Batman Politics

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Who would have thought? Murray McCully as The Penguin.

Hat tip: onegoodmove

14 comments on “Batman Politics”

  1. Joker 1

    I can’t imagine Batman pinched any taxpayer’s money to fund his campaign though.

  2. Benodic 2

    It’s a good thing you call yourself Joker, ’cause with humour like that it’s hard to tell whether I’m supposed to feign laughter or just feel sorry for you.

  3. higherstandard 3

    Murray McCully would be a crap Penguin surely either Gerry Brownlee or Jonathon Hunt would be better options

  4. Great to see your wall-to-wall coverage of Mary Anne Thompson and all the shady dealings at Immigration……..

  5. Look at the risk of sounding mean. DPF is the number one tory stand-in for the penguin (the DeVito penguin admittedly…)

    IV2 – you’ve got a blog – put a post on that about Thompson if it worries you so much. I mean nobody’ll read it and all but at least you’ll have tried.

  6. I bet batman never went to the poor part of Gotham City, and stood next to a immigrant that hadn’t work for ten years and bought him a house with the tax payers money.

  7. erikter 7

    “Great to see your wall-to-wall coverage of Mary Anne Thompson and all the shady dealings at Immigration”

    The socialists knwo how to protect each other. Something similar to what happens in Sicily.

  8. lprent 8

    “Mary Anne Thompson”

    Whatever. If a poster chooses to do so then they will. If they don’t then they won’t.

    I don’t find it of that much significance. Something for the media feeding the bandwidth to chew on for a few days. Also for the people with such limited vision that they concentrate on something that is being handled in the appropriate manner.

    It did amuse me seeing DPF being saddened by her leaving and then almost indignant later in the day. Thats is why trying to stay on top of the breaking news is usually a bad idea for a opinion site. It often pays to give some time and consideration before writing. If you want real time news – then try stuff or scoop.

    This batman clip is more interesting. Takes me back a bit – I must have missed this episode. With all the flash and no substance, ummm several possibilities come to mind. The earnest batman with issues – Peter Dunne?

  9. Ari 9

    I don’t know, populists like Dunne don’t exactly strike me as issues-based campaigners.

  10. Hoolian 10

    Wasn’t Al Gore depcited at the Penguin by the Wall Street Journal in 2006?

    The video portrayed Gore as the Penguin, apparently as depicted in Batman: The Animated Series, using one of his trick umbrellas to hypnotize a flock of penguins into believing in the existence of global warming.

    Now that’s funny!

  11. deemac 11

    brilliant clip – must have been written by one of the writers frozen out of the big movies by McCarthyism?

  12. Batman and the Penguin running for mayor? What the hell?

    Must have been the episode when Batman jumped the shark.

  13. lprent 13

    Ari: I phrased it very carefully.

    Before amazing comics (or whoever) usurped the name, there was another meaning to batman. It was a servant to military officers. Therefore “The earnest batman with issues” can have a number of meanings with respect to Peter Dunne.

  14. IrishBill 14

    “Must have been the episode when Batman jumped the shark.”

    As I recall Steve, Batman started by jumping the shark and then moved on from there.

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