Caption competition

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24 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. Macro 1

    But first we have to look after ME!

  2. Bill 2

    Just delete the two words ‘better’ and ‘for’ and it’s an accurate enough statement.

    We have to do hardworking tax payers, beneficiaries etc etc

  3. karol 3

    Hard working families and beneficiaries are asking : “When will John Key give us out hands and feet back, so that we can meet our full potential?”

  4. I don’t remember saying that

  5. McFlock 5

    And on the right side of the billboard were the words “yeah, right”

  6. vto 6

    I;m more worried about children growing up in debt-dependent households. Think of the precedent it sets. Sheesh.

  7. emergency mike 8

    “Our next awareness poster will focus on tax loopholes exploited by the wealthy.”

  8. irascible 9

    (stop giggling Paula…. you and I both know we don’t believe a word of what I just allegedly said. (even if it is a matter of public record ) )

  9. Treetop 10

    “We have to do better” would have been enough.

  10. One Anonymous Knucklehead 11

    “Eating the future, one child at a time”.

    • rosy 11.1

      ah – that’s what those scary giant figures are – they’re not protecting the family, they’re eating it.

  11. Warren 12

    Didn’t Key grow up in a “welfare dependent household”?
    It’s got to be better than growing up under a bridge eating weeds to survive surely?
    Or did his mum being on the DPB/widows benefit cramp his potential?
    More National illogic and demonisation.

  12. Descendant Of Sssmith 13

    And we will do better for those beneficiaries – the CEO’s, the business owners, the overseas investors, the lawyers, accountants, the farmers, the …..

    The other beneficiaries, the poor ones, we don’t give a shit about.

  13. the pigman 14

    Gigantic man and woman demonstrate potential for growth to average family.

  14. georgecom 15

    “John key denied misleading the public about beneficiaries…he clarified his earlier statement…”

  15. Bill 16

    Another cybermen invasion

  16. fender 17

    Hollow men clones pose for National Party dog-whistle poster.

  17. Children of the damned, always remember who hated and hurt you.
    Register to vote and when it’s time, rise up.

  18. Arfamo 19

    So, under a Key government:

    * Hardworking taxpayers … will get to work harder

    *Beneficiaries falling far short of their potential … will fulfil their potential to fall further


    *Children growing up in welfare-dependent households … will have their growth stunted.

  19. key:..’ackshully..!..i wish people would stop calling paula and i apostates..

    ..that is just a filthy socialist lie..!

    ‘cos ackshully..!neither paula or i have ever been a member of a chrisian-cult…eh..?

    phillip ure..

  20. fake-xmas-tweet..from paula bennett..having xmas at home in henderson this year..

    ‘we have had a lovely time..!

    ..we went a bit crazy with the shopping/credit card.(sorry..!..debit-card..of course..!..i don’t need credit any more..silly me..!.)

    ..and we just stayed at home..watching old home movies..reminiscing..eating lots and lots of chocolate..(oh..!..naughty me..!..)

    ..videos of the times when as a solo-mum i/we were able to live quite well..the kids were all well fed and warm..

    ..and i got help from the government to go to university and study to get my degree..which of course..set me/us free..

    ..(video of me on my first day at uni..all excited i was..all kitted out with new gear paid for with my study-grant..i looked a treat..!..)

    ..happy days..!

    ..(b.t.w..does anyone know what an ‘apostate’ is..?..some leftie-blogger keeps calling me one..maybe it means i am a religious/holy politician..?..that’d be

    ..i have found the only annoying thing about holidaying at home in all the homeless-people littering up the streets…

    ….why can’t they just go behind a wall..or hide in a bush..or something..?’s kinda annoying..!

    ..merry xmas to me/mine..!


  21. prism 22

    This policy thing is easy-peasy – just repeat the same old stuff about laziness and incompetence of the welfare strata and show simple robotic figures that the simple-minded can recognise.

  22. Lynne Renouf 23

    …but first we will launch our weapon of mass distraction.”

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