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Any comment would be superfluous

Written By: - Date published: 7:48 pm, May 25th, 2009 - 62 comments
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62 comments on “Any comment would be superfluous”

  1. greenfly 1

    Words dessert me.

  2. Lou 2

    Bet he feels a right lemming.

  3. DeeDub 3

    Let them wear cake?

  4. RedLogix 4

    So this politician walks into a bar, and the barman says “What the hell’s that on your head?”.

    And the lammington says, “Would you believe it started as a wart on my arse?”

  5. Kaplan 5

    “Cake or death!”
    “Aaaahhhhh, cake please.”

  6. mike 6

    the Act candidate for Mt Albert felt uneasy as Parekura stared trance-like at him throughout his speech….

  7. Fuzzy Dunlop 7

    Another day, another Melissa Lee fuck-up:

    Ms Lee also drew attention today over an email, allegedly from her, speculating a gun may be helpful in dealing with the media.

    The email was in response to questions from the student magazine about which accessory she would prefer – a gun, a fur coat, a big diamond ring or a grill.

    “I think a big diamond ring would be the most useful accessory during the rest of the by-election to knock some sense into the media (although a gun is tempting…),” Ms Lee replied.

    The email was unapproved and sent by a volunteer who was trying to do her a favour, she said today.

    Prime Minister John Key said he had not seen the email.

    “But, it certainly hasn’t been my approach (to use a gun)…it’s bits of paper as a general rule.”


    I’m a bit confused about Key’s statement though. Using paper to knock sense in the media how? Does he mean paper cuts? Screwing paper into balls then throwing them? Making a dart, then throwing it and hoping the point will poke them in the eye?

  8. Mt Albert by election candidate Malcolm France standing on a People Before Profit ticket pied Act candidate John Boscawen today, dubbing him the “Lemington Steal”.

    Its like the tail wagging the dog- Boscawen represents the far right party with 3% of the vote who are dicatating terms to John Key’s National. ACT and National’s corporate friends can now get their hands on Aucklander’s assets like the Port and the Airport through CCO models. This will concentrate power in the hands of a few well paid government appointed hands- leaving less power in the community, where it should be. Like Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution, they think that we plebs can go eat cake.

    This is about a lack of democracy and about parliament’s inability to deliver real change through politicians. National said after the commission report findings come out they would consult with the public, but like the unnecessary SH20 Waterview extension there has been none. People Before Profit say that if National and Act were really the parties of choice- they should give Aucklander’s a referendum on the Supercity.

    But they won’t. So It’s time to ignore the politicians like Lemington Steal.
    Like when thousands of us crossed the Harbour Bridge yesterday we have to ignore the Bureaucrats in the Beehive and take action for ourselves and reclaim our power. People Before Profit are going to organise direct action against the SH20 Motorway and the Supercity- and if they tell us to eat cake, they shouldn’t be surprised when we throw it back at them!”

    Malcolm France
    People Before Profit
    021 256 4676

    • Redbaiter 8.1

      Your post demonstrates an abject misunderstanding of how others might see your assault on Mr. Boscowen, who is not far right by any real standards.

      Even given the seriously crippled political spectrum of NZ, suffering as it is under the heel of jackbooted communist thugs like you who viciously attack anyone who strays outside the bounds of discussion you attempt to set, it would be difficult to describe him as anything more than centre right and more accurately (IMHO) centre.

      You have done nothing to be proud of. Nothing to boast of here or on any forum.

      You are merely the modern day version of the jack booted thugs who manned the Berlin wall. You are today’s version of the blue caps who broke into citizens houses under St*lins rule and dragged fathers and sons off to the gul*gs of Siberi*. You are NZ’s own example of the mindset of those monsters who suffocated recalcitrant workers with plastic bags in the killling fields of Cambodia.

      To carry out such an assault, to breach the trust of these politicians, and to stain the public debate procedure with this kind of barbaric bolshevik anti-democratic behaviour, you are nothing but an intolerant sneaking lowlife coward and jackal.

      • RedLogix 8.1.1

        Reddy ol’buddy, absolute classic return to form. I’m so gonna print that one out for the pin board.

      • exbrethren 8.1.2

        I thought I’d laughed a lot at the pompous idiot Boscawen but this tops it, thanks Redbaiter.

      • lprent 8.1.3

        Good on you RB. Good to see you getting into the humour of the post. However I suspect that your comment is a bit long to work as a caption…..

        • Redbaiter

          Make light of it if you wish.

          I can imagine the levity if anyone had ever done such a thing to Helen Clark.

          This creep is nothing but a yellow backed bolshevik thug trying to destroy democracy and replace it with totalitarianism.

          He says-

          “I don’t care about parliamentary democracy-”

          ..and he doesn’t. All he cares about is mocking and disparaging and ridiculing anyone with different ideas to his own.

