think he’s the texter who has mental health problems? Depends if the tape revealing Bridges’ discussing illegal behaviour is real or not! For JLR to have any sort of political future, he must establish credibility fast.

    • Sacha 70.2

      Ah, another historic Botany connection. Sadly Ross has way less political talent so he’d better have a plan B career.

  69. Observer Tokoroa 71

    Magical Simon

    Mr Bridges is a genius at creating scenes. He then blames them on Labour and his friend Mallard.

    He is “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. But the National Party and the Wealthy adore him.

    A pity he does nothing for New Zealand. Not that I am implying the wealthy ever do anything, except for themselves and the very exclusive Brethren.

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