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$800,000 for PR props

Written By: - Date published: 8:34 pm, May 5th, 2011 - 100 comments
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Looks like John Key’s need to look like a celebrity has cost the tax payer $800,000 – that’s the blow out in cost for his DPS entourage, a cost that includes $30,000 for sending officers to Hawaii.

So let’s get this straight. $500k for the people of Te Tai Tokerau to have a by-election is wasteful but $800k for John to big note is all good?

What a joke.

I can just see him humming this to himself while he pisses away our money:

100 comments on “$800,000 for PR props”

  1. higherstandard 1

    Is he responsible for DPS?

    I suspect no one in Hawaii would have a clue who he is…… but on the topic of Te Tai Tokerau they should take some of the heat for these increased costs on the back of those two tards who tried to mug him on Waitangi day…. not to mention some of the disturbing stuff the dom post published regarding what those activist nutters were considering.

    • Eddie 1.1

      “Is he responsible for DPS?”

      PMs clearly have some choice over how much DPS cover they have, otherwise other PMs would have taken DPS overseas and had conspicuous cover like Key does.

      Face it, he’s a little wannabe playing President with our money.

      • Bunji 1.1.1

        I like how he tried to deny any responsibility for his spending on One News last night. He’s the bloomin’ PM for goodness sake, of course he’s responsible for all government spending. No Truman-esque “The Buck Stops Here” sign in his office, evidently.

        Given that the right thought Helen was responsible for keeping track of her chauffeur’s speedometer, you’d think Key might just be responsible for how many big burly men he keeps around him in Hawaii. No-one over there is even going to know who he is without the DPS around to tell them…

  2. Pascal's bookie 2

    And who else saw the look that crossed Collin’s face when Paddy Gower was repeating his question about the 11k petrol bill for her self drive car?

    He asked a couple of times if family members were using the car, and she responded cooly enough that her use was within the rules. Then he changed the question to ask if family members were using the car for work purposes, and she got the same answer out; but not before the inner lizard did a head check. For a split second I thought she was going to eat him right there on the tele.

    • rosy 2.1

      Then he changed the question to ask if family members were using the car for work purposes

      hmmm, that seems very specific. I wonder if it’s just baiting or whether he has some evidence saved for a later day.

    • felix 2.2

      Nah, she’s a big sook. Another couple of questions and there’d have been tears I reckon.

      Reckon “Paddy” knows exactly who’s driving that car to work though.

    • Eddie 2.3

      not usually my field, but let’s do the maths

      $11,000 in two and a half years.

      Typical petrol price in that time, let’s say $1.80 per litre.

      Total litres purchased, about 6,000

      fuel efficiency of a Mazda 6 about 8.5l/100km

      total distance driven, about 70,000

      number of weeks, 120

      km per week, about 600

      hmmm. 600km per week.A hell of a lot.

      Clearly not Collins is not driving her self-drive that much each week, considering she’s in Wellington most of the time and the car’s at home in Clevedon.

      But what if hubbie works in Auckland CBD, about 45km away. Ten trips a week, that’s 450km.


      • jbc 2.3.1

        I have a Mazda 5 (the 1998cc people mover) which is supposedly 9.2 l/100km but I seem to use about 15 l/100km when solely city driving.

        I know this because I started recording fill-ups for the past few months as I thought it rather thirsty. Commuting is a killer for fuel economy so I’ve taken use public transport most of the time.

        It’s a pity more people don’t engage their brains when it comes to efficiency and consumption. Govt included. Makes it easy to forget when it’s not your money being spent I suppose.

        Just FYI.

        • Lanthanide

          Ouch. My car is rated for 5.9L/100km, and I got that on my trip to Hamner. Haven’t really measured it around town, but doesn’t seem too far out.

  3. burt 3

    $800,000 – that’s a familiar amount of money for a PM to use to promote themselves. I guess he didn’t steal it or he would be hailed as the greatest leader ever on this blog !

  4. felix 4

    The bit at the end about Collins and her petrol bill, video here: http://www.3news.co.nz/Collins-taxpayer-funded-petrol-bills-top-11000/tabid/370/articleID/209944/Default.aspx

    So who’s gas are we actually paying for here? Judith’s husband’s? Her children’s? Her brother in law’s? Her cousin’s?

    And her answer, less convincing with every repetition until she almost cries (so tough, Crusher): “All my petrol is within the rules”

    Where have I heard that excuse before? And how well did that go?

    • burt 4.1

      So have I got this right – she let the family use the car ? That’s sackable…. unless of course the family crash the car and drugs are found in it… then its… OK!

      • felix 4.1.1

        burt you’re a mental.

        She let someone – not necessarily family either btw – spend 11 grand of public money on petrol.

        • burt

          So will she do Labour MP and just pay it back or do you think that we should set a precedent and enforce the rules as written rather than allowing them to use the “rules were confusing” and “others were doing it too” baby excuses normally defended by the lovers of corruption?

          • felix

            No burt, we should do what we did to your mate Rodney and run her out of town with arrows in her stupid back.

            • burt

              I like this new standard of openness and accountability. It’s time the promise of 1999 was delivered on!

              • Armchair Critic

                Hey burt, save yourself the time and effort of actually typing, I’ve summarised all your comments into two sentences. All you need to do is copy and paste.
                1.Waaaah, Labour did it too
                2. Retrospective!

                • burt

                  Yes retrospective validation of spending that Labour were advised would be illegal was pretty shabby and it is hard to understand how people defend it based solely on the fact Labour did it. But I don’t actually see how you and I can make an assessment of Key’s security requirement ?

                  Clearly felix can, he knows it’s not needed in Hawaii… but the rest of us would be talking out of our ass if we pretended to know what was valid and what wasn’t.

                  • IrishBill

                    National good Labour bad eh Burt?

                  • Armchair Critic

                    I hope Done Brash remembers to include the GST for his party’s advertising this time round.
                    Someone is responsible for setting and managing the DPS budget. Which Minister is responsible for DPS? Ultimately they are responsible for assessing Key’s security requirement, and as citizens were are all entitled to ask questions about how well this Minister is doing their job.