          When I see the pathetic pandering of the likes of Rex Widerstrom and others, I understand even more clearly how the left have manged to get such a strangle hold on political discourse in this country. Why the media are too spineless to write anything that ever really challenges socialism.

          This guy is just a thug, and now he assaults those who say things he disagrees with. If he was in a position to do so, and he had the power, there is no doubt in my mind he would carry out the kind of acts I describe above. The acts of his predecessors.

          The people who do these things have to come from somewhere, and I say they come from cowardly would be control-freak scum like Malcolm Francis.

          • exbrethren

            Assault with a deadly cake – priceless.

            Suddenly giving a angry buffoon a slice of lammington is akin to Pol Pot. Using that logic any kid sneezing in the playground is guilty of starting the plague.

          • Rex Widerstrom

            Oh for gawds sake Red, it’s a caption contest.

            I didn’t realise the nutjob above was the one responsible or I’d have gone with:

            “Fruitcake attacks sponge with Lamington”.

  9. Kevin Welsh 9

    I am still trying to understand why he continued to talk with a lammington on his head. I would have at least removed it before the cream went off 😉

  10. Rex Widerstrom 10

    When Melissa Lee offered to help John hide his embarrassing dandruff problem by blaming it on coconut flakes, at first it seemed like a good idea…

  11. Dan 11

    What’s next: a souffle toupee, or is John Boscawen just a fig wig? I hear the Nats asked Act to ease off on poor Melissa…that’s team work for you!

  12. marco12 12

    i think it suits him, he should wear one more often.

  13. ak 13

    John casts a grateful glance to Melissa for her advice and accepts the microphone with confidence, well prepared to defend his earlier promise that if ever caught lying, he’d eat his hat….

  14. burt 14

    Boscawen fails in his first attempt to be the Gok of NZ politics.

  15. outofbed 15

    The Act candidate for Mt Albert lammington the fact that he only got 4 votes

  16. Poptart 16

    “It’s a two horse race – me and the lamington”

  17. r0b 17

    Accused of crimes against sanity, Boscawen tragically misinterprets the expression “on the lam”…

    • Daniel 17.1

      That’s the best one. By far.

      For reference – sure, he shouldn’t have done it (hit with the lamington, that is). But given that he has…. why not appreciate the humour? I don’t think it’s at Boscawen’s expense at all, unlike the cracks about Melissa Lee which were solely because of something she herself did.

      But on the lam…. that’s genius. Or maybe I just watch too much Sopranos.

  18. Andrei 18

    So this is what passes as intelligent political discourse on the left.

    Beyond moronic

  19. StephenR 19

    I know it’s not meant to be a smart post (there ya go Andrei), but why is this post in ‘goat issues’?

  20. bilbo 20

    Ha excellent almost as funny as this…

    • felix 20.1

      You wouldn’t have found that funny if you were still pretending to be a doctor, hs.

      How sad you are.

      • bilbo 20.1.1

        Are you pretending to be a twerp or is their a defective ginga gene in there somehere ……… you’re very good at pretending funny cat.

      • felix 20.1.2

        Sorry, I’m pretending to what?

        hs, your “high standard” has really slipped lately. I suggest you get back to your pretend job at the pretend hospital and pretend to prescribe yourself something strong and relaxing.

        • bilbo

          I dinna ken what yer on aboot.

          Perhaps you’d like to pretend to put yourself in a sack with a couple of bricks and jump in a deep river funny cat.

        • felix

          Of course you don’t hs. Stupidity is one of the symptoms of the total fuckwit disorder you suffer from.

          • bilbo

            ooooooh er funny cat’s in a mood and a bit scratchy…….. perhaps it’s a fur ball giving him tears…………..urghhhhhhhh hak

          • felix

            Yawn. Bye hs, you bore me to tears.

  21. bat 21

    Oh look a bunch of cocksuckers having a party. Must be a Leftwing blog.

    • The Voice of Reason 21.1

      And yet you choose to contribute. Anything you wanna get off your chest, bat? Or out of your closet?

  22. StephenR 22

    This seems to be getting taken too lightly – this thing was pretty pathetic, whoever threw it.

  23. Redbaiter 23

    “Suddenly giving a angry buffoon a slice of lammington is akin to Pol Pot. Using that logic any kid sneezing in the playground is guilty of starting the plague”

    No its isn’t. You’re missing the point. The kind of acts committed by scum like Francis are in the wider view, designed to shut down political debate and stifle discussion. That you don’t think this matters is a good example of how far up totalitarian shit creek the left have taken this country.

    • Pascal's bookie 23.1

      That’s right.

      When politicians speak people should just sit there in respectful silence, no puncturing of egos with symbolic acts should be allowed, for that way lies the police state.

      And up is fucking down.

    • The Voice of Reason 23.2

      “The kind of acts committed by scum like Francis are in the wider view, designed to shut down political debate and stifle discussion. That you don’t think this matters is a good example of how far up totalitarian shit creek the left have taken this country.”

