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3News on National Ministers double-dipping

Written By: - Date published: 7:07 pm, August 4th, 2009 - 54 comments
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3News covers the story of National Ministers double-dipping at the taxpayers’ expense.

UPDATE: ‘BLiP’ has bestowed a new title on Bill English: “Sir Double Dipton”. Gold.

54 comments on “3News on National Ministers double-dipping ”

  1. lprent 1

    Ouch. Those numbers are a nice topup to their salaries

  2. BLiP 2

    Tell me I’m wrong – did I hear Crusher Collins say she wasn’t going to name the tenant in her flat because she wanted to protect the individual’s privacy? F F S !!!

  3. vto 3

    why do you not mention the labour ministers guilty of the exact same thing ayb?

    hypocrites. the whole attack on here the last few days has just gone up in a puff of pathetic smoke with the finding that labour did the exact same thing.

    why dont you post up the tv one news too showing Goff being mowed down?

    or will you just ignore that?

    • IrishBill 3.1

      I hate to disappoint you vto but that sort of thing was frowned on by Labour. That’s why Marion Hobbs lost her ministerial warrant and paid back $18,500 even though she was cleared by the auditor general over a similar situation.

      You can say a lot about Labour’s failings, and I do, but on this count they were a lot cleaner than the current government.

    • Tim Ellis 3.2

      VTO, I think the reason Mr Garner didn’t mention the Labour Party’s history of doing the same thing as National Ministers is that all of the examples were directly fed to him by the Labour Party. That is my interpretation of Audrey Young saying that Labour MPs were shopping the stories around the press gallery.

      Labour seem to be quite cowardly on this. They don’t front on any of the stories because they are hypocritical in the same respect, but then use details of National Ministers who are doing exactly as they did.

      Who was it who said that Mr Key’s office was all about spin and image?

      • Eddie 3.2.1

        Garner did mention it.

        Guess you either didn’t watch the clip or couldn’t pay attention for 3 minutes.

        Man. Don’t you get embarrassed by just getting simple stuff like that wrong every day?

        • Tim Ellis

          I didn’t hear Mr Garner mention it Eddie. I stand corrected if he did. Guyon Espiner certainly mentioned it, and he pointed out that Mr Goff currently gets rental on a house he owns in Wellington while he collects a taxpayer subsidy to live in a rented property.

          This explains Labour’s uncanny public silence on this matter.

          Mr Goff said the reason why he didn’t move into his own apartment is that he is planning to sell it and it is currently tenanted. Interestingly Mr Goff appears to have owned this property since 2007 at least. Either it is a very slow property market in Wellington, the tenant has a very, very long lease on the property, or Mr Goff is telling fibs.

          • Eddie

            so you’re back to it’s ok if Labour does it too?

            Anyway, the cirticism has been that English and others have been based in Wellington, yet are claiming out of town allowance. That doesn’t apply to Goff.

    • RedLogix 3.3

      National is the Govt. I’t’s you guys who make the rules and whose fat butts occupy Ministerial seats. Grow up and take it on the chin.

      Fascinating how the right wing, who so readily harp on about personal responsibility, so rapidily change the subject when it’s time for them to actually accept some.

      • vto 3.3.1

        wrong red.

        I have never once defended these rorts and if you read carefully you will note most others have called the same.

        It is a mess and a rort. It needs cleaning up. But most importantly, given the shrill and empty calls on here the last few days that it is just the nats, both labour and the nats have been doing it.

        You fullas have been claiming it is just the nats – and how wrong you have been. wrong wrong wrong.

        I’m off to beddie-byes now. Enjoy shrivelling up in the moonlight tonight you silly lefties…

        • RedLogix

          Spot the cognitive dissonance:

          the whole attack on here the last few days has just gone up in a puff of pathetic smoke with the finding that labour did the exact same thing.


          I have never once defended these rorts and if you read carefully you will note most others have called the same.

          Grow up, adults accept responsibility for their mistakes; only children try the ‘he done it too’ defense. Have some pride man.

          • vto

            Are you thick redillogix? I was not defending anything, esp not the nats. I was attacking the likes of you for trying to claim that only the nats have worked this rort.

    • andy 3.4


      3News covers the story of National Ministers double-dipping at the taxpayers’ expense.

      Maybe you should call 3 news or Garner with your complaint.

    • all_your_base 3.5

      @vto: I don’t watch TV1 any more – too much weather.

