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Finlayson takes (another) ride in the whambulance

Written By: - Date published: 1:30 pm, December 3rd, 2010 - 48 comments
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When Chris Finlayson’s on the backfoot he starts to sound bitchy. Out comes the name-calling and the put-downs – as if his opponents are going to be scared off. If Finlayson is going to throw a tizzy at anyone it should be National for first whipping up the rednecks over the ‘beaches’ and then raising Maori expectations.

His latest tirade is directed mostly at the Coastal Coalition, which represents the people National was appealing to with its Iwi’Kiwi campaign:

“If need be, I’ll flag my holiday – I don’t give a stuff about that. I’m not going to be beaten by these clowns.” whose views he calls “”profoundly sickening”.

Get that rednecks? When they want your votes, you’re ‘Kiwi battlers’. Now, you’re ‘profoundly sickening clowns’.

Finlayson is clearly worried by the effect these clowns are having, especially if he is willing to give up his holiday (his love of the long-break rivals Key’s).

Finlayson reckons the rednecks are being underhanded with their fear-mongering campaign:

“They can’t beat me on the intellectual argument. They are not going to beat me on this other front either.”

Yeah, well if intellectual arguments always won in politics then Kennedy Graham would be PM for life and John Key would be a used car salesman in Helensville. And if the Coastal Coalition is fear-mongering it is only by using the exact same tools that National taught them during the first round of the foreshore and seabed debate.

“I just want to make sure that the legitimate concerns of people are addressed. However you cannot address the concerns of paranoids.”

If I were Finlayson, I would be worrying about how many of those ‘paranoids’ are going to stay away from the polls next year or chuck their vote at one of the fringe-Right parties. If Finlayson were a smarter operator, rather than a drama queen, he would be thinking about that.

48 comments on “Finlayson takes (another) ride in the whambulance ”

  1. WOOF 1

    He should know that you never bite the hands that feeds you. He needs a flea in his ear.

  2. Lanthanide 2

    “I’m not going to be beaten”
    “They can’t beat me”
    “not going to beat me on this”
    Why is he taking it so personally? It sounds like very bizarre language to be coming out of an MPs mouth.

  3. Jim Nald 3

    Oh, he should stop being so melodramatic. Someone tell him to take a jump off the stage.

    At the rate he is going, how about adding ‘snippy’ and ‘shitty’ to the list of snarky, snotty and smarmy.
    As mentioned previously, he has achieved all this. All at once. Quite a feat.

  4. Kaplan 4

    The sad realities of reaping what you sow.
    For National I have zero sympathy, for NZ I despair.

  5. Sookie 5

    I quite enjoyed his tirade actually, and I very rarely say that about NACT pronouncements. His sarcasm over NZ being a centre of Bronze Age exploration as claimed by the batsh*t crazy Coastal Coalition was excellent. I’m deeply suspicious of this new Bill, but claiming ‘the Maaaris’ weren’t here first is a brand of crazy that must be roundly mocked by everyone sane.

    • Kaplan 5.1

      Too true. And regardless that whole argument of who was here first is a complete nonsense. As I understand it, it was the European settlers that agreed to bind themselves by British law when they came here to colonise thereby giving birth to the treaty.
      I get heartily sick of people that argue the Maori took NZ from others therefore they don’t deserve anything. If they did they did so on their own terms and can judge themselves by that. It has zero relevance to the treaty.

  6. Pascal's bookie 6

    Dpf links to a weird little Finlayson response to a Coastal Coalition ad. Beats taking a position on it I guess.


    Hilarity ensues in comments.

  7. OleOlebiscuitBarrell 7

    When Chris Finlayson’s on the backfoot he starts to sound bitchy.

    Fries with that homophobia?

    • Lanthanide 7.1

      I don’t see how describing someone as ‘bitchy’ is homophobic at all.

      • QoT 7.1.1

        Well, it’s definitely a gendered insult, and when applied to a man homophobia is not a long bow to draw. In this case I’m going with “not intended that way”, but intent isn’t really important when you’re putting that kind of language out into the world concerning a man whom Labour MPs have been known to call “Tinkerbell”.

