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Written By: - Date published: 8:18 pm, August 31st, 2014 - 34 comments
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All your “trashing the SFO” connections. h/t DebsHancock

dirty politics connections

(some might say there are some more you can add, but sticking strictly to the latest case, rather than the general dirty politics)

Meanwhile in Grey Lynn…
component politics

(Component is an excellent local artist and a mate, work available here)


34 comments on “From Twitter ”

  1. Neoleftie 1

    Interestingly the national candidate for Clutha south land was a Tababco lobbyist too same as Garrick graham, Dunedin south nat is Auckland property manager and in the Auckland national clique…the Collins and slater senior Auckland power block coming to a electrorate near you…

    • Pete 1.1

      Party vote aside, if National ever takes Dunedin South, the whole country will probably be blue by then.

    • AmaKiwi 1.2

      The candidate running against Trevor Mallard also formerly worked for a tobacco company. Due to new electorate boundaries, it is no longer a safe Labour seat.

      That’s 3 drug peddlers running for National.

    • disturbed 1.3

      National have also repeated this in the Napier electorate bringing in a formerly unknown National Candidate to take over from a retiring Chris Tremain who was a well known family, and suspect this as another “Auckland national clique” to try to keep the seat.

      Luckily we have Sir Walter Nash’s Grandson standing for Labour who held the seat before 2008 and is ahead well in polls, though Joyce is dishing dirt there.

  2. Paul 2

    Journalists with an interesting background.
    Herald deputy editor ( and therefore maybe some control of the output of Savage) John Roughan writes hagiography of Key this year to boost his election chances?
    Rachel Glucina at the Herald has connections to Slater…mentioned in Dirty Politcs.

  3. weka 3

    I think there should be a direct line between Slater and Hotchin (with a ? maybe), because of the likelihood that Hotchin is the Mark that the smoking gun email was sent to.

  4. Awww 4

    Just heard Hooton’s comment that there was an even more damming email yet to be released… may need to make that piece of paper bigger.


    • weka 4.1

      lolz at Hooton, going seriously outside the club there.

      • blue leopard 4.1.1

        I don’t trust what any of them are saying. If there is one thing we need to remember it is that lot favour strategic utterings over truthful comments.

        Hooton is likely to be saying things that is part of a strategy. That is, for a strategy that works for the rightwing agenda.

        • Rich

          No I don’t think so. The club here is a small subsection of the National Party. This has been a coup. Hooton was pretty livid about having his livelihood threatened by ‘The Office’ this morning on radio. And I’m not quite sure what he was saying about the transport contract and the pressure applied but I think even those who would normally expect to gain from a National Party Government have been locked out on the goodies. So it’s imploding.

          • weka

            Hooton made it pretty clear this morning that he still wants Key as PM in a National govt. Am sure he also has an agenda about his own power and worklife.

            He said the 3 examples he gave were 3 of many. It’s possible he is hyping there, but even so, I bet he has enough dirt to dish if he has to.

            And RNZ will still be talking to him tomorrow as if he has no conflict of interest and isn’t a key player 🙄

            • Huginn

              Hooton is very offended by the use of the SIS to score political points against the Leader of the Opposition. He puts it down to Key’s careless management. Its the sort of issue that makes political insiders’ blood run cold and I got the impression that this outweighed being frozen out by Key’s office.

              • blue leopard

                I suggest you be open to the possibility that Hooton wants people to believe he is offended by the use of the SIS and therefore more people will believe the ensuing things he says or actions he carries out is toward those ends (to clear up the corruption) but this may not be the case at all.

                These people deceive in order to accomplish certain political agendas. Hooton’s political persuasion is for the hard right (he has admitted that on TV).

                These people lie. You must remember that. That is what they do for a living.

                • Colonial Viper

                  Hooton was *very* unhappy at Boag and at Key for some reason on radiolive. Yes the man lies and dissembles, but he was honestly very put out by them.

                  My takeaway: He 100% does not expect Key to be PM in 3 weeks.

                  • blue leopard

                    I went off and listened to the radio show in question.

