Ambition doesn’t cut it

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Wow, so that’s John Key’s announcement: he’s ambitious.

I know I said he’d be short on substance, but maybe that was giving him too much credit.

I also couldn’t help noticing Key’s production crew used some footage from his ill-fated expedition to the Porirua Markets. For those who don’t think they can stomach the stage-managed version, here’s what really happened:

32 comments on “Ambition doesn’t cut it”

  1. What the hell, The Standard? Of all the things you could say about his pathetic new soap opera of a video you decide to post an old and now ignored video again.

    Even I, a self-affirmed amatuer, did a better job than you in my comments on YouTube:

    This is really a lowering of the standard, The Standard.

  2. Tane 2

    Hi redbus, we’ve got plenty more to say about Key’s video, but unfortunately we’ve got full time jobs to hold down so you’ll have to wait. This post is what you call a placeholder – you’ll notice it went up around ten minutes after Key’s vid was released. We’ll have more stuff up later today.

    There’s some good commentary over at Kiwiblogblog if you just can’t wait –

    As for the Porirua Markets video, I think it’s quite relevant to show the other side of the story when he’s used footage from the same event in his new vid. Don’t you?

  3. Daveo 3

    I’m amazed they used that footage of the markets after the coverage the guerilla video got. What were they thinking? Oh and Redbus- chill out dude. These cats aren’t paid to blog like David Farrar is. I’m sure they have other shit to do than blog all day to keep you happy.

  4. Lampie 4

    wonder if he sniffs his caucus?

  5. Ok. Fair enough then… I was also stunned to see the Porirua market footage. I described him as audacious in an earlier comment; their use of the footage certainly solidifies that description.

  6. r0b 6

    Newsroom – “John Key has started distributing thousands of DVDs about his vision for New Zealand as part of a “heartland” tour marking what he says is an early start for National’s 2008 election campaign”

  7. Has anybody else noticed that the video on YouTube is listed as ‘People and Blogs’, as opposed to ‘News and Politics’? Amazingly it seems that even NZNats ( ) has realised that John Key is a personality rather than a possible Prime Minister. This acknowledgement means that even the National party execs admit that John Key is merely the lead character in the soap opera called ‘The Days of His Lies’.

  8. redbus 10


    For christ sake!

    Not only do they pour dribble on to the internet, or that they shove huge funds into pointless video clips, but they actually choose to block people with opposing views. This from the party that has had a tantrum over the EFB while yelling about free speech. What example do they want to set? How is it that everything this party says is a contradiction to what they actually do?

    ‘Hohonu kaka, papaku uaua.’
    – The National Party is ‘long on words, short on action.’

  9. djp 11

    redbus stop crying like a baby… NZNats have no obligation to let you in on their propaganda process.

    Next up you will be complaining that they dont let you attach your comments to the bottom of their billboards.

  10. Tane 12

    djp, there’s one key difference – he doesn’t want to leave comments on their billboards, he wants to leave them in the Nats’ comments section. Of course it’s their right to shut down dissent, but it makes their cries of ‘free speech’ over the Electoral Finance Bill look a little self-serving.

  11. bobby tambling 13

    I am defending your honour at the bog

  12. redbus 14

    Why is it when people say somebody was crying, they always compare it to a baby. I know its common, and there’s nothing wrong with saying it, but it’s such a cliche. I propose we all make some new cliches, like ‘crying like a hose’ or ‘crying like a punctured oil tank’.

    Anyhew, I just worked out what happened. I created a new YouTube account ‘redbusnz’, because I didn’t like the old screen name… But while I was logged into the old one I went to check out the comments to this new video and spotted a comment from Tane, to which I made a reply. However, and here’s the clincher, the comment didn’t go through. I had forgotten that the last time I visited an NZNats clip (which was about three months ago) I was blocked for “trolling” – NOTE: NZNats view of trolling is commenting that Gerry Brownlee had no substance in his video blog, which was true, it was babble. Anyway, they must have learnt their lesson because the account I use now ISN’T blocked. I must stress that. But what still remains is that the account I used to use is blocked by the online representative of the National party for the simple reason of not proclaiming my love to the all-knowing leader. That is wrong.

  13. j 15

    This is appalling! JohnKey is acting out his real life ; badly.
    He’s playing the political market like a financial market. Trying to soften anxiety.

    Shonky Johnkeys Strategy:

    Although electing me looks like a risk please look at my soft propaganda to reassure you it’s all good. All I innocently want is to cut your taxes AND then give you more welfare. It doesn’t make sense does it, that’s how lovable and dumb I am. Money means nothing to me although I’ll be fucked if I’m going to give it away.

    Oh by the way Aucklands got a traffic problem, National have just spotted it. Hmmmm who sat on their arse and let that happen? That mother of all budgets followed by 8 years of “let’s not waste a penny” of Daddy Birch.

