08wire signs off

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As a kid at a decile two high school in under National in the nineties, the one thing I did get a good education in was heavy metal. So, I appreciate 08wire setting their final video to the great Metallica ballad ‘Nothing Else Matters’.

You’ve done fantastic work, see you in 2011, if not before.

7 comments on “08wire signs off”

  1. Janet 1

    Thanks O8 wire for all your efforts to keep our spirits up through the campaign. I really enjoyed the videos, especially the explosions. We might have a few of those in the next 1000 days.

  2. deemac 2

    sorry to see you go guys
    I suppose the deal is that, unlike certain rightwing bloggers, we lefties don’t have unlimited time and money

  3. zANavAShi 3

    I’ve been thoroughly entertained/moved/inspired by your contributions to the leftwing cause 08wire, and that anybody could get me to shed a tear to the tune of any Metallica song (sorry metal fans but my musical compass points in a verrrrrry different direction hehe) is a fine testimony to your ability to touch viewers at a deep level.

    I don’t regard you as “gone” but merely “hibernating” for the time in the not too distant future when the left needs its super-video hero again…. cue superman soundtrack music and fade…. 😉

  4. DeeDub 4

    Yeah, thanks guys…. but next time use Kiwi music, eh?

    Just not anything by Opshop, ’cause that’s Keys’ favourite NZ band. Funny that! They DO sound a lot like Coldplay and we know how much he LOVES them….. 😉

    Kudos for all your inspiring work.

  5. Lew 5

    DeeDub: I heard his favourite NZ band was Brooke Fraser. And his favourite Elvis song is Rock around the Clock ….

    … by Bill Haley and the Comets.

    Unfortunately taste in music isn’t a legitimate ground for rejecting a politician from office.


  6. Felix 6

    “Unfortunately taste in music isn’t a legitimate ground for rejecting a politician from office.”

    I don’t follow. In what sense is it not a legitimate ground?

  7. Scribe 7


    I enjoyed your videos, despite not sharing your desire for an LPG government. I also commend your gracious message to the National Party. It’s a shame others aren’t as gracious.

    captcha: lightly Grant (Robertson? Like in the video?)

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