                    • burt

                      I hope so too. But if he “forgets” lets hope Labour don’t validate the last 14 years of misappropriations to kill off a court case for their leader and let Brash off the hook – again !

                • felix

                  Shhhhh Armchair Critic, burt doesn’t know that National is in govt now and we don’t want to shock him.

                  I think you got away with it but if he gets suspicious just complain about all the lesbian taxes.

                  • Armchair Critic

                    That swishing noise was a whole lot of stuff going over burt’s head.

                    • Samuel Hill

                      This is as bad as Bill English’s housing allowance. Sack them both.

    • Carol 4.2

      Hmmm… at the end of the vid, Gower misrepresents the questions in Question Time today about Key’s chopper ride. Gower says Key was repeatedly queried on what was so important that he needed to take the chopper. In fact, the questions were, would Key have arrived in time for his security meeting if he had travelled by car.

    • Vicky32 4.3

      I just feel bound to point out that despite the fact that the American terms ‘gas’ and ‘gasoline’ have taken over from the word petrol in New Zealand, it’s just wrong. Not morally wrong, and not just linguistically wrong – but physically, factually and scientifically wrong.
      The stuff you put in your car is not a gas, and does not become a gas until some way into the combustion cycle. My annoyance with persistent Americanisms and the fact that they have almost completely taken over from New Zealand English are not as much because of national pride, but because a good half of them are ambiguous and inaccurate!
      F’r instance I saw a headline here or on Frogblog about families suffering because of high gas prices. I ended up wondering whether the issue was heating/cooking etc costs, or transport? I am still wondering – the unnecessary ambiguity annoyed me so much I decided not to read it.

      • jbc 4.3.1

        I think that ‘gas’ is simply short for gasoline and not literally referring to a state of matter. In that case it is not factually and scientifically wrong, but perhaps just irritating for some.

        Just like ‘liquid’ assets and a ‘solid’ argument. Not referring to states of matter.

        • Vicky32

          I did mention the word gasoline. But my question remains… what does it mean? (I think it was originally a brand name?) Why should we in New Zealand use the word? We had a perfectly good word already (petrol). One of the reasons why I can’t regard retail sales as a profession, shop-keepers as professionals, is the degree of ignorance that is responsible for such abominations as a New Zealand product being named “Colorsteel” and seeing shop displays that advertise ‘flavors’, ‘color’ film and ‘tires’, which to me is a verb and does not mean the rubber things that go on car wheels. The new buzzword/phrase is “different than”. I was amazed to hear the OAP Don Brash say “different than” last night! I know he didn’t grow up with the electronic baby-sitter, which is the excuse I tell myself every time I hear someone aged between 15-25 using not just American lexis but also the ghastly fake California accent all of today’s teens seem obliged to do… (I did it when I was 17, as my family had just got TV, and was laughed to scorn by parents, schoolmates and school teachers. It reminds of John Key on the radio on Tuesday morning giving his estimate of NZ’s new ‘threat assessment’ after the news about OBL… I thought Key’s “me-too-ism” strikes again. Why does what was becoming anadult, independent culture in the 1980s, have to jump back into the cradle again, with a cry of “me tooooooooooooooooooooo!”

          • Lanthanide

            For someone so caught up on grammar, you should really use paragraphs. I didn’t bother reading the 2nd half of your diatribe.

            • Vicky32

              Oh well, that’s me told! 😛
              However, I did use paragraphs. Then I hit ‘submit’ and the result is what you see. By calling it a ‘diatribe’ you are indicating clearly that you are bitterly angry and offended. I simply ask ‘why’?

              [lprent: The wysiwyg editor sometimes does that for no reason that I can see. It is on my list of things to fix when I can free some time. ]

  5. Rich 5

    Look, a bro’s got to have a posse, man.

    How’s he gonna get on Pimp My Ride or Cribs without a bunch of heavy dudes packin heat. Oh, and the hos.

    If anyone’s feeling smart, they should OIA the cost of the new DPS issue firearms.

  6. HS apparentley Key owns a condo in Hawaii, he has owned it for some time and spends his holidays there. Very patriotic; don’t you think?

    • burt 6.1

      unbelievable ! He’s got a condo in Hawaii… I mean if he has 5 rental properties and takes European ski holidays then that’s cool – but a condo in Hawaii – nasty.

      • Jum 6.1.1

        Yeah, burt,

        Difference is the woman with the rentals earned hers by working for New Zealand; Key stole his by working a speculative run on the NZ dollar, then comes over here to steal what’s left before he buggers off back to his masters in America, leaving New Zealand open for destruction by more money launderers like him.

  7. felix 7

    Agree with what hs said – Key doesn’t need DPS in Hawaii any more than you or I would.

    • Tanz 7.1

      Jealous, are we? Tired of Coromandel holidays? Hoola in Hawaii, and Key is very very famous.

      • Eddie 7.1.1

        don’t be a fuckwit, Tanz. people can criticise another’s behaviour without secretly wishing it was them.

        and key is not ‘very, very famous’ he’s such a lightweight he couldn’t even introduce himself to Elton John. Nobody knows who he is overseas, let alone could be bothered killing him.

        • Tanz

          I thought it was gracious of Key not to introduce himself to Elton John. It wouldn’t have been appropriate, given the event, and why should Elton be interested in politicians anyway. Elton is rather formidable, being so mega-famous. Key held back on that occasion, and it was warranted.

          I think leaders/celebrities/politicians, etc these days need security anywhere, because the village is global, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

          Key has a condo there cause he can. Wouildn’t you? Who can blame him.

          • Eddie

            “hey has a condo there cause he can. Wouildn’t you? Who can blame him.”

            No I wouldn’t, as it happens.

            I wouldn’t own a $2 million condo that I visit once or twice a year when there are people in this world that could really be helped by a fraction of that.

