American heatwave

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11 comments on “American heatwave”

  1. queenstfarmer 1

    Great cartoon. It should be linked to this earlier post attacking those who related weather and climate change.

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      I was thinking the same.

    • lprent 1.2

      I’d agree.

      However I suspect that whoever put it up and probably whoever drew it were both being ironic and just having a laugh at the CCD’s who keep coming through in winter saying “look the world is obviously about to go into a glacial iceage”. Damn I couldn’t even achieve their level of inaccurate stupidity – I gave the correct name to the climate shift.

      A weather event is not climate. Climate is the statistical aggregation of weather events. Problem is that most of the CCD’s that I seem to read are more interested in drawing pretty inaccurate graphs rather than polishing their statistics or knowledge of basic earth sciences.

      But I found the cartoon to just be funny as a send up of the usual CCD’s

  2. Saracen 2

    The “American Heatwave” is due to the fact that the country is experiencing a strange weather phenomenon known as “summer”. Although some weather records have been broken, temperatures of 30 degrees or more on the Eastern seaboard of the United States are very common in this region during the summer months.

    It’s when the Eastern States start getting these sorts of temperatures in November. That’s when we have to start worrying.

    • rd 2.1

      >>It’s when the Eastern States start getting these sorts of temperatures in November. That’s when we have to start worrying.
      Too late!!!

    • Afewknowthetruth 2.2

      ‘It’s when the Eastern States start getting these sorts of temperatures in November. That’s when we have to start worrying.’

      Or when unseasonal tornadoes cause unprecedented damage and loss of life (despite early warning systems that weren’t around in the past).

      Or when the Arctic Sea ice cover is the lowest since statllite measurements began in 1979.

      Or when climate instablity causes massive disruption to normal air flows, which result in huge dumps of snow.

      (presumably we only have to start worrying about debts when we can’t pay the interest, and only have to start worrying about oil depletion when we run have out.)

  3. Afewknowthetruth 3

    It’s not the heat or the stupidity. It’s manipulation of the political process and manipulation of public opinion by corporations, especially those with a vested interest in unrestrained CO2 emissions (oil, coal, natural gas, cement, steel, transport etc.), and the money-lenders who profit from industrial activity.

    The same thing happens in NZ on a daily (hourly) basis, of course. All the major companies in NZ have a huge vested interest in keeping the lid on the truth -that the present way of living is not sustainable.

    All the evidence indicates that corporations will destroy the habitability of the most of the Earth, if not all of it, by the middle of this century.

    The good thing is, at least 100 people in NZ (maybe as many as 200) are aware of the facts The other 4.2 million blunder on, believing in the system and beliving the lies promulgated by the corporations and politicians, such as that a 5% reduction in emissions over the next decade will prevent runaway greenhouse, or that paying someone not to chop down a forest is a huge step in the right direction. 🙂

  4. mik e 4

    This the same bury your head in the oil sand mentality that took our country 50 years to realize we weren,t going to have mother England picking up the tab. Petrol head Joyce and ACT are leading us down the same path.We will have a very small tourist sector a very small commodity sector and a very poor public transport sector if Govt refuses to adapt . We rely to heavily on oil this Govt is making us more reliant on oil .When the next commodity bubble bursts we will find out in a big hurry .OIL will stay relatively high as it is the new speculative currency/safe haven as the USD is finished its empirical cycle and will never be the same again.

  5. John D 5

    Fact: No change in global mean temps for 10 years
    Fact: No change in SSTs, some signs of decreasing
    Fact: No tropospheric hotspot detected
    Fact: No anthropogenic signature detected in extreme weather events.
    Fact: No acceleration of sea level rise

    Keep pumping out the propaganda

  6. David 6

    The Economist Loves British Columbia’s Carbon Tax: says, more or less, its a winner all round!!

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