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Elsewoman. We’ve been remiss in not getting this on the blogroll earlier. Anne’s been giving us hassles. And rightly so, her blog is good reading.

Anne describes herself as “Editor, writer, grumpy second wave feminist”, a bit of a different perspective from the other feminst blogs, which are by and large third wave. Like Mars 2 Earth, its roots are in identity politics but it’s not solely focussed on or limited by them. Plus, she linked to my bit on the biosecurity redundancies in her latest post. So, Anne, you’re alright by me.

12 comments on “Another new left blog”

  1. Androphobia Annie 1

    Several aspects of blogosphere have been viewed as forms of sexism against men.

    • Lew 1.1

      Aww, poor downtrodden menz. Teh wimminz are in their internets, stealing their cultural dominance.


    • QoT 1.2

      I find this comment strangely fascinating and wish to know more, because my day hasn’t had enough crazy yet.

  2. Daff 2

    If guys/people/friends around a woman can’t satisfy her attention or other needs, she’ll become a feminist, often times.If something provokes a woman into going into politics it may be that she was hurt one way or another.If it is feminism she almost always was.And thats kind of anti-humanism, because it is human for a woman to want approval and attention.So you guys fail in your own principles there.

  3. A. Akbar 3

    Did anyone else understand Daff? I don’t think I did. Also, forgive me, but could Lew clarify his first statement? I almost took offence to it, but I may have misunderstood the intent. Apologies to all for being so fuzzy-headed, its late and I’m tired.

    Note: this site features the most wonderful Catpcha iv seen, not only is it actually readable, but when your stupid and misspell it, it takes you too a rather friendly screen which means you don’t have to retype your ramblings.

  4. roger nome 4

    I think daff’s been abusing his testosterone medication again. Personally i’m glad that the blogsphere isn’t the complete sausage-fest that it once was.

  5. I came through to the comments to say that Anne Else’s blog is wonderful, and you ought to read it. She doesn’t post often, but every post is worth reading.

    And Daff, that was fab! I haven’t laughed so hard all day. Did you make it up yourself, or did you steal someone else’s parody?

  6. Hi, you’ve been ignoring my left-leaning blog on ‘The Standard’ blog roll too. I do like your ‘The Standard’ blogs too. You have listed the blogs of some of my dear friends and comrades too on this blogsite, so I hope to see my name added soon! The more of us who blog on the left, the merrier! Cheers,Chris (and feel free anyone to have a read of my blog at under the politics section).

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