Help identify a spy – who is Laurie Moore?

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Yesterday, a piece by Stuff Circuit questioned whether an activist by the name of Laurie Moore was in fact a spy for the New Zealand Police or Thompson & Clark back in 2003. New Zealand is a really small place, and we figure that someone must be able to identify this man. Please share these photos far and wide and appeal to all your networks to identify this man. If you know who he is, you can email Stuff Circuit at, or confidentially get in touch with them via their SecureDrop. Alternatively, contact us here at The Standard –

Can you catch a spy... Using these 15-year old photos?

30 comments on “Help identify a spy – who is Laurie Moore?”

  1. corodale 1

    Hahaha, busted.

    • corodale 1.1

      Strange, when I share this article on facebook, clicking on the The Standard photo links into a 8 year old TS item called “Help a Brother Out”. But ya can still click direct on the link. Unfortunate that I’m not savvy enough to get that photo to come up on the post.

  2. Chris T 2


    After exhaustive and extensive research since 5.15am this morning I’ve pinned the identity down to two suspects.

    It is either Ed Sheeran or Animal out of the Muppets

    • lprent 2.1


      I have a personal reason for wanting details on this guy. I strongly suspect that he was the primary cause for a fishing search warrant on my niece by the police.

      To achieve the warrant, the Threats Assessment Unit at Onehunga conjured up a ridiculous charge in the Crimes Act – the so called ‘intimadation by loitering’. According to these dimwits being at a protest at a shop selling factory farmed furs was not an exercise is democracy guaranteed by the bill of rights act and common law. First time that I am aware of that the Muldoon era section was ever used.

      But the faux warrant was sufficient to allow them to seize her and other’s computers, phones, and hard copy. The latter included my young nieces diary – parts of which some jerkoff cop attempted to regale my sister with parts of in an attempt to prevent an IPCC complaint. Apparently they’d never considered her age.

      I spent $32k taking this through to a High Court appeal specifically to get a ruling that protests were not ‘loitering’.

      Of course I didn’t get any costs. My niece got her computers and other gear back more than a year later.

      The computers came laden with malware. I suspect probably because some police had been using them to watch porn without protection.

      There are a range of people in the police. Good ones, competent ones, and complete dickheads. What they don’t appear to have is any real oversight or competent direction. Just internal fiefdoms and high degrees of immunity from observation that they don’t and shouldn’t need

  3. AsleepWhileWalking 3

    Someone out there must know…

  4. I wonder if it would be possible to post an ‘aged’ version of one or more of these photos? There’s a few websites around that can show you roughly what you’d look in the future based on a current photo.

    In this case, I reckon we’re looking for a balding, fatter, fifty year old.

    • alwyn 4.1

      “balding, fatter, fifty year old”.
      Yes. It would look just like Martin, or is it Martyn(?) Bradbury.

      Which is not to say that I think Lynn’s story is a joke. It sounds absolutely appalling and something that, unfortunately, some of the Police Force can and do get up to.

  5. Brutus Iscariot 5

    What do you plan on doing with this information once received?

    The post three above mine is faintly menacing.

  6. LaurieMoore 6

    Hi, Laurie here.

    Someone told me I’ve won something and can collect the prize here.

    What’s up?

    [Letting this through as a presumed attempt at humour – MS]

    • Robert Guyton 6.1

      It’s really funny, Imo.
      What’s wrong with my sense of humour, I wonder?

      • Anne 6.1.1

        I thought it was funny too. 😀

        Seriously though, he might still be in Aussie lprent.

        I know someone who was playing destabilising political games with high flying politicians in the 1970s and 80s . He fled to Aussie around the time the David Lange government came to power. There was talk at the time they might conduct a witch hunt into a lot of mysterious incidents. They didn’t.

  7. cleangreen 8

    Well done Iprent.

    I agree with Anne here,

    A lot of criminals are in Aussie; – that operate out of Brisbane for crooked NZ operating Aussie insurance Companies.

    Some are like ‘AA Insurance’ (which is actually ‘Sun Insurance”)

    Suncorp Insurance is a shifty Australian Brisbane company which robbed the people who suffered through the floods in Queensland and Christchurch Earthquakes so don’t insure with AA or you will be robbed by them as I was a victim of their criminal acts.

    Shame on (AA NZ) for using this crooked Insurance company.

  8. Tiger Mountain 9

    good on you lprent, only the scab really, can rank below the snitch, in human affairs

    the State Security agencies seem aware of my assertion too, most activists that have applied for the information held on them by the NZSIS, get an initial “go away” response that quotes the 1969 SIS Act, which basically prohibits outing or even indicating the identity of, their still living informants and operatives

  9. Good luck with the search.

  10. Dukeofurl 11

    A good way to start would be checking current online pictures of police senior level as that could be where hes at if he went back to police.
    Older guys with the same nose profile ?

    or this one

    or this one

  11. OnceWasTim 12

    I’d ask Greg O’C. as a line of inquiry,
    It’d be interesting to see just how committed he is to the cause he’s signed up to versus his representation of some of those “Good ones, competent ones, and complete dickheads.” in the past.
    Alternatively, there’s that whole Burma Road crew.

    It’s kind of unfortunate how those “complete dickheads” cause damage to the “good ones” and “competent ones”, and it’s something I’m not sure the ‘Pleece’ have yet come to terms with

    • Dukeofurl 12.1

      ” just how committed he is to the cause he’s signed up to ”

      Undercover is called that for a reason, few in police would know details.
      I person I went to school joined police after university and a short stint working went undercover upon joining and ended up with very high rank. But I know this from family connections but not any details – too early for this situation.

      And why would O’C respond with confidential police info for some one hes ‘never heard of’.
      O’C was of course a union leader before becoming an MP

      • OnceWasTim 12.1.1

        I’m VERY well aware of all that @Dukeofurl.
        Btw, your first sentence doesn’t really make sense.
        Did you mean to say “I knew a person I went to school with” OR “I personally went to school with….”

        Either way, it’s not something you should be owning up to on here if that is the case.

        • Dukeofurl

          ‘[A] person I went to school with ….’
          Who are you to say I shouldnt mention it ?
          and you presume to know what O’Connor signed up with .
          Do you have a ‘nanny complex’ ?

  12. Toto 13

    Probably an American citizen like Daniel Oliver Hockenberry (Occupy, Socialist Aotearoa, Unite Union) or Ashleigh Sandy Ghozali.

  13. Billy 14

    Well, he probably has the same first name, so lets google “Laurie Auckland Police”… first story . . . is that him?

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