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chopper-tolleyTrevor Mallard reminded us in comments of another story that illustrates Anne “Chopper” Tolley’s great intellect.

Soon after she became minister, Tolley had a meeting with the Vice-Chancellors of various universities. She turned to her staff and asked something along the lines of ‘how come I’m only meeting with the vice-chancellors? I’m the minister, I should be meeting the chancellors’

Just remember, this is the woman setting the new education standards.

PS. A helpful note for Chopper. Easter eggs are just chocolate shaped like eggs, not real eggs made of chocolate. So incubating that cream egg probably isn’t going to work out the way you’re hoping.

6 comments on “Chopper’s vice”

  1. Rex Widerstrom 1


    Or even the Pro-Vice Chancellors, not these bloody amateur ones.

  2. John Dalley 2

    Slightly of topic, but how many heads to the National Government monster do we now have. 4 – 5 – 6 ???
    Funny now National is in government that it doesn’t seem to matter.

  3. BLiP 3

    Eddie – your link sucks, it makes no sense.

    However, I do know that the reason Anne Tolley is so often in the dark is that she is so dense, light bends around her.

  4. ooh you are naughty eddie. that nice smiling lady – the ass to our minister of internal tourisms donkey? I admit I liked her until she started doing things

    captcha: Wallace and

  5. Tim 5


    I work in education and from what I hear ‘Choppers’ meetings with various principals has not been going well. It seems most find her dim and uninformed.

    She seems to think that the current NCEA reallignment should just be brought forward until next year. She has no clue, no ideas and worst of all those teachers at state schools will not receive pay increases, yet the government is pouring money into private schools which are offering salary rates above the public sector and probably pay increases. We know what the future holds for good teachers – moving to private schools for more money will be their only option.

  6. John E. 6

    Chopper Tolley and Crusher Collins are the perfect pair.

    I had thought that Health would be the big problem for National but it is becoming increasingly clear that Education is running off the rails.

    Evidence of this is becoming apparent. John Morris, principal of Auckland Grammar, has stated publicly that he wants his already crowded school to be able to accept out of zone sons of old boys. Is the Chopper is able to tell whether this idea has merit or demerit? If not, then more unchallenged strange noises from the extreme right are bound to follow.

    She seems to be falling into the tired old agenda of trying to make assessment figures go up – she has little option after the rough ride National gave to Labour on this topic. Education Review Orifice and Misery Of Education will try to make all look good in the yes of Chopper Folley.

    Students? Hey what have students got to do with all this. Teachers? Who are they? The Chopper has an ideology there somewhere, but you need more than an ideology to make education work. You need analytical talent.

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