Bust up in New Zealand First?

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Ron Mark giving finger

Radio New Zealand has just reported that New Zealand First deputy leader Tracy Martin may be replaced by Ron Mark as deputy leader this week.

Jane Patterson said this morning that caucus sources have reported that Mark will take over tomorrow.

Martin’s mother is the president of the Party so I suspect tensions will be high if and when the change occurs.

If true Mark is clearly positioning himself to lead the party post Winston.  Someone should tell Shane Jones ,,,

16 comments on “Bust up in New Zealand First?”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    Yesterday on National Radio they said Winston had said all caucus matters were confidential. Apparently he’s going to make a statement today because it was becoming a ‘ridiculous distraction’ or something.

    • It’s an interesting situation for Winston. This could be the first time his handpicked caucus has ever shown signs of independent thought. He obviously rates Tracey Martin, but has to accept that his time as leader is running out, so others such as Mark may be keen to position themselves for leadership.

      As the post hints, I think he really wants Shane Jones, but as he’s not an MP (or even a member, I presume) a lot has to change for that to happen. But he did kinda bring Ron Mark back from the wilderness, so he must have faith in him, too.

      I’ve been trying since Monday to get some comment out of NZ First, but no luck. They were pretty happy to talk to me during the Northland by-election, not so much now! Perhaps Skinny can try his contacts?

      • weka 1.1.1

        Or we can wait until they are ready to talk?

        • Skinny

          A touch cynical feathered one. How is talks going with the Tory-Maori Party and the defunct sellout Mana Party, all good?

          • weka

            I have no idea what you are on about, but I suspect it would help if you stopped being a dick.

      • Skinny 1.1.2

        Peters is the only one who knows what is going on and I doubt anyone other than his closest at heart truly know’s what is really happening.

        I’d be guessing by saying Peters wants a loyal lieutenant by his side after the troubles he had previously with unruly MP’s, Horan and then Williams. Peters is naturally paranoid so probably enticed Ronny back into poilitics with talk of I need a successor, whether that’s Mark is debatable, however a good 2IC yes. So since returning Ronny will have been quietly lining up support from the young hungry brat pack boys.

        Personally I rate Tracey Martin very highly and don’t believe she has done anything that warrants demotion, a compromise would be having them both as Co-Leaders.

        Let’s be real there is only one heir-apparent who is capable of leading NZF and growing the party and we all know who that is. And will he return? Yes as the agreed replacement Leader.

        • te reo putake

          Cheers, Skinny, good analysis. If I was to crystal ball gaze for a moment, I can see a scenario where Winston has one last term as an MP, but hands his leaders role over to someone else and assumes the role of elder statesman. Preferably from the vantage point of the Speaker’s chair 😉

  2. Clean_power 2

    Mr Peters owns that ridiculous outfit and will do whatever he wants with it. The MPs are mere puppets of their master.

  3. JanM 3

    I hope this doesn’t happen – I think Tracy Martin is worth 6 of Ron Mark – and as for Shane Jones – I am sick and tired of middle-aged sexist men pushing and shoving to become top dog regardless of their suitability for the task. Whatever else may be said of Winston, I never heard him refer to women disrespectfully.

  4. JanM 4

    I hope this doesn’t happen – I think Tracy Martin is worth 6 of Ron Mark – and as for Shane Jones – I am sick and tired of middle-aged sexist men pushing and shoving to become top dog regardless of their suitability for the task. Whatever else may be said of Winston, I never heard him refer to women disrespectfully.

  5. Clemgeopin 5

    One thing is obvious : Some fool, from within the caucus has been leaking confidential information of the private caucus meetings to the media.

  6. Puckish Rogue 6


    UPDATE: I understand that Mark did defeat Martin by one vote for the Deputy Leadership, after Richard Prosser swapped camps. We’ll find out tomorrow if this is correct, but heard from a parliamentary source.

    It seems that Mark blames the Martins for his low list ranking last election, as he was seen as a threat – so this is a delayed utu.

    If correct a shame for Tracy Martin, who I’ve found to be a decent MP. But the bigger issue is this is really all about who will succeed Winston Peters as leader. My money is still on Shane Jones.

    • Stuart Munro 6.1

      He’s a good performer – but I don’t think he has generated a following to date. Not sure he suits the NZ First demographic.

    • mickysavage 6.2

      Funny Farrar’s post and my post went up at precisely the same time …

      Agree with him about Jones. New Zealand First’s loss is Labour’s gain …

  7. G C 7

    I like how Ron Mark regularly challengers the Speakers questionable rulings. That Ron Mark, ever-the-scamp!

  8. Penny Bright 8

    In my view – whoever NZ First choose as their Deputy is their business – it’s an internal Party matter.

    Seems that there has been a bit of an attempt in the media to discredit Ron Mark, and not give credit where it is due?

    In my view Ron Mark, as NZ First’s Spokesperson on Local Government has done an outstanding job in helping to stop the proposed Wellington (and Northland) ‘Supercities’.

    NZ First (via Ron Matk) were first out of the blocks with a clear and strong statement against the proposed Wellington ‘Supercity’ on 4 December 2014.

    Ron Mark was the MP who presented my petition 2014/9 calling for an urgent inquiry into the Local Government Commissioners alleged lack of due diligence and failure to comply with their statutory duties under the Local Government Act regarding the Draft Wellington Reorganisation Proposal.

    Now two out of three of the Local Government Commissioners are being replaced by 31 July 2015.

    Fran Wilde has been replaced by Chris Laidlaw as Chair of the Greater Wellington Regional Council.

    In my opinion, these are serious and significant developments and have been big smack in the face for the corporate / property developer / investor ‘Supercity / amalgamation agenda.

    So – well done Ron Mark.

    Penny Bright

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