                    Yes, it certainly seems like Hooton was very upset.

                    I note the way, though, that Hooton’s story actually shifts as the interview proceeds and he calms down.

                    Initially he was very much connecting Key’s leadership with the problem – that Key’s responses and non-action were coming across as ‘defending the indefensible’, however as the interview progresses – he starts shifting the emphasis to ‘those close to the PM’ – and pushing for the PM to ‘clear away the rot’ – it is like he realises the implications of what he was saying and proceeds to spin a more ‘advantageous’ line.

                    The resulting narrative he ends up pushing is very much what I was guessing in my comment below. He ends up imploring the PM to cut people loose in order to distance Key from the indefensible behaviour that is being uncovered for all to see [and Key probably had encouraged]. This was quite different to what he was first expressing.

                    I agree with Emergency Mike below (1.14am) “He’s trying to grab a piece of moral outrage pie.”

                    He is probably not as upset about the corruption as he sounds (although he does sound it) and is more upset that the uncovering of it jeopardizes his darlings getting back into power. He is angry and wants the PM to do what needs to be done to try and get the Nats back into power – by making it appear that Key was not connected to the bad behaviour. The ‘two tier strategy’ strikes again.

                    • Colonial Viper

                      He is angry and wants the PM to do what needs to be done to try and get the Nats back into power – by making it appear that Key was not connected to the bad behaviour. The ‘two tier strategy’ strikes again.

                      I present an alternative scenario: There is no love left to be lost between Key and Hooton, since Key and Eagleson decided that Slater was their main man, leaving Hooton out in the cold. (Boag clearly still backs Key to the hilt, which is a reason why Hooton has no patience for Boag either. As Boag says…her and Hooton are actually PR competitors)

                      So what then is Hooton doing in that last part of the interview? (The part where you describe Hooton as exhorting Key to clean house and give National a fighting chance – an analysis I would agree with)

                      IMO Hooton is setting up a moral standard and threshold for proactive action that Key will demonstrably and significantly fail in the next 3 weeks. Hooton does not believe that Key will survive, is playing his part to ensure that is the case (even if National win the election!) – and wants to be in tight with the next Leader of the National Party. Whom I think will likely be Bill English.

            • disturbed

              Hooten said he wanted the labour green block locked out and Key in Government this morning sadly.

          • blue leopard

            I really hope you are correct. I am simply saying, though, we need to think very widely when it comes to this club. I haven’t worked out how Hooton putting this information out there could work for National – yet I keep it uppermost in my mind that Hooton’s political agenda will not be achieved with a Cunliffe-led government.

            It might simply be a case of preparing the public for worse news, yet the bit I read on twitter was that he was suggesting that it might be Ede who is forced to reveal these conversations – and the first thing that pops into my mind, is that could be pushed as Key being ‘responsible’ and outing the corruption. As long as Key doesn’t get connected to this shite, it may work for National. People don’t like believing their idol-of-a-PM is part of this mess – they have a great deal of resistance to that realisation – and that fact works majorly in National’s favour.

        • weka

          I don’t trust any of them either. Part of Hooton’s skill is that he mixes truth with spin so well he sometimes comes across as genuine. His performance on radiolive today was classic. He did seem genuinely upset about the dirty politics, but obviously is still playing the game.

          This is why it’s so important to teach peopel critical thinking skills – make them hang out on ts for a month 😈 I need to ask my more mainstream family/friends what they think of Hooton. I can imagine him sucking a few people in with his attempt at integrity.

          Other than that, there is something satisfying about watching him trying to take down some of his peers.

          • blue leopard

            The thing that got me, is in the few days leading up to Collin’s resignation – Hooton seemed to get very assertive about how the issues being raised needed to be addressed – that they were so very wrong. I really don’t know if the timeline fits (haven’t taken the time to go back and check), yet my perception was all of a sudden Hooton seemed to become louder about how wrong this all was.

            When he then disclosed that he had been privy to the information re emails a few days before the news broke – it tallied with my perception that he had changed his tune somewhat over that time. i.e. he started condemning the carry-on because he knew things were going to shift.