        • lprent

          Cogent as ever…

        • Marty G

          I’m sorry if anyone did see it as homophobic. These posts are written in one take and I used the word that came to mind. When you hear him speak like this ‘bitchy’ or ‘snarky’ are what I think. I don’t think that gay men as a rule sound bitchy when they’re trying to be insulting, I just think it’s a trait of Finlayson’s

          • QoT

            Marty, it’s disingenuous to act like you “just” think “bitchy” when an openly gay man is acting a certain way. That’s all part of patriarchy and the idea that (a) women act a certain negative way and (b) gay men are feminized.

            • Marty G

              Key’s bitchy as well and he’s not gay.

              I think it’s a sad day when you can’t call someone bitchy because someone will say ‘oh, he’s gay, oh, you think he’s like a woman, oh, what terrible things are you saying about women’.

              It’s what meathead drongos (oops, those are terms we would just use about straight men, eh?) would call PC gone mad.

              The word exists in common parlance, it describes a behaviour, and Finlayson’s whining little temper tantrums fit that definition.

              To go from that to calling me homophobic or sexist is insulting to both of us.

  8. OleOlebiscuitBarrell 8

    Ever heard a straight man called a bitch?

    • Zorr 8.1

      Yes. All the time.

    • Colonial Viper 8.2

      Ole, more misdirection?

      Saying that someone sounds bitchy != saying “He’s a bitch”.

      In fact ‘Audrey from Dunedin’ called my comments on RA bitchy and her comments were certainly not homophobic. Ummm I think.

      • Zorr 8.2.1

        I think the point here is that, for some reason, the term “bitch” or “bitchy” when used to refer to a male is somehow homophobic due to the equating of feminine qualities with a Y chromosome carrier. I believe there is the old saying of “if the shoe fits” – if Finlayson is choosing to act like a little bitch then it is perfectly appropriate to call him on his shit.

        • QoT

          Oh, fuck off, Zorr. Excusing any gendered/otherwise prejudicial slang by saying “if the shoe fits” is just pathetic. Just admit you view women as emotional and irrational, and that you see no problem saying a man is acting in a feminized way when he is simultaneously gay, taking something personally, and lashing out.

          Just please, don’t try to spin some kind of, “But seriously, like, some kinds of gay men ARE bitches!” line because the only thing worse than people who try to argue that gendered slurs have no meaning are the people who think they DO have meaning but it’s okay because it’s being used against someone you disagree with.

          • Zorr

            I can take that exact example and turn it around on you and ask “Would we be having this discussion if the terminology used had been male gender specific?” such as “prick”, “cock”, “wanker”, “dick” etc etc. To be frank, I had no idea Finlayson was gay nor do I care because his sexuality is irrelevant to me. All I know is that he is an elected politician and behaving in a manner unbecoming and that, for some reason, in choosing to describe him as “bitchy” MartyG has released a whole can of worms because Ole has latched on to that as a homophobic statement. In defending my stance here, the term “bitchy” to me describes someone who is being an aggressive form of passive-aggressive, making verbal personal attacks, whining and generally involves the person feeding off their own insecurities in the situation.

            • QoT

              Easy question, Zorr: in a non-abusive context, is “bitch” a term for a female animal?

              Yes it is.

              Does it *now* get used to mean passive-aggressiveness and whining?

              Yes it does.

              Can you connect the dots? If you need some time let me know.

              Reason it’s not equivalent to use male-gendered insults? Because they’re not predicated on the idea that being female is in and of itself bad.

              Congratulations, you’ve used up today’s quota of Feminism 101.

              • Craig Glen Eden

                So what do you call it when one gay guy says his partner is a bitch and should get back in the kitchen,because they are useless on the farm.

                Is he Homophobic or disrespectful of woman. I ask because I have seen this with some gay friends some other gay guys laughed at the time another woman who was their laughed. Personally I do think Findlayson can get Bitchy as I have been told on the odd occasion that I can be., which I accept at the time I probably was. The overriding behaviour that I have seen with Findlayson though is superior and condescending.
                No offense to Gay / Straight males or females intended nor superior condescending Tories.

                • QoT

                  Craig, why do you assume that gay people and/or women are immune from sexist and homophobic societal messages?

                  • Craig Glen Eden

                    I don’t, I think its human. its got nothing to do with “societal messages” imo

                    Why do you think using the word bitchy means = they are homophobic or negative to woman.
                    Why are you so judgmental.

