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  • Our first comment was on our second day, August 17th 2007 “Where will it lead? ;)” by trythisone on our third post… who never showed up again.
  • Number 100 was on September 15th, 31 days in, John laughing at Jacqui Dean for wanting to ban dihydrogen monoxide – also known as water.
  • Our thousandth came after 62 days on Oct 16th, Sam Dixon calling the Nats scum.
  • The ten thousandth was Lynn banging on about some computer mumbo jumbo on Jan 23rd 2008, 162nd day.

Now, 688 days in, we’ve hit 100,000… and the winner is (drum-roll)….

felix in typical hectoring form annoying Tim Ellis


Care to back up the $70k claim?

And while you’re at it, the $1k claim as well? (I know that one was a wild stab in the dark but I also know you’re miles off btw.)

Also, when does ‘academia’ cross the line into ‘pseudo-academia’?

So thank you all (except the ones we had to ban). Whether left or right, witty or angry, argumentative or conciliatory, lucid or perplexing, verbose or the soul of brevity, one-offs or regulars, The Standard wouldn’t be The Standard without all of you.

The Standardistas

[PS Marty reckons if the growth pattern holds we’ll reach 1,000,000 a few months before the 2014 election -nearly two years for the first 100K, just five for the next 900K. It’s enough to give Lynn kittens. Let’s try to beat it :)]

[lprent: bloody hell, I can’t bear to think on it. ]

31 comments on “100,000th comment”

  1. felix 1


  2. Congrats felix

  3. Ianmac 3

    Post number 1,000,002! Ha!

  4. Too many zeros Ianmac 😉

  5. Tim Ellis 5

    If there’s a prize, then in all fairness felix should split it with me, since he wouldn’t have commented unless it had been on something I had written.

    [lprent: 😈 ]

  6. r0b 6

    Damn! I was so close! I’ll get you next time Felix!!!

    • felix 6.1

      Oh, it’s on!

    • Marty G 6.2

      you published comment 99,999 moments before Felix. Which is still a pretty cool number.

      You probably had the best odds of being 100,000 considering you’ve made nearly 2%(!) of the total comments. I’m guessing PB is the next most prolific commenter at just over 1%.

      • r0b 6.2.1

        Hmmm – do I comment more than others lately, or is it just that I’ve been here since near the beginning?

        I really do need another hobby don’t I…

        • jarbury

          I dunno but you had me crying with laughter over this comment:

          What sort of comment would you like Dean? After about 100,000 comments here you’ve found a couple that are similar in tone to Kiwiblog? Well good for you big fellah. Have a biscuit.

          Definitely not the sewer

  7. Marty G 7

    There have been as many comments (682) in the last 48 hours as in the first two months. Exponential growth.. it’s fun!

  8. IrishBill 8

    I think the comment about banned commenters is unfair. Just to even it up I’d like to thank some of the commenters I’ve had the privilege to ban particularly dad, ‘sod and Felix. There’s a special place in my heart for the crazy ones (but not the dull ones).

  9. Marty G 9

    The 100,000 doesn’t count the ones we had to delete or went into the spam… so 100,000 of pure gold… and there have already been another 29 31. You crazy cats.

    captcha: Foraker’s drooping… that’s a very unkind insinuation about Ohio’s 37th governor http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_B._Foraker

  10. the sprout 10

    felix is a great commenter.

  11. serpico 11

    this site is a sewer

    [comment 100,069]

  12. BLiP 12

    The prize couldn’t have gone to a nicer poster – what is the prize, btw?

  13. Matthew Pilott 13

    You’re all awesome.

  14. Ghost of Sam 14

    Ah, yes, that sounds familiar.

    Now, back to lurking.

    • r0b 14.1

      This place is turning into a regular haunted house.

      Hey ghosts, why not try the Buddhist thing, seek perfection once more in another turn of the wheel…

      • BLiP 14.1.1

        I don’t have a problem with reincarnation from the point of view that we might be spiritual beings having human experiences and repeated earth lives allows us to develop – mind you, my wife reckons that if I’m correct then I’ll be the last one here!

  15. lprent 15

    …by trythisone on our third post who never showed up again.

    Actually that was someone testing if the comments worked for anonymous users as I remember it (not me)

    captcha: alighted election

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