The amazing disappearing blog

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Wednesday, Farrar posts a link to a new blog, ‘Whowuddathort‘, running Goff smears and Key-love.
That evening, ‘someone’ posts a comment: “National Research Unit material, anyone?”
Thursday, another comment: “is fisking the standard parliamentary business?
Minutes later: Whowuddathort’ blog disappears.

21 comments on “The amazing disappearing blog”

  1. Colonial Viper 1

    Perhaps I am being obtuse, but the essential significance eludes me…perhaps I need another coffee.

    • Carol 1.1

      Is it related to this comment by Pascal’s bookie on Open Mike this morning?

      Open mike 11/02/2011

      From the insider column in Granny this morning (the Business liftout):

      “Some are grumbling in the Beehive about certain lobbyists and appointments to government boards using the blogosphere to make infantile comments and attack people under what they believe to be anonymity.
      Ministers are less than amused because, in some cases, the identity of the writer is obvious.”


      • Bright Red 1.1.1

        nah, take a look at the cashed image of the blog, it’s not grumblings, it’s all National lines.

        CV. I think the point is the nat research unit were sprung and panicked.

        • Colonial Viper

          Thanks all. What, NAT Party have a “Research Unit”? they always denied it 😀

          • Rex Widerstrom

            Well back in the 80s I was hired to teach them how to write press releases (and was thus treated to the sight of Micael Lhaws putting on an infantile display of “I’m too good for this” and jogging through the training room in his lycra shorts on his way out).

            So they better have existed, or I’m going to have to revise my memory of how much drinking I was doing back then 😀

            As for that blog… if it was written by “PR people and lobbyists”, WTF?! Bland, predictable, only semi-literate… oh, wait…

            • Pascal's bookie

              heh. Nah I doubt that blog is what the anonymous gossip in the Herald was about.

              If it was though….

              …then the minister’s reported displeasure would be not about the content eh, but, as reported…

              …about the fact that the author could be too easily identified, and the appropriateness of the resourcing, as it were.

              On a completely unrelated subject, which i mention only in passing, this whole thing reminds me of when robinsod outed a certain nat staffer who was feeding lines to right wing blogs.

  2. hahahaha!

    The NACTs/and some others in the MSM who should really know better – continue to push the line of the Standard being under the control of those thoroughly familiar with either Fraser House or Bowen House, or both.

    Talk about hoisted by their own petard!

  3. toad 3

    Well spotted, Z.

  4. Posted before and thinking about ripping Farrar’s posts…

    …maybe closer to election time

  5. pollywog – I’ve taken a liberty and beg your indulgence.

    As to whowuddathort – I spent many an evening trying to untwist that particular Key-lover, to no avail.
    His blog died a natural death as no one wanted to roll in his bright blue manure with him.
    If you are interested in following up on his activities, he had a guest poster, pdm, who regularly comments on Inv2’s ‘Keeping Stock’.
    Nasty little hobbitses!

  6. pete 6

    That evening, ‘someone’ posts a comment: “National Research Unit material, anyone?”

    Isn’t that what Kiwiblog is for?

    • mcflock 6.1

      The trouble is that KB is accepted as being the public media outlet of the Nats. The one that people actually read.

      My guess was that the idea was to astroturf the blogosphere, but the new tuerf was too plastic-looking and was all threaded in one direction, so it was pretty obviously shite.

  7. pdm 7

    `he had a guest poster, pdm, who regularly comments on Inv2′s ‘Keeping Stock’.
    Nasty little hobbitses!’

    You excel yourself – RG/Greenfly/Blowfly/todd or whatever you call yourself – I have never been called nasty or any thing like a member of the hobbit family before.

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