Chilling effect

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I’m frankly a little surprised at the way the media and The Herald especially has jumped on the attack the victim bandwagon in the Bennett scandal.

If there’s one golden rule of journalism it’s don’t be seen to be fucking over your sources, and that’s what the Herald is doing. I guess they feel some kind of separation between the weekday version and the HoS. All I know is if I had a bad story for the Nats, I wouldn’t be going to Granny with it. Too much risk you’ll be hung out to dry.

Other people’s sources are more or less fair game but I would be wary if I were a politico journo of embarking on the fourth round of throwing National’s dirt at their victims in two months. Aren’t they that worried the stories will dry up, or go elsewhere? Aren’t they worried that they are serving as an arm of the National attack machine?

Also, why is it always an issue whether or not a person who is raising an issue with government policy is a member of another party? How does that matter? How does it invalidate their arguments? Why should it be something weird or suspicious to be a member of a political party?

Put it all together and it’s hardly surprising that more and more people are afraid to stand up for the issues that matter to them.

8 comments on “Chilling effect”

  1. Gosman 1

    Who are all these people who are afraid to stand up for the issues that matter to them?

    Do you know them all personally or are your just ‘postulating’ that they must be out there?

    • Draco T Bastard 1.1

      They’re out there Gosman. Go read the studies, political participation in NZ has decreased over the last couple of decades. This isn’t to say that all of them have stopped participating due to fear – only that some would have. Others have stopped participating due to lack of funds, others due to lack of interest. Some of those would be a combination of all the reasons.

    • snoozer 1.2

      I know some personally.

      The public servants are being forced to break the rules all the time by this new government but are afraid for their jobs if they speak up.

    • What’s more Gos,

      You’re part of the machine with all you manipulative little tricks.
      Shouting down opinions you don’t like or that are disturbing you comfort zone.

      Calling on others to stand by you because you are confronted with info you find disturbing or worse perhaps because you are paid to throw in your few nasty pennies.

      And no I will not engage in another discussion about the previous subject because in this thread that’s neither here nor there.

      All I’m trying to point out is that it takes courage to speak the truth to power (even if it’s only your truth) and that it is more than just mainstream media or the bullying of Politicians. It’s morons like you who try to shut people up at every corner whether for personal reasons or personal gain.

  2. BLiP 2

    You’re assuming there are any journalists employed at the Herald. Lets face it: the New Zealand Fox News Herald is a part of a multinational corporation which has as its sole moral imperative the short term maximising of return to shareholders. Understand that and you understand why the Herald behaves the way it does. It has cleaned out its newsroom of anyone with half a brain, bullied the rest of the staff and kept them frightened for their jobs, abandoned any effort in checking facts, does not do its own sub-editing, fills up page after page with photographs, over-sized type, one sentence paragraphs and specially formatted tautology, and is blending entertainment with information. The fostering of ignorance is well within the terms of its moral imperative. Keep the subscribers happy so that they feel good when reading the ads and the cheaper and more popular the copy, the better. The Basher Bennett story is mana from heaven as far as the boardroom is concerned.

    Kiwiblog et al, radio talk-back, television news and business generally behaves in this manner. Basically, if the punters are happy, fuck the victims. Its called, customer service.

    That The Standard is about to celebrate its second birthday in this day and age is an anachronism and tribute to the generosity of the individuals involved.

    • lprent 2.1

      The Standard is about to celebrate its second birthday

      Bloody hell you’re right. Where does the time go…

    • BLiP 2.2

      Talk about Friday afternoon irony: moan about tautology in the Herald in a public forum and then write and then write: ” . . . anachronism in this day and age . . .”

      Note To Self: Blogging From The Office Rule Two: Do not click “submit” when on the phone.

  3. randal 3

    something has gone terribly wrong in our little south pacific paradise.
    the tories now believe that they can do anything they like.
    they dont want the free flow of debate or discussion they just want to stamp on anything that is the antithesis of what they believe.
    they have twittered themselves and auto trannied themselves into a situation where they have no ability to question anything and if it doesnt fir then kill it.
    they have been pinching their kids ritalin for so long they have become the very thing they preach against.

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