Banks’ leadership takes battering

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John BanksFresh from pulling the pin (then blaming others) on a Queen’s Wharf redesign competition he himself conceived, led and championed, Remuera mayor John ‘in your guts you know he’s nuts’ Banks has again flip-flopped on a policy proposal from his council.

Yesterday the Banks’ and C&R led proposal for after-hours car parking charges for Auckland’s CBD was formally withdrawn by the council’s Transport Committee.

However, as City Vision leader Richard Northey notes: C&R Deputy-Mayor David Hay told the Transport Committee he ‘wouldn’t be surprised if charges for parking after 6pm weren’t brought in parts of the CBD’ after a promised reconsideration in February.

Perhaps that’s part of their secret plan to extend the charges to Ponsonby, Newmarket and Parnell. So look out the rest of Auckland – Banks and the Citrats are coming for you.

It seems, yet again, Banks has arrogantly pushed an un-popular policy on the people of Auckland without properly considering the consequences, then having to back down (perhaps it was this 11,000 person strong Facebook group that scared him off, given the only reason his bumbling sidekick Cr Aaron Bhatnager could give for dropping his 11pm bar closing time policy was this 6,000 person Facebook group – have a listen to him on this disaster of an interview).

People visiting the CBD shouldn’t have to leave their movie, dinner or after work drink to pay Banks’ revenue-gathering parking meters.

This flip-flop adds to the mounting examples of Banks’ failed leadership (and must be doing real damage to his super-mayoralty chances next year), which currently include:

Along with Banks’ shameful first term record of: privatising half of Auckland City Council’s share of Auckland Airport, selling off pensioner housing because the elderly living in them were a ‘non-core’ activity, pushing a failed V8 race in downtown Auckland against the wishes of local residents and costing ratepayers $750,000, and trying to ram a $4 billion highway through the eastern suburbs, it is clear Banks hasn’t learnt anything and his self-described vaunted strong leadership is deserting him.

Then again, I don’t actually recall Banks leading anything much in his terms as mayor…

5 comments on “Banks’ leadership takes battering”

  1. lprent 1

    Fixed the bullet points…

  2. Zaphod Beeblebrox 2

    Pretty unfair to blame the Queen’s Wharf thing on him. He was surprised as anyone when Key suddenly announced it. ACC are upgrading Aotea Square- am pretty siure that’s where they want to put party central.
    Personally I don’t agree with his limited vision of what local government can do, but I agree with him on this one.

  3. tc 3

    It’s ironic that the Banks led council are one of the reasons for creating supercity as they don’t play nicely with the others and have no vision or coherent plan for urban development and associated infrastructure… street was recently resealed by the lowest bid contractor and is effectively buggered now with rippling and loose seal over what used to be a nice ashpalt surface…..thanks banks.
    As for his leadership taking a battering…….there isn’t much left to beat up after a below average career as an MP and a cavalcade of incompetance as mayor.
    What does it matter anyway, supermayor will be a toothless tiger……to ensure plonkers like Banks even can’t screw up NACT’s agenda.

  4. prism 4

    tc Are you sure that Banks as supermayor would be a toothless tiger? The position could encourage presidential style elections, costing lots and going to celebrities with no real interest in serving the interests of all the people. Then he would have such a large population. And there is big money in it, that would draw in lots of ambitious people. Then I see the old rivalry between Auckland and government in Wellington arising. All together there is power in that Auckland position.

  5. Herodotus 5

    Sam, you forgot the water charges and dividend from Watercare subsidising rates that was to end under JB reign version ii. That promise did not last long.
    tc if you only knew how councils “utilise” our money. I have found that it was better to be nieve and not know than to have contact/battles with councils on how they spend/waste our money. Who ever said “Ignorage is Bliss” was right on the mark.

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