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Well it is that time again. We just rolled over the 3000th post on the site.

Number 2000 was in November last year, so it took 7 months – not bad considering that it took 6 months coming up to an election last time. The comments are sitting at 95,000. So we have done about 38,000 since post 2000. Well done all of you commentators. Less trolling, less work for the moderators, and generally more productive discussion right across the political spectrum (well, apart from the trolls).

We’ve lost a few posters in the last 6 months. Steve Pierson and Tane have moved to other things. However we’ve also picked up a number of new posters with their own fields of interest. Since the election, I’ve even been known to try my hand at the gentle art of revving the debate.

Our number of views are now back at election levels after the post-election exhaustion that everyone seemed to get, including the credulous MSM. However that seems to be well and truly over. Our second best daily page view total ever happened last week. But they haven’t reached the mayhem that was election week.

Thanks for all of the interest


17 comments on “3000th Post”

  1. 3001 1

    And thanks for keeping it interesting.
    In fact, yr essential matter

  2. The Baron 2

    Congratulations. I enjoy coming here – when you are on song, you all make some valid points, and give me plenty of stuff to think about.

    Plus to get to #2 in a competitive blogosphere is an achievement all of its own.

  3. And thank you for providing such a great forum for political discussion!

  4. r0b 4

    The comments are sitting at 95,000.

    How about a prize for the 100,000th comment? You could do a big flashing alert box and everything!

  5. calltoaccount 5

    Our second best daily page view total ever happened last week.

    Good work, take a raise! (Was that for the frontpage or for a particular article? If so, which one was it?)

  6. the sprout 6

    thanks to you Lynn.

  7. The GSK 7

    on behalf our outlier chirpers, thanks Lynn..

    just in from NYC and the Times repub Paul Krugman from London, a consoling thought re any offshore influences you need contend. Paul says .. the Bush bust in America is the Brown bust here…

    Pretty close, IMO, and mainly because GB from 2005 spouted deregulation and Reagan – roguer – nomics. which says how it didn’t all finish with thatcher.. as indeed here we have replayers.. who would NEVER admit to following gordon brown..!!

  8. vto 8

    Yes jolly good. Have I convinced any of you of the errors of your ways yet?

    • Pascal's bookie 8.1

      See below 🙂

      • vto 8.1.1

        Yes, well annoying you lot has probably highlighted my own leftish tendencies to myself too if I’m honest.

        But that politicalcompass site doesn’t appear to be too robust. I mean, how do the first 4 questions relate, in a sound academic/scientific/researched way, to whether you are liberterian, left, right or authoritarian? For example, how does a feeling of racial superiority (bigotry) indicate whether you are left or right or etc? From what I see bigotry is evenly spread across the polly spectrum. The only way that link can be made is by all the old usual suspect assumptions about voters. Seems to be pretty weak.

        • Pascal's bookie

          At a guess I’d say that bigotry correlates to authoritarianism. Which can be ‘left’ or ‘right’ in the modern silly way those terms get used.

          Authoritarians like one size fits all solutions, simple majority rules kind of stuff. The purer authoritarians end up with an archetype leader who represents what is the assumed essence of the nation. Deviations from the assumed archetype are deviations from ‘normality’ and are inherently suspicious if not disloyal or even treasonous.

          Phrases like; Silent majority, Mainstream values. PC gone mad, Iwi/Kiwi and One Law for All, etc, are used by authoritarians.

          But yeah, I reckon these tests are less than 100% useful.

  9. I’ve shifted from -5/-5 on politicalcompass.org to -7/-7 over the past few months… perhaps somewhat due to this blog?

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