Bleak and bleaker

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Treasury’s main forecasts for the economy have worsened significantly since December:


Nothing for jobs in the Budget. Tens of thousands more on the dole. We need better than this.

– Marty G

12 comments on “Bleak and bleaker”

  1. bilbo 1

    Simple solution to unemployment rising – work for the dole.

  2. burt 2

    Yes we do need better than this. Why is it that every time Labour get more than 1 term in power the following National govt need to have a crisis budget ?

    • Draco T Bastard 2.1

      Because National like using the fear line of attack.

    • Philonz 2.2

      If you’re suggesting that Labour have very cleverly orchestrated a global recession and a situation where NZ has been “greatly affected by world events”(Minister’s executive summary, Budget ’09) then you are a pillock.

      • felix 2.2.1

        burt are you familiar with the saying “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”?

        • Draco T Bastard

          Even if there were other tools available National and ACT would still think everything looked like a nail.

  3. Zetetic 3

    The thing about simple solutions is they are usually idiots’ solutions.

    Work for the dole distorts the labour market. Makes workers compete against people who are little more than the State’s serfs. Undermines businesses. Undermines wages. Leads to more unemployment. Leads to more State serfs. leads to big State too.

    Do you think things through or say the first cliche that comes to mind?

    • bilbo 3.1

      “Do you think things through or say the first cliche that comes to mind?”

      Yes I thought I’d utilise the same technique you use for your posts.

      • Philonz 3.1.1

        Ok then Bilbo, let’s get the unemployed out cleaning grafitti, crushing cars, and trimming gardens. there’ll be plenty more unemployed as all the grafitti cleaning, car crushing and garden trimming companies will go bust.

        At least Zetetic replied to the substance of your post, what little substance there was to reply to.

        • bilbo

          Perhaps I was taking the piss ?

          Or perhaps working for the dole will achieve exactly the same as pumping the money into work schemes which will distort the labour market in its own unique way.

          Or perhaps we should just give the money to the unions so they can spend it on fat arsed PR hacks.

    • “Work for the dole distorts the labour market. ”
      So does the minimum wage, ‘workers’ rights’ legislation, etc. Distorting the labour market is the goal of a lot of decent policy!

      That said, it is still a bad idea.

  4. gobsmacked 4

    “A good budget for Maori” – Pita Sharples, 3 News, just now.

    Unbelievable. Yes, he has to vote for the Budget, as part of the confidence and supply deal. But he doesn’t have to be a cheerleader for it.

    Maori unemployment is set to rocket, Pita. Enhance that.

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