Beware the politics of gender

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I was appalled to read about an increasing trend in ‘honour killings’ in India – prejudice at its most loathsome.

A recent article the Guardian highlighted a recent case where a young husband and wife, and her young cousin were killed, ‘each shot twice in the head last Sunday evening. They had no reason to suspect their murderers. One was Shobha’s brother, Mandeep. The other was Monica’s brother, Ankit. The third was a local boy known to them both’.

According to Prem Chowdhry, a respected historian and researcher:

…it was unsurprising that young men had taken the lead role. In the neighbouring state of Haryana, foeticide of girls has led to a ratio of 800 women to every 1,000 men. Women also “marry up” the husband came from the higher rajput class leaving more than a third of lower caste men without wives, she said.

“The social situation is very volatile. The marriage market is very tight and that causes huge problems. Youngsters react very strongly. If a woman makes an independent choice she has to pay the penalty,” Chowdhry said.

In Wazirpur yesterday, teenage boys were backing the murderers. “Whatever happened is for the best. There’s a limit to how much you can take. I’d do the same to my sister,” said Rohit, 17.

Never take equality for granted.

4 comments on “Beware the politics of gender”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Such gender imbalance is happening in parts of China as well and again it’s caused by the infanticide of girls because having boy children is seen as being more “manly”. It’s sad and really, really stupid.

  2. swimmer 2

    It’s horrible how they think they own their sisters, it’s none of their business. It’s not love or honour to bump them off.

  3. equality watcher 3

    Good. I’m sure you will all want to sign the petition the NZ National Council of Women have instigated to save the iconic suffrage tile memorial in its special space (gifted by the Auckland Council) on Lower Khartoum Place and now in danger from the Auckland Gallery wanting to remove and thereby destroying it and – you guessed it – the Auckland Council refusing to keep it forever. We are all so lucky to be in New Zealand, but we must never allow ourselves to be complacent about our rights as women, as men, as children.

    As follows:

    18 June 2010

    Mayor Supports Retention of Suffrage Memorial

    On Monday, 21 June, Manukau Mayor Len Brown will be showing his support for the Auckland Suffrage Memorial by signing the petition launched by the National Council of Women of New Zealand.

    “The petition calls for a binding commitment from Auckland City Council to retaining the Suffrage Memorial at Lower Khartoum Place, thus protecting this national treasure for future generations,’ says Margaret Wilson, spokesperson for the Auckland Branch of the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ).

    Community organisations need to stay actively involved with local government members, to ensure that they are aware of what the public really values, and to get commitment from our elected representatives that they will give due consideration and attention to these important issues.

    Although NCWNZ is a non-political umbrella organisation which covers a multitude of interests and concerns, we have a vested interest in the Suffragist Movement and honouring the memory of the women involved. Those portrayed on the tiles of the Auckland Suffrage Memorial happen to be the very same women who founded the National Council of Women just three years after their victory in Parliament which won the vote for women in this country, and ensuing generations have continued to strive for humanitarian issues ever since.

    “We can not and would not tell people who they should vote for in the upcoming local elections, and it is important that we make that very clear,’ says Margaret Wilson. “However, we do commend Mayor Len Brown who has shown that he is prepared to put himself on the line, share our opinion, and seek to reflect that honestly and publicly. The Suffrage Memorial is eminently worth fighting for, as is ensuring that the public participatory process does not become the greatest victim in the run-up to the Super-City Elections.’

    Mayor Len Brown will be meeting with NCW Auckland Branch members, and other Suffrage Memorial supporters, on Monday, 21st June 2010 at 12.40 pm in Lower Khartoum Place off Lorne Street in the Auckland CBD. He is able to spend approximately half an hour in discussions and has indicated that he supports the retention of the Memorial in situ “in perpetuity’ which he will confirm by signing the petition.

    For more information on the fight to protect the Suffrage Memorial:


    Further Information:

    Margaret Wilson

    Gina Giordani

    “Women Influencing Policy”

  4. joe90 4

    Terrorism that’s personal is a photo essay that nearly bought me to tears. And these atrocities aren’t confined to Asia, a man was sent to prison in the US for the acid attack on his estranged wife. Here is her story in five parts and a link to the Acid Survivors Trust International..

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