            It’s a bit like asking why I don’t get beggars in the teeth ’cause I can’. My choices are defined my my morals, as well as my physical and financial means.

            And Key said he didn’t introduce himself to Elton John because he was too shy. That’s right, a leader of 4.3 million people doesn’t get that he is meant to have some dignatis. Instead he blushes like a schoolgirl when he sees a guy who sings songs.

            • Tanz

              Key having a condo over in Hawaii is not hurting anyone though, it’s his business, and if he wasn’t PM, no one would care.

              It was nice that Key was shy, too shy to say hello to Elton. Sometimes less is more.

              As for the money, the $800,000, is this amount proven? Still, it only buys a nice house/bach, these days. And that would be chickenfeed to a president.

              • felix

                So if it’s his business, why are we paying for bodyguards to stay there with him? Going to Hawaii isn’t part of his job, is it?

                As you say, it’s his business – not ours.

                • rosy

                  Just as taking his kid to the car races and then going to dinner at the golf club. That was his business too (day-off stuff), but we still paid for it.

              • Tanz

                I believe in the US, that sort of money is considered a slush fund, but that would be nickel and dime stuff to them, of course!

                Been reading Absolute Power, by David Baldacci, sorry, that’s a bit off topic.

              • Maybe that’s why the US is $14 trillion in debt and counting.

        • Jum

          Yes, it was priceless, Eddie, seeing Gillard and Key come through the abbey door but only Gillard and Australia was mentioned, nothing at all about the jolly greenstone washed gnome.

      • felix 7.1.2

        I don’t understand what you mean. I was saying that Key doesn’t need DPS in Hawaii.


    • Treetop 7.2

      Every senario has to be thought through when it comes to the PMs security. Were the PM to go swimming in Hawaii and a great white just happened to be passing by, then they could all have fish and chips for dinner!

  8. seeker 8

    @Pascal’s Bookie 8.52pm

    She (Judith) certainly had her answer ready for him(Paddy) and kept repeating it like a mantra, just like Bill English today in Parliament when being questioned by Pete Hodgson about the PM’s use of a helicopter to a ‘security meeting’


    I was mesmerised, not just by the number of times the same answer was given, but by the number of times Ms.Collins called Patrick Gower, “Paddy”. Is he called this by all -or just inner lizards? I have never heard him called this before. “Patrick” just doesn’t look like “Paddy” to little ol’me in the outer ‘tv viewer’s’ circle.

    Great observation PB.

    • Eddie 8.1

      They call him Paddy. But Collins was clearly using a nickname to try to disarm him.

  9. ianmac 9

    Remember Election night 2008 and giggling Key made his way into the hall filled with his supporters but with several darksuited heavies leading the way in case some of those pesky Nat Supporters touched him. Like a gangster in a dark movie.

  10. Gee this thread has been busy.

    Helen did not need DPS overseas, she preferred to climb mountains. What sort of wimp is this John Key person?

    And Collins?

    You mean she has been bludging on the people’s credit card?

    This is the trouble with the tories. They think that a Ministerial wage is a sacrifice rather than a privilege.

    • ianmac 10.1

      About a year ago the question of Collin’s car expenses came up. The journalist asked the same questions and Collins gave the same answers. Within the rules. I remember her reptillian stare at the questioner and he seemed to crumble. Certain degree of arrogance in that woman. It might be her downfall yet.

      • mickysavage 10.1.1


        I have been to Auckland Law Society gatherings where she would walk in, size up who was good for her career, talk to them and ignore everyone else. Her reputation amongst lawyers is, well, poor. She is not very bright and brittle and making very important decisions …

        • Tanz

          Nonsense. Only the best make it into Parliament, and I bet Judith was/is a great lawyer, a true blue Tory (meant in the nicest possible way). Good on her.

      • infused 10.1.2

        It’s not arrogance. He was simply baiting her. It was a good response. I was surprised she didn’t say “get the fuck out of my way”. Looked like she wanted to.

  11. ianmac 11

    There were some VIP people at the Wedding. Did you see a phalanx of dark suits protecting each one? Nah! But even in the halls of Parliament John has to be guarded. Watch next time he walks along to talk to dangerous journalists..

    • g_man 11.1

      Well, remembering that John Key was attacked at Waitangi by the Popata brothers in 2009, and a certain MP said he would do what he could to help them because they were his nephews. Further stating, “I’ve been impressed by the sincerity and the passion that they bring to the activities that they are involved in … Sure, sometimes that passion spills over, and sometimes that leads to actions that society might frown upon, but with my record, who am I to criticise? I can recall with distinct clarity putting myself outside the norm and often outside the law to promote ideas and beliefs that we were passionate about when we were young (once upon a time!), and I don’t regret any of it – not for one second.”

      And then, earlier this year at Waitangi, Wikitana Popata yelled through a loudhailer, calling him “the enemy”, later saying, “Now is the time to intensify the struggle. He [Key] is the one responsible for stealing our foreshore and our land” …

      … and the same MP praised his actions, pretty much saying that he wasn’t allowed to do it himself because he had been told he had to be polite on the marae.

      To be honest, with someone like Hone Harawira around Parliament, I wouldn’t blame anyone for wanting protection.

      • ianmac 11.1.1

        Diddums. Perhaps you and your mate Key need a woman to protect you.

        • g_man

          So you have no problem with a current sitting MP supporting violent protest against the leader of our country, whoever it is?

          Says a lot …

          • Jum

            I didn’t see you leaping up and down telling Helen Clark she should get the amount of protection JKeyll has, given the numbers of misogynistic g-men in this country.

            Like it was said so clearly this morning, no other Prime Minister has had bullyboys protecting him or her in Parliament; I’ve been there. There’s more than enough scare security around not to have to worry about that.

            Still, given JKeyll is killing the future of New Zealanders, by selling them off to American business, (you know them, g-man – JKeyll’s masters…) I’m not surprised people are beginning to get angry.

            What a joke JKeyll is.

