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It doesn’t need to be long but remember to keep it clean.


57 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Jasper 1

    “The real size of my brain”

  2. Pascal's bookie 2

    “Don’t Push Me ’cause I’m Close to the Edge”. MC NcNasti brought some of his classic old skool flavors to a parliamentary hearing this week.

  3. Felix 3

    “If we can get the public service down to this size then we can drown it in a bucket.”

  4. ak 4

    “yeah at least 30cc thanks Doris – I’m seeing John this morning…”

  5. BLiP 5

    “And this is the object that the aliens inserted into my brain when I was captured.”

  6. TightyRighty 6

    “i’d like to show for the record exactly how much of an emission reduction the last govenment manged”

  7. Tim Ellis 7

    “We’re going to remove ACC cover from everyone except people who are THIS tall!”

  8. TightyRighty 8

    “I have been released the latest roy-morgan poll results and here is the size of the lead on a very small graph on an A5 piece of paper that national has over labour”

  9. r0b 9

    Hey low income earners – enjoy your tax cut!

  10. r0b 10

    Turns out $50 million doesn’t buy much cycleway…

  11. Felix 11

    “Well it works better at night. Wanna see me do a bunny?”

  12. Felix 12

    “I find your lack of faith disturbing”

  13. r0b 13

    Want to hear National’s plans for the economy? Pull my finger…

  14. Ianmac 14

    As GOD, I must warn you that I can make your life HELL!

  15. out of bed 15

    Thank goodness, this is the size on the Nelson electorates brains

  16. Observer 16

    I’ve had my wife convinced that this is seven inches all our married life!

  17. Keeping it clean is the hard bit, the short bit is easy.

    See, and I haven’t even said anything yet

  18. John 18

    “This is the chance Labour have at winning the next election.”

  19. Dolan 19

    When I find the $2 barber that cut my hair I’m going to chop him into tiny little pieces…

  20. ghostwhowalks 20

    Joyces boot missed my arse by this much

  21. John McKenzie 21

    Nick Smith, crushing baby’s skulls with two fingers since 1990.

  22. Conor Roberts 22

    “I was only this far out with my *ACC blowout* costing…”

  23. vto 23

    “Ma’am, even this is an exaggeration of how much the last labour govt achieved. Bob Jones is about to write another book to explain..”

  24. out of bed 24

    why my ex wife became a lesbian

  25. Snail 25

    My entry is — Itzy bitzy nick see!

    My ps is — gimme a click for a looksee.

  26. Felix 26

    “It doesn’t need to be long but remember to keep it clean.”

  27. ak 27

    “I’m tellin ya Guyon – I take a leak right alongside the smarmy prick every cabinet meeting, and I swear….ever since Hels got her gig….”

  28. The Voice of Reason 28

    ‘And this is how many jobs I’ve saved at Sealords’

  29. Felix 29

    “I’ve got something for you young man. Ooohh, it’s the claaaw! Oh, you’re afraid of the claw!”

  30. ak 30

    “So where could the coin have gone then, boys and girls? Any ideas Jerry? John? Wait a minute……..what’s that I see up Judith’s……………skirt!!!!!!! (oooooo…..sorry Jude, didn’t know that was there…….)”

  31. “My dong is this long!”

  32. gingercrush 32

    At least with Judith Tizard around there was someone madder than me.

  33. vinsin 33

    “Just a sliver of cake please, i’m watching my weight – don’t want to end up like Brownlee.”

  34. vinsin 34

    “Seriously, this is the world’s smallest violin playing for all the poor people… I’m doing it wrong? Well you get the idea don’t you… Well that’s not how i roll… Fine. You’re Fired… I can’t fire you? Fine, anyway like i was saying, this is how much time i have before i need my meds.”

  35. JellyBean 35

    “I don’t know why they’re surprised, I told them, I wouldn’t read it if it was longer than this…”

  36. DeeDub 36


  37. djp 37

    “I could crush you like a ant”

  38. Dolan 38

    Oh sir, it’s only wafer thin!

  39. Akldnut 39

    If the total number were 100 metres high “right now” then this is how many bureaucratic publics service jobs we’re going to save by the end of our first term!!!

  40. Terry 40

    Failed audition for Freddy Got Fingered.

  41. Akldnut 41

    I’d like to thank everyone for their votes especially then 95% of you swing voters with Brains and Dicks this big.

  42. redbus 42

    “I swear on the straightness of my finger that I’m telling truth about ACC.”

  43. pat 43

    In his last act of public service, aged Vulcan, Snick Mith, applies the Vulcan neck pinch to himself.

  44. Jan 44

    I used to care this much about the environment – but not now. Hah! It’s a losers game mate. All losers!

  45. Macro 45

    “As Minister for the Environment – How much do I care? This Much!”

  46. Phil 46

    “With Helen gone, Labour has this much talent left”

  47. justthefacts 47

    “I would say that the chance of Mr Davis accompanying his wife Ms Clark to New York is about this big”

  48. jason 48

    “My IQ is this big.”

  49. Felix 49

    I vote that BLiP wins this thread.

  50. 50

    My exaggerations about ACC were a little bit bigger than this

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