  4. Jared 4

    Guyon Espiner mentioned at the end of his report tonight that the Government has released to him the entitlements claimed by the Labour Party last year, and that they were very similar to the entitlements claimed by the National Party MP’s. Can’t wait to see them.

    • IrishBill 4.1

      You’ll be disappointed.

      • Jared 4.1.1

        I wouldn’t be so sure. If history has taught us anything, its that neither National nor Labour are squeaky clean. Sounds like you don’t want anything bad to come out in the wash with that attitude…what with Phil Goff renting his place out and claiming an accomodation allowance as well hahaha

        • marco

          Those entitlements are now on Stuff. Labour spent more in overall expenses during the same period last year but not by much.

  5. logie97 5

    Given today’s verdicts in the court, remember all those probing questions by Lockwood regarding a sitting MP and his dodgy dealings. I can see his smug face now as he hinted at things during those “Question Times”.

    I guess it would be too much for the same Lockwood to pursue some of the current MP’s dealings with the same vigour. Some of these things might be legal, but certainly outside the spirit of the law.

  6. Craig Glen Eden 6

    What you wingnuts seem to forget is John was going to set new standards, way higher than Helen set, but he hasn’t. What all this shows is the Nats are as bad if not worse than Labour.

    Spin it all you like but Bill is not entitled to the living out of town allowance as he lives in Wellington. When Hobbs and co were caught out, they were fired!
    While others are claiming every thing they are able to, which is probably not a good look it is not the same as what Bill is doing. Bill needs the wider enquiry to cover his particular behavior and take the heat off him.
    The deputy prime minster is up to his arm pits in this and John is trying to shut it down with a broader brush inquiry.

    So wingnuts if you want to play but you did it to Labour, you need to find a labour MP who was claiming the living away from home allowance while living in permanent residence in Wellington. That is they own a house all his kids and wife live in it, the wife works in Wellington and has done so for years, the kids go to Wellington Schools and has done so for years and the MP visits their electorate occasionally instead of returning to it every weekend. Go for it wingnuts nock your selfs out.

    • mike 6.1

      “What you wingnuts seem to forget is John was going to set new standards, way higher than Helen set”

      He will – watch him act after the review to end the rort that labour have been happily endulging themselves in for the previuos 9 years.

      But what would you expect from a party whose leader said ” Taito was only guilty of trying help people” do you want 26 reasons why she was lying?

      • RedLogix 6.1.1

        What part of failing to sack a Minister caught in a rort, an offense that the previous PM sacked sacked two Ministers for … is in any sense a ‘higher standard’?


        You cannot possibly spin your way out of that.

      • Craig Glen Eden 6.1.2

        Like I said Mike name a labour MP/ Minister that is claiming the living away from home allowance when their family home is Wellington.

        Put up or shut up Mike. Name one and remember Hobbs got fired!

    • Winston Smith 6.2

      Dickhead – he’s already set and achieved higher standards than the Labour administration.

      Could you ever have imagined this debate occurring under Labour – of course bloody not, not the Ministry of Truth – duck and run, hide the evidence, blame the opposition, blame a police commissioner, do anything to hide the facts…

      What’s Key doing? Setting up an inquiry.

      What did Helen do? Locked down Noel Ingram’s scope of inquiry to hide the shameful truth about corruption in the highest ranks of her party.

      • Pascal's bookie 6.2.1

        The closest to Taito would be Worth’s trip to India, (It’s not the same game, but same shaped playing field). Key did nada there.

        The closest Ministers doing what English is doing…?

        • Deciduous

          It is so completely different I am staggered you try to even make a tenuous link.

          But I guess its any port in a storm aye chaps.

        • Deciduous

          Erm, No, completely different, no comparison, its very embarrassing (for you) to have even tried to make the association.

  7. toad 7

    Too tired to blog anything on g.blog tonight (‘flu and long day) but a hat tip for anyone looking for a good blog title on this topic:

    Things to do in Dipton when you’re dead

  8. BLiP 8

    Must be about time John Key popped off back to Crosby Textor HQ for his next set of instructions . . . what’s that you say? . . . he’s already over there . . . and left Sir Double Dipton to face the music on his own . . . really? . . . my, that is good timing . . .

  9. harbr526 9

    What a farce. The Nats cut funding for adult education and education support for mums on the dpb (to name just a couple cuts) because of a need to tighten the govt’s belt, but are more than happy to stretch the belt to its furtherest possible extent to pad their own wallets. I’m sure that Labour probably took advantage of the rules when they were in power, but they weren’t hypocrites about it. The vast majority of Kiwis don’t earn anything near what Heatley alone is getting just from these rent subsidies (let alone his massive salary). Shows how out of touch the Nats are with real Kiwis.

