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62 comments on “Caption Contest”

  1. ianmac 1

    “Hoi! I go first! Me! Me! Me!”

  2. Bill 2

    ‘Willie, willie, willie, willie’

    Meanwhile, not being in any way critical, but I think you might have missed ‘the money shot’ there Sprout. ‘Just Saying’ linked to it yesterday. Worth a look. (It’s number two in the sequence if the link defaults back to ‘front’ display)

  3. Mac1 3

    “Thank God for the elastic tie. After all, the Mayor has to be formal. I’m the PM, just one of the blokes, like the Prince there.”

    • D-D-D-Damn ! 3.1

      William: “Yah, that’s like a soooo unconvincing toupee, Tony, yah ?”

      Tony: “I don’t wear a toupee, your Highness.”

      William (turning back to an equally distraught John): “He’s joking, yah ? Tell me he’s joking !!! How can one be that old and not be a total slap-head like us ? !!!”

  4. RobC 4

    Prince William: “Tony, isn’t someone else meant to be walking up here with us?”
    Tony: “No mate, just you and I”

  5. Bill 5

    “Hurley along John”

  6. The Voice of Reason 6

    No need to look so worried, Tony, security are used to dealing with over affectionate plebs, yah?

  7. Tel 7

    Bill and Tony try to shake off muddled and lost Justin Bieber fan

  8. Tel 8

    William: “it’s alright Tony, I always carry for emergencies”

    • Bill 8.1

      Tony: “So you sayin’ you got a tissue for that ‘just happy to see you’ John behind us?”

  9. Akldnut 9

    Tony can you discreetly signal security please?
    Whats up Willie?
    I think there’s a smiling assassin stalking me, every time I turn around he’s there!

  10. Akldnut 10

    My names not Liz and my ass ain’t that good, so why is he always walking behind me smiling?

  11. Akldnut 11

    So Tony, who is this clown that always pops up when there’s a picture being shot?

  12. burt 12

    The power behind the throne.

  13. burt 13

    Prince William shows his support by spending some time with powerless people in Christchurch.

  14. Akldnut 14

    I like this guy, moved the whole system back toward peerage and class distinction.
    Knows his place and is showing the rest of you Kiwis where you should be – thats right you upperty colonials, walking behind and looking up to your masters!!!

  15. Tigger 15

    Royal stalker photobombs picture of Prince William.

  16. Who’s that creep behind us?

  17. kriswgtn 17

    Does my ass look like Hurleys?

  18. Colonial Viper 18

    Key: “Must…resist…urge…to kneel down…and kiss his footsteps…”

    Prince: “Can’t wait until Wikileaks reveals what I really think of that prissy hanger-on”

  19. Tony : Did you just fart Wills ?

    Wills : Yep

    Key : Gosh that’s a sweet smelling fart your highness.

  20. Murray 20

    Keep an eye out for that wanker Goff. He keeps sneaking in trying for a photo opportunity

  21. The Voice of Reason 21

    Just leave him, Tony, I already told him the only Liz I knew was my Gran and I wasn’t giving him her number. Bloody commoners, yah?

  22. ECOGIRL 22

    “Good move, made into the shot again.”

  23. KJT 23

    The Klingon ambassador inspects the results of his death ray on Christchurch.

  24. rjs131 24

    John Key suddenly realises that Maryan Street will be asking questions in the house criticising his involvement in this visit

  25. M 25

    Gee William’s bald spot is worse than mine, well after I’ve put my rug on.

  26. M 26

    “Shoot Wills, watch him or he’ll want to fill your back door dance card.”

    Anti-spam: roots

  27. sdm 27

    Three men more popular that Goff ever will be

  28. Irascible 28

    “Do you think Willie would mind if I goosed him? I could always claim that I was being a bloke’s bloke having a little joke…. after all I’m known to describe myself as the Prime Mincer of NZ.”

  29. Pascal's bookie 29


  30. Treetop 30

    The prince, the mayor and the fool.

  31. hellonearthis 31

    I has more hair than Willie.

  32. PM ponders next career move:

    “Just because I’m not Diana’s son, that shouldn’t stop me. (I’m far more photogenic too.) Hmmm. A few quick phone calls should do it. Just like with Helensville. God, I’m so aspirational it hurts.”

  33. Rob 33

    Will: Can you hear an odd buzzing sound behind us?

  34. idlegus 34

    two & a half men

  35. Rharn 35

    Key muttering to himself……….’Bugger, and to think it was my idea to bring the Prince out here.’

  36. Jenny 36

    Yeah, let’s get this show over with.

    And hopefully we won’t have to do anything else.

  37. Mr Bean 37

    “Hey wait for me, I’m supposed to be up front with you guys!”

  38. todd 38

    William: Are there any John’s around here? I’m busting for a dump!

    Key: May I kiss your exquisite arse your highness?

    William: Jesters are not permitted to kiss the royal arseness in public.

    Key: Yes your highness.

    William: Thumbs up to a private session later though.

    Tony: Room for one more?

    William in the hotel room: My word, you shore breed them short out here in the colonies, what!

    Tony: No photo opportunities, this is private time.

    Key: Does this mankini make my toupee look big?

    William: Yes!

  39. fermionic_interference 39

    Why did Willie decide to walk. If we’d taken the car, I’d only have to smile and wave, I’m good at that, this talking to people with sincerity and concern wtf how do people do that? It’s all just too hard.

  40. Jum 40

    I’m not Kate, William. Why do I have to walk 10 paces behind?

    Captcha: affairs

  41. RobC 41

    a) West Coast Mayor fuming at wearing tie while Prince/PM walk around in West Coast dress-code
    b) Goff prime suspect in theft of red ties from Prince and PM’s wardrobe
    c) Mayoral chain of Invercargill makes appearance in Greymouth

    My personal favourite from above – “Hurley along John”, thanks Bill
    “Bill and Tony try to shake off muddled and lost Justin Bieber fan” is also good

  42. Marty G 42

    hey sprout, tip for next caption contest so the frontpage image is bigger. you can copy the image into the excerpt space, set the width to a max of 300 and don’t have a featured image.

    like this:

  43. only one of these men can speak from the heart…ie without cue cards

  44. mikesh 44

    Why doesn’t he get back to running the country, and leave all the figurehead stuff to us?

  45. seeker 45

    “Great chance!” The artful dodger moves in from behind the Prince and the Mayor -“gotta pick a pocket or two…”

    • The Baron 45.1

      These caption contest posts always produce the most shockingly unfunny responses. always so hard to pick a winner…

      seeker, step up to the podium this time!

  46. Morrissey 46

    WINDSOR: Gimme a three-letter word meaning ‘rat’.
    KOKSHOORN: Meaning ‘rat’?
    WINDSOR: Yeah.
    KOKSHOORN: [jerks thumb over shoulder]: “Him.”

  47. 33K 47

    John Key, forgetting the reason for the visit, is barely able to contain his excitement and pleasure at being in another celebrity photo shoot.

  48. “who is this arsehole behind us”

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