    Best Scene: What is that dutiful wife?, the kids want to take me out to dinner, let them decide, the kids are alright ….if you make them work hard and put them back into an educational framework that was created in the middle ages and that scared the shit out of half the class and they’ll be fine, well half of them anyway.

    Best Quote: “I say unashamedly that I want more prosperity “says Key

    What the fuck? Whose ashamed of that? Who wants to be poorer? Was that on the pledge card? National has no fresh ideas, we need a new opposition aprty.

  14. Gruela 16

    On a related note, does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of Rodney Hide?

    I can’t help thinking that this must be a golden time for Act to gain some serious political traction. The Nats have gone into stealth mode on all perceived ‘controversial’ policy, which leaves Act an opportunity to laugh and make merry on their traditional ground without having to share it, and the Nats now have a leader who seems to struggle to assemble a coherent train of thought when he’s caught in the media spotlight.

    But where is Act? Are they just trying not to take advantage of their natural ally when the Nats seem to be struggling, do you think?

  15. Patrick 17

    Gruela, I think you raise a good point. With National really trying oh so hard to seem ‘softer’ there is plenty of ground to be had by NZ First and ACT.

    My prediction is that Winston will go hard over the next year, saying the sort of things that Brash was saying and Key is to afraid to, and he’ll end up getting around 7% of the party vote, possibly even more. The fact that Winston is so strongly anti-privatization could provide an even bigger draw for quite a few swing National voters.

  16. the sprout 18

    i think Rodney is currently struggling with one of his natural highs at present. he gets busier in the natural low phase.

  17. Leftie 19

    Love the way Key identifies the need for higher pay and conditions for New Zealand workers. Does he say how they are going to do it? No he does not.

  18. Patrick 20

    I wonder what Key had in mind? Promoting collective bargaining? Raising the minimum wage? More worker-friendly employment law?

  19. mike 21

    Great to see all you lefties paying so much attention to what JK is up to. He must have you guys shitting yourselves with all this paranoid waffle here.
    This type of hype is exactly what he is after.

  20. Tane 22

    No Mike, ‘hype’ over the fact he’s had to spend $50,000 on a waffling, insubstantial and frankly boring DVD just to make himself look like an ordinary Kiwi is certainly not what he’s after. Come to think of it, what is he after?

  21. Pascal's bookie 23

    sarcasm + mockery /= paranoid waffle

    You’re welcome.

  22. Matthew Pilott 24

    Mike why would we be worried to see John Key doing exactly what we expected – fuzzy-waffle and SFA along the lines of substance?

    That’s like saying I’d be shitting myself if I’d bet the house on a boxing match and saw the opponent in an alcoholic coma an hour before the fight.

  23. Pascal's bookie 25

    Hey, where’d my addition sign between ‘sarcasm’ and mockery’ go?

    The Standard stole my addition sign in a blatant act!! The Leftist, lackspittling, lesbiliarbores strike again. Look over here I’m being oppressed!!

  24. Tane 26

    There you go, I put it back for you and even fixed your typo while I was in there. Aren’t we good bastards?

  25. Pascal's bookie 27

    You are indeed.:)

  26. j 28

    “This type of hype is exactly what he is after.”

    Well if this is the kind of hype Johnkey wants he’s got it. It looks like an episode from the office. I can’t help thinking this will just lose voters. That house he grew up in is bigger than mine and I’m supposedly middle class.

    Also give your money away John, if it means nothing to you. You worked at a merchant bank, it’s a glorified casino, it’s not real business.

  27. gobsmacked 29

    Mind you, I bet Key or McCully (or whoever it is) has got one thing right – never underestimate the laziness of television news. Give them moving pictures, and they’re happy. Expect to see clips from this DVD on the news tonight. Don’t expect to see a reporter asking Key what any of it means (“Talking heads? Boring!”).

  28. redbus 30

    does anyone have any information on the whereabouts of Rodney Hide?
    – Good question. Where has he gone? Maybe when he lost all that weight he floated out of his collar (since he has also stopped wearing a tie). I wonder what it’s like for him now, floating about, with a movie about a guy who beats the IRD which has a character abour him in it… It must be strange – though that might be because it’s Rodney.

    You do raise a good point, ACT doesn’t have any apparent competition when it comes to election campaigns with policies related to their ideology. So why aren’t they out there trying to gain 5%? Surely they can do it, even if their MP’s are jokes.

  29. Draco TB 31
    “Ambitious for New Zealand – Meet John Key”
    Herald rating: ** (out of possible *****)
    Cast: John Key as John Key.
    Also starring: John Key.

    I think that’s a fairly good assessment.

    Captcha: Died Used
    Is that any better than dying unused?

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