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Finally, from realestate.co.nz, we have an example of illiteracy to rival National’s billboards:

I blame Labour’s failing education system.

[Hat-tip: Matthew Pilott.]

12 comments on “A new champion”

  1. Bill 1

    John Key will be moving in sometime real soon then?

  2. Vanilla Eis 2

    I saw that in the other thread and had a good chuckle.

    Nice spotting, MP!

  3. forgetaboutthelastone 3

    lol – its been fixed – lucky you screen capped it!

  4. Matthew Pilott 5

    Ah well – hopefully some prospective house buyer from Mangere will take a second look at the ad now. And can we assume the agent who placed the ad is a Standard reader? It was updated rather quickly…

  5. Real estate agents aren’t known for their advanced educational backgrounds.

    On education generally, through my teen age daughters I have seen a lot of kids who can’t be arsed learning anything. Lazy little buggers who like to rag on the kids who do try to learn.

    If you want understand better why people don’t learn much it’s worth digging into the drivers of a culture of shared ignorance that appears to be slowly taking over.

    It doesn’t help that many teachers are petty fascists who spend time enforcing things (like the right kind of shoes or colour of socks or the shirt without the stitched school logo) rather than teaching.

  6. $389k for a small house in Mangere East? With a “sleep out” – most likely a glorified shed. Bloody hell, that is ridiculous. Specious even.

    I wouldn’t blame the education system for that.

    That was the point of the post, right?

  7. Vanilla Eis 8

    Steve Withers: That was my general experience at school as well. I went to a decile 3, and teachers were more concerned with kids breaking the uniform rules (shirt untucked, socks down, coloured t-shirt under your polo, that sort of thing) than they were with achieving educational outcomes. Granted, there were some very good teachers but on the whole it wasn’t the best learning environment.

    Needless to say, that school ended up with one of the MoE’s managers shortly after I left (I was one of the few that got an A bursary at the school, and one of even less that got a scholarship mark in any subject, and I had a running feud with the Principal when I left. Good riddance to her).

    captch: $500 grocer – pure gold on another thread maybe, but not so good here.

  8. Phil 9

    John Key will be moving in sometime real soon then?

    Nah, Winston and Mike Williams are in a bidding war for it already

  9. deemac 10

    my favourite real estate agent illiteracy is “sort after” which appears regularly in their literature.I think we deserve to be ripped off by people who can at least spell…

  10. Phil 11

    There’s some really good research on the price of real estate, and how it can be predicted using the wording and terms appearing in the advertising…

    Hint; Don;t sell you house with an agent that uses lots of these !

    cap; ‘tingling woods’

    that’s dirrty…

  11. DeeDub 12

    You guys have of course heard of the mythical right-wing small store owners ‘how to’ guide The Hitler Dairys?

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