            That he did this both put him in a good light and helped to lead the narrative that ‘Key is a good boy and doing something about these terrible people surrounding him.’ This narrative helps to distance Key from the culture he is actually responsible for cultivating.

            And so whaddya know? Hey Presto – the two tier political approach (that Hager told us about) is effectively being conducted on us again!

            I could be wrong over this one – like I said, this comment is based from memory and personal perception – not having checked up to see whether Hooton really did shift his stance in the days leading up to the resignation, or not.

            …and lol, yes, I have been deriving a great deal of amusement from the bickering, sniping and chaos going on amongst the right. After all that spin about the left being divided. It is making any prior antics of Labour look mild and minute in comparison!

            • weka

              Interesting. So Hooton had the Cactus Kate email early too (or found his own copy) and knew she was going to hand it over, and so started up with the new strategy. My memory without checking matches what you say, that he’s changed tack in that time.

              I can’t keep up with it all and assume that there are layers still not visible yet.

              • blue leopard

                He was saying on Q&A, that someone had approached him and had told him about the email, except the info he was told about was much worse than what was later released to the public. (He was then aired on TVOne news (think it was TV1, I have been watching both recently), repeating that bit about being much worse.)

                He was questioned further on Q&A as to who it was that told him, and he ended up saying someone of low rank – but that really sounded fudged in order to keep the identity of that person hidden

              • Kiwiri

                One overriding Hooton+Boag principle: Brand Key must be protected and, as much as possible, elevated (never waste an opportunity, even if, and especially where, a scandal breaks out!).

                Any individuals or groups can be thrown under the bus where required to preserve that principle.

                • blue leopard


                • weka

                  So do you think Hooton is still on track or gone rogue re Brand Key?

                  • Colonial Viper

                    Rogue. Hooton doesn’t believe that Key will survive Sept 20, or its aftermath.

                    • emergency mike

                      I see him as frantically trying to distance himself from any connection he might have with this mess. He can see it’s toxic, and maybe he’s genuinely appalled at how certain players have gone too far.

                      He’s trying to grab a piece of moral outrage pie that he can wave around after the dust has settled. The problem his his fingerprints are there. He looked a little nervous to me when Susan Wood asked him directly if he was involved.

                      He didn’t know what to say when she asked, “Have you ever been involved in any dirty tricks?” His answer: “I’ve been in PR for 30 years.”

                      Which is a yes.

          • disturbed

            Probably right Weka, he must be another chameleon

  5. redfred 5

    Whaleoils daddy could be added he recruited John Key
    Good to see Cathy Odgers get the sack

  6. Rich 6

    Are they letting all comments up now? There’s even a photoshop of Pinnnochio Key on the TV3 website.

  7. Neoleftie 7

    One wonders at the linkages we can put together between the Auckland national power clique, lobbyists and the lusk, Collins, graham Doug and carrick , slater john and Cameron, key was recruited by john slater it would seem…what other candidates national can we link to Collins and co?

  8. disturbed 8

    Your man John Key global player see here,
    Maybe he learnt shadowy black ops from his time with Bilderberg? Bad company that weakens any opposition, as Key does.

    We believe the global elite is causing all this degradation of our world “so called order”.

    The capitalistic system is failing and these Bilderberg NAZI regenerated agenda plotters have invited Key to their 2011 annual conference so he is in it Don-key deep.

    Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported
    ( We have the full attendance list.)

    Why didn’t PM tell NZ he was into Bilderberg?

    List of Bilderberg participants 4
    New Zealand
    ‱ John Key (2011-2012), Prime Minister of New Zealand


    No Bilderberg meeting agenda has ever been made public. “It is the epitome of low-profile dark ops, a shadow government hidden in a doorway.” According to critics and close observers, it’s agenda is to weaken all world leadership but their own. It is also, according to a U.S. law called the Logan Act, [15] illegal:

  9. John B 9

    Well done on the graphic. Could you do another one with maybe Matt McCarten or Greg Presland in the middle of the web?

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