    • Jared 9.1

      Labour Ministers received exactly the same entitlements and similar salary rates, and as has been shown today, Phil Goff has been renting out his own flat whilst getting Parliamentary Services to cover his accommodation, short sighted much?
      If anything, it shows how much of a gravy train Parliament has been for far too long. Career politicians have been doing this for decades and it wasn’t until the UK expenses scandal that anyone has thought to ask any questions about entitlements. I really am disappointed Labour hasn’t offered the numbers for when they were in power, it seems overly hypocritical for them to be criticising a lifestyle of double dipping when they have had the same lifestyle for the last 9 years.

      • felix 9.1.1

        I’d be very disappointed if anyone else is doing what Bill English has been caught doing – living in Wellington and claiming to live somewhere else so he can claim the out-of-town allowance.

        Very disappointed.

        • Jared

          Like Phil Goff? Man, you must be very very disappointed now!
          Bill English has been the MP for Clutha/Southland for nearly 14 years now, and moved his family into their home in Wellington to save moving his family around constantly in rented accommodation. He never claimed he lived elsewhere, he always claimed he lived in the Wellington address afaik.

          • Craig Glen Eden

            Really “he has always claimed he lived in Wellington'” so why is he claiming the living away from home allowance for ?

            • Jared

              I would assume because technically he is an MP outside of Wellington, and thus entitled to the allowance.

          • felix

            Jared, the allowance is meant to be for ministers who don’t live in Wellington.

            Not sure how you missed that, it’s the guts of the whole story.

  10. outofbed 10

    It seems after months National being undentable, they are taking a big hit on this one.
    I just read the rabid “Herald views” and people ain’t happy
    Sure Lab did it too but that line just isn’t going to fly
    Lets hope we can keep the heat on.

    • Tim Ellis 10.1

      good idea oob. The faux outrage from Labour supporters goading this up with the approval of the Labour caucus (who conveniently remain silent) have only landed Mr Goff into hot water, since he appears to have been telling a big fib that he is planning to sell his Wellington apartment. Inconvenient for him that it appears on the register of pecuniary interest for three years, that he collected rent for it while living in a ministerial house. Suddenly the reason he can’t move into it now is that he’s selling it or another tenant is already living in it. Not very credible.

    • Armchair Critic 10.2

      How difficult could it be to keep the heat on? Every time the Nats demand fiscal responsibility or cutting back expenditure the response can be laughter and contempt, until the cancer of this rort is removed.
      They need to get their investigation into allowances tied up quick-smart. Given their terrible record to date on quick, and smart, there is heaps of mileage to be got out of this one.

    • mike 10.3

      Don’t get too excited for it will be John Key who comes out this with all the credit after changing the rules post the review.

      Headline – “JK ends mps rorts” followed up with the tally of the last 9 years of labours rorting = $XXXXXX’OOOOO

      Want to bet against me?

      • Armchair Critic 10.3.1

        I think you are imagining things. For one it would require JK to actually do something. A headline like “JK goes on holiday” seems much more likely.

      • Craig Glen Eden 10.3.2

        you are a dreamer Mike.

        • Pat

          Then bet against him.

          Mike is on to it. The whole MP expenses story has got legs, and only John Key will come up smelling like roses. The way the punter on the street will see it is something like “MP’s have been ripping us off for years, but Key went in there and sorted it out”.

    • Jess 10.4

      I think you will find that the public can spot hypocrisy a mile off .

  11. SPC 11

    Treasury knows where the soft underbelly of governement waste is and their own Minister is the King of this Pork barrell.

  12. bobo 12

    I love the cutesy line “to keep my little family together” makes it sound like they are in the workhouse or orphans, this would be laughable if it wasn’t the peasants paying for it.

    • all_your_base 12.1

      Made me gag too.

      • Deciduous 12.1.1

        Is his family less worthy than a “Labour family”? You guys need to take a step back and gain some perspective on things as this is turning into the same bunker mentality denial fest that lost HEC the election.

  13. Jared 13

    Last I looked those earning over $60,000 paid 55% of the Income Tax taken, whereas the bottom 15% pay less than 1% of the tax. Funny that.

    • felix 13.1

      Is that something you often blurt out at inappropriate moments?

      I imagine that could be quite an embarrassing disability.

  14. Deciduous 14

    What line of work are you in Felix?

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