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65 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. Just this little bit more debt and I can start to privatize the ACC. Suckers!

  2. ropata 2

    Yes, I’ve sold off all of our public assets but look! I have these invisible magic beans!

  3. Ben 3

    The Standard is not this influential.

  4. Hami Shearlie 4

    I only leaked to Patrick Gower this much!!!

  5. yeah it was a tiddler but at least I caught it and no I didn’t have my measuring stick officer

  6. maui 6

    It was only when English started casting animal shadow figures on the overhead projector that New Zealanders knew that this year’s budget probably had some holes in it.

  7. Kat 7

    Joyce reckons Key’s is actually only this big and nothing like the one he is associated with.

  8. tc 8

    Yup this is about how much we care about ordinary kiwis however seasonally adjusted it may reduce, you be the judge as we really don’t give a rats arse.

  9. Macro 9

    Bill “And as usual we reckon govt debt this year will be about this big”

  10. Chrys Berryman 10

    “the gap between the rich and poor in the 1950s was this big……we were the wealthiest
    country in the world ,with almost zero unemployment……..look how badly me and my neo-liberal mates have fucked up.”…[Bill speaking after swallowing a truth serum by mistake]

  11. fender 11

    We won’t stop our terror until everyone receiving a WINZ benefit feels this big.

  12. gsays 12

    “minister, how big will national debt be come election time?”

    “pretty small”

  13. Stuart Munro 13

    We only missed by this much – we’ll be in surplus next year for sure.

  14. fender 14

    The most accomplished Double-Dippers can pick noses with two digits simultaneously.

  15. ianmac 15

    When I was in the shower with him I was shocked to find he was only this big.

  16. fender 16

    Yes it’s true, Judith [poor taste]

  17. Barfly 17

    “Yes having a micro penis is a serious medical condition”

  18. Dot 18

    Look we are only this far off reaching a surplus

  19. NZJester 19

    This is how much I know about being a good finance minister.

  20. Treetop 20

    When we are finished with Housing New Zealand, it will be this big.

    We only have this much to go to before we start the demolition of Housing New Zealand.

  21. Richard Geismar 21

    I had my boss but was left disappointed.

  22. Smilin 22

    Youve got about this much milk left at the end of the week if your lucky and thats as good as is gets for you lot

  23. Ben 23

    Labour has this much chance of winning the next election.

  24. live short and don’t prosper

  25. BLiP 25

    Your brighter future is this big.

  26. Chooky 26

    to tell the truth by working with John Key and trying to smile and agree ….my brain is shrinking to the size of a walnut

    …not to mention the shrinking of my other organs…it will be soon time to retire…unless Judith can do something about the bastard

  27. b waghorn 27

    “That’s the size of my self respect after 7 years doing keys dirty work”

  28. rask004 28

    “This is how much more excuse we can pull out of our arses, and how much more debt we’re going to shove into yours.”

  29. joe90 29

    Six inches forward and five inches back
    I got a
    I got an angry inch
    Six inches forward and five inches back
    I got a
    I got an angry inch

  30. Sutton's li'l helper 30

    Notorious gangster confirms his membership of the ‘crips’

  31. mary_a 31

    This is about the size of the intelligence level of the combined NatzKEY caucus!

  32. jellytussle 32

    The reason we all share Joyce’s dildo is because the average prick size of the caucus is only this big.

  33. thechangeling 33

    “The 1% have only got this much to go before they have everything wrapped up!”.

  34. AB 34

    This is the size of the floor plan for the new state houses we will be offering.

  35. AB 35

    The $900/week I claimed by pretending to live in Dipton was not real stealing, well maybe a tiny bit

  36. AB 36

    We made a list of the National Party’s principles. It was this long.

  37. AB 37

    As a Catholic myself I admire Pope Francis this much.

  38. AB 38

    I care about inequality this much

  39. whateva next? 39

    “This ………is how much I care”

  40. Ecosse_Maidy 40

    Look! I was there! I was actually on the course! The Supreme Leader was this close to a hole in one….!!

  41. Ecosse_Maidy 41

    With this personalised stun grip……….I have nearly silenced whale oil and pete george…..i can get to stun level 10 if i really concentrate

  42. Ecosse_Maidy 42

    Wellington National HQ 2017. Due to the abolition of the electoral commision, due to cuts…….The new method of calculating who won and by how much was un veiled…..”Trust In Us, We Won By This Much! Plus No Appeals!”

  43. Ecosse_Maidy 43

    Wellington National HQ 2017. Due to the abolition of the electoral commision, due to cuts…….The new method of calculating who won and by how much was un veiled…..”Trust In Us, We Won By This Much! Plus No Appeals!”

  44. Ecosse_Maidy 44

    Sock Puppet Convention, goes ahead inspite of being blighted by opportunist burglars

  45. Ecosse_Maidy 45

    I have met both blokes, its so unfair and I have seen with my own eyes, they this much natural hair left, so lets not talk disparagingly of John & Donald……

  46. Ecosse_Maidy 46

    Trust me,,again…I can open the top of a bottle of beer, without an opener,,like this!!!

  47. Ecosse_Maidy 47

    I only drank this mush officcer?….hic

  48. Ecosse_Maidy 48

    National Bans Breathlizer and shows off new self assessment method to be employed

  49. Ecosse_Maidy 49

    I am not saying the leader of the labour party aint one of the lads yet on an all party night out he left this much in his pint glass!!!!

  50. Ecosse_Maidy 50

    Minister, shows off NZ sign language, new signing for “Complete Arsehole!”

  51. Ecosse_Maidy 51

    You should see me when they let me use both hands!!!

  52. Ecosse_Maidy 52

    John and came this close to selling off to the Russians..

    but Fiji got in first!

  53. Ecosse_Maidy 53

    Hang on,,please wait,,,,I managed it yesterday,,
    i can do a bunny rabbit shadow too!!!

  54. Ecosse_Maidy 54

    rock, paper, something i forget!

  55. Incognito 55

    ”You can tell John is lying when his nose is about this long. In fact, I’ve never seen it any shorter than this!”

  56. humPrac 56

    Bill demonstrates that if you give National an inch, they will take a mile.

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