Stand with the AFFCO/Talley’s workers!

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Next Monday 1,000 workers at Talley’s owned AFFCO will take strike action. After 18 months of trying to drive down their terms and conditions, Talley’s are the first company to take advantage of the government’s new employment laws to walk away from bargaining.

This is an important issue for every working Kiwi. Bad employers like Talley’s lead the race to the bottom for everyone.

Please support these workers by donating to their Givealittle strike fund.

You can follow the campaign for a fair deal for meatworkers at the Jobs That Count website.

Losing two day’s pay isn’t an easy choice for any worker, especially workers with families. That’s what Talley’s is counting on. Help prove them wrong.

41 comments on “Stand with the AFFCO/Talley’s workers!”

  1. Anno1701 1

    Donated this morning,

    feel pretty good, great way to start your day !

  2. BM 2

    Just had a read of this.

    If I read correctly meat workers get around $30.00-$33.00 an hour for an 8 hour shift, which is quite good money.

    What do Talleys pay?

    • infused 2.1

      Thats the same thing at dunlops which the union killed. U had to do 600 tyres a day. Most people finished in 7hrs then got over time at 2x pay.this is in 2001 and their base rate was 78k.

      Company couldnt move the limit and unions kept asking for more.

      Well they got it. 600 jobs lost at 30m pulled from the hutt valley.

      I got consant abuse for not being part of the union. Bunch of fucking bullies.

      • half crown 2.1.1

        Of course you are speaking from experience, but is that the reason they really closed or are you having a spot of union bashing?

        “Goodyear bought the company outright early in 2006, and announced that the Upper Hutt plant would close in December; and next year closed their only remaining Australian plant, at Somerton, outside Melbourne. Bridgestone/ Firestone closed the last tyre factories in Australasia in December 2009.”

        • maui

          No it was all the union’s fault! They had this all planned to offshore the work to a developing nation so they could make more profits, don’t you know… Forcing workers to sign up for bargaining on better wages and conditions, something that ordinary workers just deteste.

          [In case you were wondering, the ^above is mostly sarcasm]

        • infused

          Yep. Union did a huge push at the end and Goodyear usa said fuck you.

          Union thought Goodyear would cave, as they had done it every time before. But the fact that other plants around the world had lower operating costs and produced more tyres, the writing was on the wall.

          During that last Union movement agaisnt the company, many of the Union members actually didn’t want to go ahead. They knew if they pushed hard there was the possibility of closure, but the Union pushed anyway. Because you know, fuck the workers.

          There were many bullshit PR statements were made after the closure. The people there know what happened.

          Which is why I left.

          This was my first/last experience with Unions.

          • half crown

            This was my first/last experience with Unions.

            So I take it you are now on zero hours contract with no holiday pay no tea breaks working in unsafe conditions

            You experienced unions every day you worked sunshine.
            Like decent meal and tea breaks something this fucking spiv and his crooked mates are trying to do away with.
            You had a reasonable wage for a certain number of hours you worked something this fucking spiv and his crooked mates are trying to do away with.
            You had paid holidays, something this fucking spiv and his crooked mates are trying to do away with.
            You had certain safety conditions something this fucking spiv and his crooked mates are trying to do away with.
            Who do you think got those conditions for you? The bosses certainly did not give them “out of the goodness of their heart”
            In addition we had one of the finest apprenticship schemes going until that prat Bill fucking carloss days Birch fucked it up along with a lot of other things like ACC. and sent us nearly bankrupt with “Think Big” which turned out to be “sink big” as in big time.
            And since that time we have had imbecilic Tolley who destroyed a long time New Zealand institution called night school, where many a person learnt additional skills that enable some of them to go on and start their own businesses
            What you perceived to have suffered from the unions pal is nothing to what workers and non workers are suffering from this heap of shit we have as a government

      • Tiger Mountain 2.1.2

        you are hereby regarded as, if not a scab, then at least a freeloader “infused”–until proven otherwise–particularly given your anti worker comments recently about the “90 day fire at will” legislation

        should it be taken from your remarks that you benefitted from the union agreement but did not contribute anything toward it?

        • infused

          I was not part of the Union agreement (and paid 7k less), so get over yourself.

          • half crown

            I was not part of the Union agreement (and paid 7k less), so get over yourself.

            Are you trying to tell us to believe that you took a lower wage just not to be a part of the union?

            Yeah, watch out here comes another flock of pigs

      • Anno1701 2.1.3

        you should have taken some personal responsibility and worked harder , rather than sitting around on the weekends watching sky

        you lazy bludger…

      • Tricledrown 2.1.4

        Infused how long more would that plant have stayed open a few years more maybe most likely not.
        F&P had agreements with workers at their factories lowering wages to meet the competition.
        But huge subsidies in Thailand and Mexico because these countries weren’t bound by trade rule under new entrants to the WTO stuffed any chance of F&P staying in NZ.
        Over zealous unions damage economies weak and ineffectual unions also damage economies moderate unions are good for the economy helping maintain livable wages and good working conditions.

        • infused

          There are probably good Unions out there, but this one was a fucking disgrace. First impressions and all that.

          Once the plant announced closure, the Union never gave two fucks.

    • McFlock 2.2

      Seasonal work, though.

      • BM 2.2.1

        Not knowing much about the industry, how long is a season?

        • b waghorn

          Go on a benefit because the meat industry is to miserable to treat its workers like real employees.

          • BM

            Sorry, I modified my comment, how long is a season.?
            Also how much money would a meat worker make in a season.?

            • b waghorn

              I can only go off what my one meat worker mate has told me but he usually worked 9/10 months depending on the season not sure about the money side but he said if he was careful he could get through the shutdown on his savings.
              He didn’t bother going for a benefit.
              He’s left the industry in the last year because he likes a puff and couldn’t be bothered with dodging the drug test but after 13 years of night shift he was finally senior enough to get work at the plant through the off season in his last year.