      • Pascal's bookie 11.1.2

        There was also that fantasist with a record of play acting Frederick Forsyth novel characters. Specifically, assassins.

  12. Irascible 12

    The bill for extravagant spending by the Key led NACToid government keeps mounting as each example of self-aggrandisement is revealed.
    Key: $2000.00 for a helicopter flight back to Auckland for an unspecified security meeting. $7000+ for the air force to fly him to a Bellusconi moment in Hamilton then back to a golf club dinner plus other flights to karaeoke at a music festival and now $800,000 for security cover because he chooses to live in Hawaii as his electorate’s name gives him a rash each time he visits.
    McCully over $75,000 to fly eight people to Vanuatu because he was too lazy to browse the inter-net to find the regular commercial services there.
    Added to the heated seated BMWs and other photo-opportunity speeding to cars, helicopters and other rorts and this lot look as though they should being hounded to pay back a tonne of irresponsibly used taxpayers’ money.
    Where are the incensed newspaper 7 mediaworks talkback jocks now???

  13. seeker 13

    @ Tanz

    “Only the best make it into Parliament”

    If only! Just look at the poor specimens on the National and Act benches and include the latest addition from Botany. What a weak and ‘unaspirational’ world you must live in Tanz if you think these self-serving, unaccountable, shallow thinking, evasive and often untruthful beings are the “best” New Zealand has to offer!

    • Tanz 13.1

      They are my favourite Parliamentairians, the Acts and the Nats. That’s why the lead the government, they were voted in by pretty much a landslide, and it’s staying that way. In fact, the gap is widening! Tories rule, Ok. And the majority LOVES them, going by the ever-glowing golden dipped polls! The Midas Touch, has Key!!! Wow. The country is glowing, his magic rubbing off.

      • Colonial Viper 13.1.1

        If that were really true Key and his handlers wouldn’t be sweating bullets over this election, which they are.

        Key in particular knows that his time is running out and that the right wing want him gone next term, no matter who is in Government.

        • Jum

          Yes, Colonial Viper, JKeyll does know his time is short and he’s grateful; he’s bored with it already, ya know.

          He just needs enough time to put his hand on his chest and say ‘I promised I would resign if the Super age was increased’ just after Bill English, having had it signed off by the Joker, announces it along with the SOE sales.

          Already our Kiwi land is being sold to Germany, Harvard university is already in control of some land, and given their Professors have been involved with Haarp, I would have to wonder what they are doing in New Zealand, with all those lovely valuable minerals living under that pristine white snow down South of New Zealand…

          The one indisputable fact of life in New Zealand is that National and Act with the hangers-on Maori Party and United Future never have done, are doing, or will do anything that benefits all New Zealanders.

          Greedy and selfish people gravitate to the right.

      • felix 13.1.2

        Landslide, Tanz?

        Hardly. Only a couple of seats’ worth in it.

        • Tanz

          Wait for November this year, it will be a landslide, circa 2002. National this time sill be smiling, not crying. Governing alone?

          • Jum

            If National governs alone tanz, then greed and selfishness have won; New Zealand will then be renamed little america.

            I can only imagine you either live outside of New Zealand so don’t really care, or you are a crosby/textor groupie or you will make money out of other New Zealanders’ misery.

            Says a lot about you, just as much as the state of New Zealand today makes a criminal out of JKeyll.

            Sad that JKeyll could lose his sidekick Hide, but not until Hide’s completely destroyed Auckland’s chances of retaining its assets in Auckland residents’ hands. Obviously, Brash wasn’t listening when he struck the deal with JKeyll to win the lead in National after JKeyll went back home to America.

            ‘Keep Hide in so he continues to get the shit flung at him and not at JKeyll or Brash’. But, tanz, anyone with half a brain knows now that Brash really is no gentleman.

  14. Lanthanide 14

    In Key’s defence, he has had a number of high profile visitors to NZ lately, as well as trips overseas, all of which will be coming out of that budget.

    He’s had Prince William here twice, Julia Gillard, and trips to Europe hob-nobbing around the place. He probably had the security team with him when he toured CHCH after both quakes, as well.

    • Colonial Viper 14.1

      Yeah but going to Christchurch – what’s the threat assessment, seriously?

      Primary threat is going to be from another big earthquake – what use are guys with suits and guns when that happens?

      And there is no doubt that VIPs and Key need close protection – but what’s up with the $800K blow out?

      Wait until the fraking RWC happens and the VIPs pour in. More tax payer funds going to look after rich pricks while ordinary NZ’ers do it cold and hungry and are told that using a food bank is a “lifestyle choice”.

    • Luxated 14.2

      Considering both William and Julia would have brought M16(or whoever covers it in the UK)/AFP with them as a matter of course I wouldn’t have thought the DPS overhead would have been that high. A few standard police officers would probably cover most of the extra workload.

  15. I suggest Key the Coward have plenty of overpaid bully boys surrounding him the next time he goes spurting more crap to heartbroken West Coast miners families. This creep Key should learn about karma and shut his pathetic mouth about things he cannot deliver!!

    • Wow! Are you saying the average Kiwi is waking up to his sneaky creepiness???

      • Tanz 15.1.1

        What creepiness? Open, honest, transparent, blokeish and a hit with voters.

        • todd

          Anybody who has a nickname like “the smiling assassin” has a certain amount of creepiness about him. The whole smile and waive routine, which lacks any substance while buying the media off and hiding a butcher’s knife to gut the country, can definitely be termed as sneaky. What is really creepy about Shonkey is that he’s been caught out repeatedly lying, while his apparent public opinion rating continues to be high in the polls. Something just doesn’t add up there.

          His dubious investments and association with Merrill Lynch can also be termed creepy, in a stalking killer kind of way. Any “your my mate, here’s a beer and slap another beneficiary on the barbecue” persona that he manages to pull off is totally undermined by his obvious sleazy snake style. His persona reeks of medication. The speech impediment makes him sound like a drunk, or should I say that like Piggy Muldoon he is often inebriated. In either case these are undesirable in a prime minister.