                    Who made you the language police?

                    • QoT

                      Language police? Oh my, someone’s feeling a tad defensive.

                      I apologies unequivocally for pointing out the very obvious origins and implications of the word “bitch”. It is most certainly I who am being judgemental, not the people making hilarious quips about non-practical people “belonging in the kitchen”.

                      Captcha: failing – LPRENT WHAT ARE THESE SHENANIGANS? (You know I love you 😛 )

    • Marty G 8.3

      I said he was being bitchy, that’s not the same as calling him a bitch. And that’s not just grammar, the two words have quiet different meanings.

      • QoT 8.3.1

        Marty, again with the disingenuity. Both words have their source in the same notions about appropriate male/female behaviour.

        • Craig Glen Eden

          Non practical non practical on the farm only, in the Kitchen the guy was awesome, come to think of it he was a great knitter to.
          No QoT I am not defensive at all about language, the examples I gave you are not some joke they are real.

          Would it have made any difference if the behavior had been described as whining, or winging, we all know the behavior being described ! My reason to post was just to show that while I understand language is important it is also very contextual. Like it or not Findlayson has a tendency to come across as whining when under pressure.
          Genuinely I am not trying to have ago at you , you have a nice weekend.

  9. Pascal's bookie 9

    Jesus lawked! This whole thing got fucked up fast.

    Surely the point, as far as lefties is concerned, of this little poo flinging competition within the simian caucus (national party division) would be the pointing and the laughing?

    Or have things gotten so desperately bad, so goddamn poor, so confused and ranctious, that some on the left are picking sides in this fight? And stupidly at that.

    I mean to say, Finlayson. is. picking. a. scrap. with. the kbr. People too stupid to qualify as kbr even.

    I mean shit.

    How the fuck is that ‘acting like a little bitch’. Whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.

    If picking scraps with paste eating neanderthals who think celts got here first so therefore nyah nyah no treaty, and oh yeah, vapour traaaiiiiilllls’, is acting like a little bitch then put me in pigtails and paint a scowl on my face. Or something.

    If we absolutely have to haul out some gender inspired language, I’d say that what Finlayson is doing is ‘refusing to dance with them what brung him’, which is stupid, and causative of fireworks. For this I am truly grateful, and this I shall enjoy, and I will pray for injuries as I sit on the sideline with the pointing and the laughing.


    What he is doing is politically stupid, it’s not wrong.

  10. WOOF 10

    I’ve always liked bitches personally. 🙂

  11. Cactus Kate 11

    “If Finlayson were a smarter operator, rather than a drama queen, he would be thinking about that”

    Calling a man a drama queen isn’t homophobic, a man would just smack your head in. Probably worse if you call him a bitch as well.

    Anyway we are all wasting our time as the same rules never apply to the left. You only get fluffy about it when Whale says similar.

    • Marty G 11.1

      I’ve called key bitchy in the past, does that mean he’s gay too? (well, there are those rumours..)

      And I’m pretty sure I’ve used drama queen in relation to English…. at least, I can see dozens of occasions in comments and posts of people of both genders being called drama queens.

      • QoT 11.1.1

        (well, there are those rumours..)

        Jesus, Marty, pretend you’re joking and all but seriously don’t let anyone stop you in your race to Failoil levels of pathetic slurs.

        • Marty G

          jokes, QoT, jokes.

          And I’m not sure why you would think that a rumour that someone is gay is a slur.

          Hey, let’s spend two hours looking into our navels and unpacking the latent homophobia evident in the fact that you think it’s a slur to suggest someone is gay.

  12. George.com 12

    Its a little bit strange that Finlayson is attacking the voters that National groomed in 2004/05. The only explanation I can think of is that National simply expected the people to shut up and do what Brash/Key told them to. Don’t do any thinking for themselves, simply swallow the National Party line but be prepared to changes their thinking as Brash/Key dictate. Poor old Chris is a bit taken a back that the ‘clowns’ took kiwi/iwi to heart too much.

  13. Can’t let mention of Coastal Coalition go buy without bringing up the time we humbled them online:


    Long story short; they don’t know the meanings of some nasty Maori words and they don’t look closely at which ‘community organisations’ are pledging support.

    (spam word: corrupted)

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