        • McFlock


          AFFCO were looking to start on 22june and had finished in mid-april, but apparently the peak season was nov-feb ten years or so ago.

          So whether they hire a few for ten months at your $33/hr, or hire them all and just divvy out shifts amongst them when needed (so most average around half that over the year), I have no idea. Either option sucks, really.

  3. Nigel 3

    Sounds like a troll to me.

  4. Ben 4

    Report the donation scam here:

    [Stephanie: What “donation scam”? If you’re trying to imply some kind of dishonest activity on the part of the CTU, which is raising money for striking workers, you’d better cough up some evidence or take a short sharp holiday from commenting.]

    • adam 4.1

      Ben – If you are this ignorant, then may I suggest a lobotomy – it will give you peace of mind and no cares in the world.

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    anyway get this thread back on track, our freeloading friend can wait, consumers have a lot of power that hopefully the Meatworkers Union can inform and gain the support of

    info stands at supermarket chains would be a good idea, a number would volunteer to assist, boycott Talleys until Meatworkers get justice

    Talleys have stood above the parapet to enjoy the perfect storm for employers to lower wages and ensure compliance–high unemployment, ample young and migrant workers and new anti union labour legislation from Nat allowing them to ditch good faith and indeed bargaining at all–they need to be made an example of; support the TALLEYBAN!

    • Skinny 5.1

      I noticed on the Talley website under their products that they produce or supply a ‘private range of products. Just wondering if this is somehow a breech of consumer ACT?
      I am picking some of the private products are their own and their deliberately hood winking many of us that boycott known Talley’s brands. Also I assume they supply in-house brands of the supermarket cartels/duopoly. These sly dogs wouldn’t dare label ‘contents supplied by Talley’s’ through fear of being rejected by a boycotting public.

      There is a food disclosure policy in this for the opposition party’s. Think we should draft one up here ‘open sourced’ so to speak, till we get it right.

  6. stigie 6

    What is this Givealittle strike fund, they are not being locked out ?

  7. thechangeling 7

    I hope Talley’s and their like get dealt to severely when Labour gets back into power in 2017 and produces employment legislation that rectifies the uneven bargaining situation Trade Unions and workers have under this Tory shambles of a Government.
    Stay strong and keep together!

  8. millsy 8

    Hey infused, do you want unions banned? If your workers joined a union would you sack them?

  9. Tory 9

    Problem is unions don’t know when to stop. I am currently in the UK where London Underground staff have crippled business with a strike. Why?, Tube drivers earn 50,000 ponds per year plus for a 40 hour week. London Underground are introducing night shifts which are voluntary for staff and have offered significant bonus entitlements for those who wish to take up the offer. Union organisers have said yes but for a 32 hour week. Wankers.

    • For a counter view to Tory’s, well, Toryness, here’s what the unions involved have to say:

      The general secretary of the union Aslef, Mick Whelan, said: “Our members have rejected the latest offer from the company because they are forcing through new rosters without agreement and offer no firm commitments on work-life balance for train drivers.

      “We support night tube. London needs it. We remain prepared to talk at any time to try to find common ground, but by forcing these new rosters on train drivers and acting outside of our agreed way of working, senior management are making it even harder to resolve this dispute. The Aslef executive committee meets next week and will discuss our response to these developments.”

      The RMT leader, Mick Cash, said: “The offer tabled by London Underground is just a rehash of an earlier package and does nothing to tackle the fundamental issue of our members being called into work at the beck and call of management, to plug staffing gaps in the mayor’s botched night tube plans.

      “This dispute is not about money, it’s about being able to plan for, and enjoy, some downtime with friends and family away from work. The current plans wreck that and the unilateral issuing of the new rosters has simply inflamed the situation.”

      Sounds like more of the same “flexibility” which we’ve seen in the zero-hour contracts issue: employers expecting workers to be at their beck and call.

      It may come as a shock, Tory, but some people think that money isn’t everything. Even a good wage isn’t worth it if you never get to actually enjoy life away from the job.

      • In an ironic twist, both the tube and Talleys workers are being threatened with compulsory night shift work. I gather one of the threats being made to our meatworkers is sign up to the inferior individual agreements now or find yourself low on the list for day shift work. Not exactly subtle stuff.

    • Skinny 9.2

      Excellent to see the legacy of the late great Union Leader Bob Crow continues the Underground staff will be proud.

      I remember Bob telling me a tale of a strike he led against BP. At the time they were pulling in record profits and not sharing with the oil rig workers. So he called them in from the North Sea and everywhere to a meeting in Spain. The united stand got them a whooping 45% pay rise.

      Not quite the trickle down effect the Capitalist Tories envisaged. 🙂

  10. Tory 10

    Oh, so the selective use from one newspaper report justifies your argument that the workers are being shafted to the extent they should only work 32 hours per week, retain the extrey generous salaries plus get the bonus entitlements plus have the right to decide when they should work? If that’s the view that the left in NZ advocate then I totally agree with Tallys as obviously you have lost all common-sense and objectively. I repeat my view of Unions as Wankers (of course you have read that the 2 principal Union shit stirrers departed on overseas holidays the day before the strike, obviously wanted to avoid any inconvenience …)

  11. Tory 11

    I see there is $4K raised by “92 generous donors’. That must also reflect NZ Union membership; bugger all ?

    • One Anonymous Bloke 11.1

      Are all Tories twisted by hate like this one?

      Yes, they are.

      • North 11.1.1

        What is it with the likes of Tory ? A heart and soul which imperatises limitless gain in the hands of the few and offers hatred for the victims. True “Let them eat cake !” psychosis.

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