          To use the words “open” or “honest” to describe Shonkey or National who are just moneymakers and elitists, when Shonkey lied about the BMW’s, the NZSAS torture claims and his ability to choose to use the DPS or not (just to name a few of his lies), shows that you are highly deluded Tanz. While National has removed the Christchurch unemployed from the stats, removed public protections, destroyed workers rights and rammed through more legislation under urgency than ever before, to use the word “transparent” is even worse. Could I propose that you open your eyes Tanz.

          Nationals policy ideas should certainly be viewed as creepy by those who they adversely affect. Being that National is about to rape New Zealand if they get a second term; creep is about the best word to describe John Key. Nationals first term, was just about luring their victims into the vehicle. It’ll be your fault for voting for them New Zealand… Which is a typical National blame-the-victim mentality. As for a hit with the voters, I think you’ve grossly overestimated the worst of a bad bunch of reprobates.

    • Jum 15.2

      That’s odd dad 4 justice. I thought you’d love Key, given he’s made the lives of women (those other humans that you hate with such a passion you blog about it on men’s sites) inequitable, unequal and unsafe with the refuges being underfunded and women and children (I didn’t think you would hate children too – maybe just the girls) now forced to look elsewhere if the funding doesn’t get allocated to them because overworked staff have to beg for money from this fxxking government.

      • dad4justice 15.2.1

        Jum you orrible ole nasty witch, my two daughters are loved by their dad. Go eat a bat you demented bitch!

        Oh great stuff this comment is awaiting for moderation.haha. No wonder sewer rats lurk around this shit hole.

        • Jum

          LOL. Pick on Helen Clark, whom I admire, and get what you get boy. I never forget or forgive. I also remember posting on Colin Espiner’s blog just after election 2008 saying I hoped I was wrong about Key. I wasn’t. You were.

          The thing that worries me is that in your previous comment calling Key a coward suggests that you want him to get more vicious with the women of New Zealand and the workers of this country. I hope I am wrong about you. I doubt it.

  16. Hmmm $800k more for Key’s bodyguards, $700k less for Womens Refuges.
    Says it all really.

  17. felix 17

    I like CV’s take.

    Lifestyle choice.

  18. Treetop 18

    1) Is there not a cheaper way to provide protection for the PM?

    2) Are the cops the best shot compared to an SAS dude or a regular military dude?

  19. Tanz 19

    Do any of you agree with Garth George this week? Even he is having a go at Key, which is unusal, Key apparently out of the country more than he is at his desk. Not taking the tough choices, etc. How come you lefties never agree with the wise Garth George?

    • Jum 19.1

      Garth George, tanz is a rightwing wanker/misogynist/godbotherer, but without the compassion, the intelligence or the writing skills to hold anyone’s trust.

