A dirty deal requires dirty lies

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A dirty deal requires dirty lies.

You know your opponent’s stand is dishonourable when they resort to spreading lies and promoting falsehoods about your position.

The government’s Acting Energy and Resources Minister in attacks on opponents to deep sea oil drilling has been caught out lying and spreading slurs that misrepresented their position.

Gisborne District councillor Manu Caddie accused (Hekia Parata) of lying, or “deliberately misleading the public”, in an article in The Gisborne Herald on Saturday in which she said the exploration permit would involve only 2D and 3D data gathering, not drilling.

The company would decide whether to start drilling once they had all the information and, if they did decide to drill, they would have to apply for a mining permit, she said.

But Manu Caddie says this was a blatant lie.

The permit signed last year by her predecessor allowed the company to drill one exploratory well within 60 months of the commencement of the permit, he said in a written statement.

“There is no need for Petrobras to come back and ask the Government for another permit before they start drilling . . . the permit expressly gives permission to drill a well.”…

…Ms Parata also said there had been “scaremongering” going on that seismic monitoring could cause earthquakes.

That claim has been made numerous times by anti-drilling group Te Ahi Kaa in various media.

But Mr Caddie said this morning that the group had been misquoted.

“First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they attack you. And then you win.” – Ghandi



10 comments on “A dirty deal requires dirty lies”

  1. tc 1

    Every time I see this woman ‘perform’ is another reminder as to the shallow depth of ‘talent’ the nats have. Clueless, parroting slogans, not engaging in any debate and simply adores sideshow john…..the leeming approach.

    • joe bloggs 1.1

      and on the left Labour has such a formidable breadth and depth of talent that they were able to immediately replace Phil with a more capable leader in Tuesday’s putsch…

      …yeah, whatever

      • Ron 1.1.1

        What a pointles comment, JB. It’s the basic fall back for the Right now, isn’t it? Every time their precious guvmint gets criticised: “yeah. well. so? Labour is just as bad”.
        It’s like trying to have a disussion with a grumpy 14 year old.

        • Draco T Bastard

          No, IME, having a discussion with grumpy 14 year olds is more productive.

          • freedom

            hell yeah there are some incredibly clued up 14 year olds out there.

            Now if the world can only keep them alive long enough to have their shot

  2. green jobs for climate justice 2

    National is really slipping, in the anniversary of the BP spill they are preparing for a massive oil goldrush, and in Bill’s Southland they are promoting Chinese mining companies go for a lignite-rush, so New Zealand can expand its coal exports into Asia.

    No economic plan, no proper jobs plan, no environmental plan… just privatisation and selling everything… be it resources, state assets, our brand or our air quality. Brownlee cannot handle his energy role, and Hekia is just as bad. Selling lots of coal to China or oil to Brasil is not an energy plan, it is darn stupid in the age of climate change. We need a government that can meet the challenges of the day and our age.

    Brownlee, Key and English do not have the leadership skills to meet that challenge.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      NACTs economic plan really does seem to be sell everything and then we’ll have lots of money. Except that we won’t have lots of money as we’ll need to import everything we need and, of course, once we have sold everything we’ll have nothing to pay for the imports that we need.

  3. Irascible 3

    One can see the Nat selection criteria of political IQ being measured in the ability to mouth slogans while claiming to have intellectual ability in Jammy Lee Ross.
    The leadership potential in an mp like this demonstrates the limits of Key’s own choices… apart from his mirror who else could he promote?

  4. Afewknowthetruth 4

    Most people seem to miss the point.

    The purpose of government is to facilitate the agendas of global corporations and money-lenders. It has been that way since the time of Rob Muldoon -‘Think Big’ and all that- if not before.

    Lying is par for the course, whichever party is in power.

    If anyone expects politicians to do anything other than lie, they are severely deluded.

    As the Peak Oil predicament gets worse, as the economy collapses, and as the envrionment gets further degraded, we must expect the lies to get bigger and more frequent.

  5. Jenny 5

    Next Wednesday is the first anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico Deep Sea Oil Drilling disaster.

    So how are things in the Gulf one year after?

    Read about it here

    Remember – this is after the United States Government spent tens of $billions on the clean up.

    Amounts way beyond New Zealand’s means.

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