      As opposed to replacing local democracy with an appointed junta of some mates of Rodders? Now that’s totalitarian, pal. Why aren’t you up in arms about that?

      It was a lamington, Red. A small cake that provided a few cheap laughs in a campaign which is already bordering on the farcical. At least for the rightwing candidates.

      And could it possibly shut down political debate etc? We’re talking about it now, aren’t we? Not a comment up to your usual standards, Red. Must try harder.

    • exbrethren 23.3

      Utter rubbish. It was a cake on a politician who carried on speaking. It probably got him more coverage than he would have otherwise have got, hardly stifling debate.

      My knowledge of history may be vague but I don’t think the Khmer Rouge started their campaign by using lammingtons first and then progressing to killing.

      If you’re that afraid of this Francis character you must be a very timid character.

  24. StephenR 24

    …no puncturing of egos with symbolic acts should be allowed, for that way lies the police state

    Perhaps something less assault-y next time though yeah?

    • Pascal's bookie 24.1

      Actual assault here Stephen. Mind you actual assault happens all the time. this time as a symbolic act of some sort. No one got hurt though, aside from maybe ego wise, and that’s what the assault law is aimed at I guess.

      Feel free to lay a complaint with the rozzers if you’re upset about it. Not sure the victim would thank you for it but.

  25. felix 25

    Right-wing humour lesson:

    Remember kids, there’s nothing funny about throwing cake. That’s evil.

    It’s only funny when someone falls over and hurts themself.

    Beautifully illustrated upthread by hs.

    • bilbo 25.1

      Funny cat idiocy lesson

      “Remember kids, you can never have a laugh at lefty politicians righty politicians are fair game though.”

      Meowrrrrrrrr are you pretending to be a Greenie or a Labour supporter today funny cat ?

      • felix 25.1.1

        You’d best clarify what you mean by that. I’ve never made any secret of my support for the greens or my somewhat lesser support for the labour party.

        Are you just angry because I called you by your old pretend doctor name?

  26. StephenR 26

    PB I think this in particular is really childish, but Boscawen can lay a complaint if he likes.

    What’s a rozzer??

  27. Pascal's bookie 27

    rozzer equals police. http://www.nakedtranslations.com/en/2004/07/000188.php

    But sure, I get that you think it’s childish, although for a bit I thought you were taking it seriously. So?

    It being chidish is, I suspect, part of the point.

    All protest is like that. Messages speak differently to different types. That’s why people use all sorts of different ways of delivering messages. Just because one meassage doesn’t resonate for you in particular, doesn’t make it wrong or inneffective.

  28. StephenR 28

    All protest is like that. Messages speak differently to different types. That’s why people use all sorts of different ways of delivering messages. Just because one meassage doesn’t resonate for you in particular, doesn’t make it wrong or inneffective.

    Sounds like things could get blurry. I don’t want people to be afraid that they’re going to be assaulted (no matter how moderately) when they attempt to participate in political debate, or even just politics generally.

  29. Ratbiter 29

    The yellow jacket was, like, SO 2008…

  30. Tigger 30

    Lamington’s are SO last year. Everyone in the know is wearing lemon meringue pies this season.

  31. sonic 31

    To paraphrase Ratbiter..

    “First they came for John Boscowan with a Lamington, but I did not speak out as I was not John Boscowan..

    “Then they came for John Key with a toffee apple…etc etc etc.

    • Rex Widerstrom 31.1

      😀 A toffee apple… is it just me or does that conjure an unpalatable “1 politician, 1 toffee apple” image in everyone’s mind?

      The analogy kind of runs dry at some point, though…

      “Then they came for Parekura with a pie…

      Just one, solitary pie.

      What the hell were they thinking?”


      • exbrethren 31.1.1

        “Extremists fail to take hold of NZ . Brownlee eats all their weapons.”

  32. sonic 32

    At least it gave Boscawon a public profile at last.

    Canvasser “Would you consider voting for the Act candidate”

    Voter “You mean the guy with the pie on his head?”

  33. ghostwhowalks 33

    The new Sponge-Bob Square Pants is born.

    Forget ‘fisking’ is now ‘Boscawened’

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    1 week ago
  • Budget 2020 date announced
    Budget 2020 will be delivered on Thursday 14 May, Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “This year’s Budget will continue the Coalition Government’s focus on tackling the long-term challenges facing New Zealand while also preparing the economy for the future. “Those challenges and opportunities cannot be resolved in one budget, ...
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  • Prime Minister’s tribute to former Prime Minister Mike Moore
    I move, That this House place on record its appreciation and thanks for the devoted and distinguished service to New Zealand by the late Rt Hon Michael Kenneth Moore, member of the Order of New Zealand, a member of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, an Honorary Member of the ...
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