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  • Government backs Northland innovation and enterprise park
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development The Provincial Growth Fund is providing up to $19.5 million to boost innovative primary sector businesses and create training and job opportunities for Northland locals through the construction of an innovation and enterprise park at Ngawha, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones ...
    2 days ago
  • Green Party unveils Clean Energy Plan
    The Green Party is today unveiling part one of its plan for a fossil-fuel free Aotearoa, including an immediate ban on new industrial coal boilers. ...
    3 days ago
  • New Zealand First calls for tahr cull halt
    Mark Patterson MP, Spokesperson for Primary Industry New Zealand First is supporting calls by hunters and the New Zealand Tahr Foundation (NZTF) to halt a large scale cull of Himalayan Tahr by the Department of Conservation in National Parks. The calls are supported by a 40,000 strong petition and the ...
    1 week ago
  • Response to Spin-off allegations
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First New Zealand First leader Winston Peters today scoffed at suggestions that a team of six political operatives have been dispatched to New Zealand to assist his campaign. ‘As President Ronald Reagan once said, ‘there they go again.’ ‘The clickbait journos can’t ...
    1 week ago
  • Jenny Marcroft MP to represent New Zealand First in Auckland Central
    New Zealand First is pleased to announce Jenny Marcroft as the party’s election 2020 candidate for the Auckland Central electorate. Jenny spent years working in Auckland Central, having spent a vast proportion of her broadcasting career there. She says she, "knows the place and knows the people." Ms Marcroft says ...
    1 week ago
  • Creating jobs and cleaning up our rivers
    New Zealanders deserve healthy rivers and lakes that are safe to swim in - but they have been getting worse for decades. That's why, with our latest announcement, we're investing in projects that will help clean up our rivers and lakes and restore them to health, within a generation. ...
    1 week ago
  • Jacinda Ardern: 2020 Labour Congress Speech
    Jacinda Ardern's speech to the 2020 Labour Party Congress. ...
    1 week ago
  • Kelvin Davis: 2020 Labour Congress Speech
    Kelvin Davis' speech to the 2020 Labour Party Congress. ...
    1 week ago
  • Week That Was: Another week of major progress
    This week we moved into the second half of 2020 - and our Government delivered another week of big changes and major progress for New Zealanders. Read below for a wrap of the key things moments from the week - from extending paid parental leave, to making major investments in ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Green Party opposes RMA fast-track bill that cut corners on environmental safeguards and public cons...
    The Green Party has opposed the COVID-19 Recovery Fast-track Consenting Bill which shortcuts normal consenting processes under the Resource Management Act (RMA), reduces public participation and narrows environmental considerations. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Site of new freight hub revealed
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister of Regional Economic Development A regional freight hub for the lower North Island will be built just northeast of Palmerston North, Regional Development Minister Shane Jones has announced. The Government is investing $40 million through the Provincial Growth Fund to designate and buy land and design ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Greens call for Guaranteed Minimum Income to alleviate skyrocketing debt with MSD
    Green Party Co-leader Marama Davidson is calling for the introduction of a Guaranteed Minimum Income to lift hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty and prevent more families entering into further debt with the Ministry of Social Development.  ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Winston Peters: Facts matter when taxpayer money is on the line
    There has been renewed focus on New Zealand First acting as a handbrake on the Government after our decision to not support Auckland light rail. We are a handbrake for bad ideas, that is true, but our track record since 2017 has seen New Zealand First constructively also serve as an ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Bill raising minimum residency requirement for NZ Super passes first reading
    Mark Patterson MP, New Zealand First List MP New Zealand First’s Fair Residency for Superannuation Bill passed its First Reading in Parliament today. The Bill makes a significant change to NZ Super by raising the minimum residency requirement from 10 to 20 years, after age 20. “Currently, a migrant of ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Harsher penalties for assaults on first responders one step closer
    Darroch Ball MP, Spokesperson for Law and Order A New Zealand First member’s bill in the name of Darroch Ball introducing a six-month minimum prison sentence for assaults on first responders has passed its second reading in Parliament. The new offence of "injuring a first responder or corrections officer with ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission delivers Coalition promise
    Fletcher Tabuteau MP, Deputy Leader of New Zealand First New Zealand First welcomes the launch of the new Criminal Cases Review Commission, gifted with the name from Waikato-Tainui - Te Kāhui Tātari Ture, announced in Hamilton today by Justice Minister Andrew Little. “New Zealand First has long believed in and ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Greens welcome huge new investment in sustainable projects
    The Green Party is celebrating over $800m in new funding for green projects, which will get people into jobs while solving New Zealand’s long-term challenges. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • New Zealand First demands answers from Meridian Energy
    Mark Patterson MP, Spokesperson for Primary Industries New Zealand First is appalled that Meridian seems to have been unnecessarily spilling water from its dams to drive up its profits."While New Zealanders have been coming together in some of our darkest hours, we don’t expect power gentailers to waste water and ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Getting New Zealand moving again: June 2020
    We wrapped up the first half of 2020 with a busy month, taking additional steps to support New Zealanders as we continue with our economic recovery. We rolled out targeted packages to support key industries like tourism and construction, helped create jobs in the environmental and agriculture sectors, and set ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Māori union leader appointed to Infrastructure Commission board
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Infrastructure Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones has welcomed the appointment of Maurice Davis and his deep infrastructure and construction experience to the board of the Infrastructure Commission. Mr Davis (Ngāti Maniapoto), is the seventh and final appointment to the board led by former Reserve Bank Governor ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Click-bait journalism at its worst
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First New Zealand’s click bait journalism is taking a turn for the worse, with yet another example of sensationalist, wilful-misrepresentation of the facts. “New Zealand First has worked constructively with its Coalition partner on hundreds of pieces of legislation and policy, and ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Green Party proposes transformational Poverty Action Plan
    The Green Party is today unveiling its Poverty Action Plan, which includes a Guaranteed Minimum Income to ensure people have enough to live with dignity.     ...
    2 weeks ago
  • PGF accelerates Rotorua projects
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister Fletcher Tabuteau MP, Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development The Rotorua Museum redevelopment and Whakarewarewa and Tokorangi Forest projects will be accelerated thanks to a $2.09 million Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) boost, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Week That Was: Getting people into jobs
    This week, we rolled out the next steps of our recovery plan, with new infrastructure investment, extra support for tourism operators, and a new programme to get Kiwis into agriculture careers. The global economic consequences of COVID-19 will continue to be a challenge, but we have a detailed plan to ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Coalition commitment establishing Mental Health Commission delivered
    Jenny Marcroft MP, Spokesperson for Health New Zealand First welcomes the passage of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Commission Bill through its final reading in Parliament today fulfilling a coalition agreement commitment. “This is an important step in saving the lives of New Zealanders and delivers a key coalition commitment ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Whakatāne gets a $2.5m ‘turbo boost’
    Whakatāne has been given a $2.5 million boost to speed up previously funded projects and create more than 450 jobs in the next decade. Of those, the equivalent of 160 full-time jobs could be delivered in the next six weeks. Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is in town to make ...
    3 weeks ago
  • $2.5m PGF funding to speed up economic recovery in Whakatāne
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister Fletcher Tabuteau MP, Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is investing $2.5 million to accelerate three infrastructure projects in Whakatāne, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and Under-Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau announced today. “This package is about ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Shane Jones calls out those holding drought-stricken Auckland ‘to ransom’ over water
    Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones is throwing his weight behind a bid by the Auckland Council to fast-track the more than doubling of the city's water allowance from the Waikato River. And he's coming out strongly against anyone who plans on getting in the way of this campaign. "It is my ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Another Green win as climate change considerations inserted into the RMA
    The Green Party is thrilled to see changes to the Resource Management Act (RMA) that mean consents for large projects can be declined if they will have significant climate change implications that are inconsistent with the Zero Carbon Act and Aotearoa New Zealand’s Paris Agreement obligations.  ...
    3 weeks ago
  • New Navy vessel Aotearoa to arrive in New Zealand
    Hon Ron Mark, Minister of Defence The Royal New Zealand Navy’s new ship, Aotearoa, set sail for New Zealand on 10 June from the Republic of Korea, and is due to arrive in Auckland tomorrow, announced Minister of Defence Ron Mark. “Aotearoa is the Royal New Zealand Navy’s new fleet ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Racing Industry Bill passes third reading
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Racing Racing Minister Winston Peters has today welcomed the Racing Industry Bill passing its third reading, creating the legislative framework for revitalising the racing industry while limiting the need for future government intervention. “For too long our domestic racing industry has ...
    3 weeks ago

  • Wellbeing infrastructure for Kaipara
    A package of wellbeing infrastructure investments in Kaipara which focuses on improving the lives of the elderly and upgrading the iconic Kauri Museum has been announced by Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones today. “These shovel-ready projects will have significant benefits for their respective communities and I’m pleased this funding ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    14 hours ago
  • More support rolls out for SMEs
    More support is rolling out for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from the COVID Response and Recovery Fund, to help them adapt and innovate to deal with the impact of the virus. The Ministers for Economic Development and Small Business have announced a further $40 million for the Regional Business ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    15 hours ago
  • District Court Judge appointed
    Stephen Clark, Māori Land Court Judge of Hamilton has been appointed as a District Court Judge with jury jurisdiction to be based in Hamilton, Attorney-General David Parker announced today. Judge Clark graduated with an LLB from Auckland University in 1988 and was admitted to the Bar in the same year. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Hawke’s Bay Airport agreement protects jobs, safeguards terminal development
    The Crown will provide a loan to Hawke’s Bay Airport to ensure it can trade through COVID-19 economic impacts, support the region’s recovery and protect up to 200 jobs. The Crown has a 50 percent shareholding in Hawke’s Bay Airport Limited (HBAL), with Napier City Council holding 26 percent and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Funding boost for four cultural events
    Four celebrated Māori and Pasifika events will receive up to $100,000 each in funding from the new Creative and Cultural Events Incubator fund, Economic Development Minister Phil Twyford announced today. The four events that were successful in the inaugural funding round are: Kia Mau Festival, Wellington Māoriland Film Festival, Otaki ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Inaugural launch of Kiribati Language Week
    The Minister for Pacific Peoples, Aupito William Sio is pleased to announce the inaugural launch of Kiribati Language Week as part of the 2020 Pacific language Weeks programme. “I am so pleased that this year we are able to provide resourcing support to the Kiribati community in Aotearoa which will ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • New support package for wildlife institutions
    Wildlife institutions affected by a loss of visitor revenue during the COVID-19 lockdown are set to receive government support with nearly $15 million of funding available announced Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage.  “Eco-sanctuaries, zoos, aquariums, wildlife parks, and wildlife rescue, hospital and rehabilitation facilities provide crucial support for the recovery ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • 300,000 students to benefit from free mental health services
    The Government is expanding and accelerating frontline mental health and wellbeing services at tertiary education institutes (TEI) to help students manage ongoing stresses related to COVID-19. “The lockdown has been hugely disruptive for students. Many of them have had to relocate and move to online learning, isolating them from their ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Gang crime, meth harm targeted in Waikato
    The Minister of Police says a major operation against the Mongrel Mob in Waikato will make a big dent in drug harm and violent offending linked to organised crime networks. “Senior leadership of the Waikato Mongrel Mob has been taken out as a result of Operation Kingsville, which resulted in ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Supporting victims and families to attend mosque attack sentencing
    The Government is extending the border exception criteria to enable some offshore victims and support people of the Christchurch mosque attacks to attend the sentencing of the accused beginning on 24 August2020, says Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. “We want to support our valued Muslim brothers and sisters who were directly ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • Boost for community freshwater restoration projects
    A project to support volunteer efforts to look after streams and rivers is getting a boost thanks to support from DOC’s Community Conservation Fund announced Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage today.  “The government is backing efforts to look after waterways with $199,400 for the Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust from ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    4 days ago
  • More support for women and girls
    Minister for Women Julie Anne Genter today announced that funding for the COVID-19 Community Fund for women and girls will be doubled, as the first successful funding applications for the initial $1million were revealed. “Women and girls across the country have suffered because of the effects of COVID-19, and I ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Crown accounts stronger than forecast with higher consumer spending
    The Government’s books were better than forecast with a higher GST take as the economy got moving again after lockdown, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Crown Accounts for the 11 months to the end of May indicate the year end results for tax revenue will be stronger than forecast. ...
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    5 days ago
  • Govt releases plan to revitalise wool sector
    A plan to revitalise New Zealand’s strong wool sector and set it on a new, more sustainable and profitable path was unveiled today by Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor. The newly-released report - Vision and Action for New Zealand’s Wool Sector - was developed by the Wool Industry Project Action Group ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Funding for Predator Free Whangārei
    Community efforts to create a Predator Free Whangārei will receive a $6 million boost, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones and Conservation Minister Eugenie Sage announced today. The new funding, through Government company Predator Free 2050 Ltd, will create around 12 jobs while enabling the complete removal of possums over ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • New Zealand to review relationship settings with Hong Kong
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters has announced that the New Zealand Government is reviewing the settings of its relationship with Hong Kong. “China’s decision to pass a new national security law for Hong Kong has fundamentally changed the environment for international engagement there,” Mr Peters said. “New Zealand remains deeply ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding for Whangārei’s infrastructure projects revealed
    Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced details of a multimillion-dollar investment in Whangārei for infrastructure projects that will help it recover from the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 200 jobs are expected to be created through the $26 million investment from the Government’s rejuvenation package ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Managed isolation and quarantine update
    Following a second incident in which a person escaped from a managed isolation facility, security is being enhanced, including more police presence onsite, Minister Megan Woods said. “The actions of some individuals who choose to break the very clear rules to stay within the facilities means that more resourcing is ...
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    5 days ago
  • Funding for Kaipara district community waste programmes
    Waste reduction and recycling programmes in Kaipara are set to get a boost with Associate Environment Minister Eugenie Sage today announcing a $361,447 grant from the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) Sustainable Kaipara. “The new funding will allow Sustainable Kaipara to partner with local schools, kura, community ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government will support the people and economy of Southland
    The Government will support the Southland economy in the wake of multinational mining company Rio Tinto’s decision to follow through with its long signalled closure of the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter. “This day has unfortunately been on the cards for some time now, but nevertheless the final decision is a ...
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    6 days ago
  • New transformational tools for the Predator Free 2050 effort
    New tools being developed to help boost Aotearoa’s Predator Free 2050 effort were unveiled today by Minister of Conservation Eugenie Sage and Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development Fletcher Tabuteau. A new rat poison, a camera with predator recognition software to detect and report predators, a new predator lure and a ...
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    6 days ago
  • New Armoured vehicles for New Zealand Army
    The Coalition Government has approved the purchase of a fleet of Bushmaster vehicles to replace the New Zealand Army’s armoured Pinzgauers, Defence Minister Ron Mark has announced today. The new fleet of 43 Australian-designed and built Bushmaster NZ5.5 will provide better protection for personnel and improved carrying capacity. “The age ...
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    6 days ago
  • Community-led solutions to prevent family violence
    The Government’s three prevention frameworks to reduce family violence in Aotearoa were launched this week by Associate Minister for Social Development Poto Williams.   The frameworks were developed in partnership with communities around New Zealand, and build on the work the Government has already begun with its new family violence prevention ...
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    6 days ago
  • Govt confirms investment in better radiology and surgical services for Hawke’s Bay
    The Government is pleased to confirm funding for improvements to radiology and surgical services at Hawke's Bay DHB, Health Minister Chris Hipkins says.     "The Minister of Finance the Hon Grant Robertson and former Health Minister Dr David Clark approved funding for Hawke's Bay DHB’s redevelopment of their radiology facilities ...
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    6 days ago
  • Specialist alcohol and drug addiction services strengthened across New Zealand
    •    New funding for four beds at Napier’s Springhill Residential Addiction Centre •    A new managed withdrawal home and community service, and peer support before and after residential care at Tairāwhiti DHB  •    A co-ordinated network of withdrawal management services throughout the South Island •    Peer support in Rotorua and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Coastal Shipping Webinar
    Introduction, seafarers and POAL Good morning everyone, I am delighted to be online with you all today. Before I begin, I have to acknowledge that COVID-19 has disrupted the maritime sector on an unprecedented scale. The work of seafarers and the maritime industry is keeping many economies around the world ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Support for resilient rail connection to the West Coast
    A $13 million investment from Government will create jobs and improve the resilience of the rail connection between Christchurch and the West Coast, Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones and Regional Economic Development Under-Secretary Fletcher Tabuteau say. The funding comes from the tagged contingency set aside in Budget 2020 for infrastructure projects ...
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    6 days ago
  • Major investment in safe drinking water
    The Government is investing $761 million to assist local government upgrade under-pressure water services across the country, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Local Government Minister Nanaia Mahuta announced today.  The announcement was made at the site of the water bore that was found to be the source of the fatal ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    7 days ago
  • Supporting stranded seasonal workers to keep working with more flexible options
    Recognised Seasonal Employers and migrant seasonal workers stranded in New Zealand will be able to continue working and supporting themselves with more flexible hours and roles, says Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway. The time-limited visa changes are: Stranded RSE workers will be able to work part-time (a minimum of 15 hours ...
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    7 days ago
  • Relief for temporary migrants, employers and New Zealanders who need work
    The Government is making immediate short-term changes to visa settings to support temporary migrants already onshore in New Zealand and their employers, while also ensuring New Zealanders needing work are prioritised, Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. We are: Extending temporary work visas due to expire by the end of 2020 ...
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    1 week ago
  • Freshwater commissioners and fast-track consenting convenor appointed
    Professor Peter Skelton CNZM has been appointed as Chief Freshwater Commissioner and Alternate Environment Court Judge Craig James Thompson as Deputy Chief Freshwater Commissioner for the newly established Freshwater Planning Process (FPP). Environment Minister David Parker today also announced the appointment of Chief Environment Court Judge Laurie Newhook as the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the High Court
    Auckland Queen’s Counsel Neil Campbell has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Campbell graduated with a BCom and LLB (Hons) from the University of Auckland in 1992. He spent two years with Bell Gully Buddle Weir in Auckland before travelling to the United ...
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    1 week ago
  • Feedback sought – Commercial Film and Video Production Facilities
    The Associate Minister for Greater Christchurch Regeneration, Poto Williams, is seeking feedback on a proposal to better enable the development and operation of commercial film and video facilities in Christchurch. The Proposal, developed by Regenerate Christchurch in response to a request from Christchurch City Council, asks that powers under section ...
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    1 week ago
  • Govt launches bold primary sector plan to boost economic recovery
    The Government has launched a bold plan to boost primary sector export earnings by $44 billion over the next decade, while protecting the environment and growing jobs. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today released Fit for a Better World – Accelerating our Economic Potential, a 10-year roadmap to unlock greater value ...
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    1 week ago
  • Wellbeing of whanau at heart of new hub
    A new approach to prevent family harm that encourages greater collaboration across government and community groups is being celebrated at the opening of a new facility in Auckland. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today opened the Multi-Disciplinary Family Harm Prevention Hub Te Taanga Manawa in Lambie Road in Manukau. The facility ...
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    1 week ago
  • New Report on Auckland Port Relocation
    The Government has released a major new report on the options for relocating the Port of Auckland’s freight operations while deferring any decision on the issue. “That decision needs to be informed by policy analysis that is still to be completed. As a result it will be up to a ...
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    1 week ago
  • Dual place names for Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū / Banks Peninsula features
    The history of Rāpaki is being restored through the inclusion of te reo in thirteen official place names on Te Pātaka-o-Rākaihautū / Banks Peninsula and around Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupō, the Minister for Land Information, Eugenie Sage, announced today.   “I am pleased to approve the proposals from Te Hapū o Ngāti ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government and Air New Zealand agree to manage incoming bookings
    Bookings for seats on Air New Zealand flights into New Zealand will be managed in the short term to ensure the Government is able to safely place New Zealanders arriving home into a managed isolation or quarantine facility, says Housing Minister Megan Woods.  “Last week Air Commodore Darryn Webb and I ...
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    1 week ago
  • $80 million for sport recovery at all levels
    Grant Robertson has today announced the first major release of funding from the $265 million Sport Recovery Package announced at Budget 2020.  “Today we’re setting out how $80 million will be invested, with $54 million of that over the 2020/2021 financial year for organisations from community level through to elite ...
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    1 week ago
  • Keeping ACC levies steady until 2022
    The Government is maintaining current levy rates for the next 2 years, as part of a set of changes to help ease the financial pressures of COVID-19 providing certainty for businesses and New Zealanders, ACC Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says. “New Zealanders and businesses are facing unprecedented financial pressures as a ...
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    1 week ago