Clark winning in the style stakes

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And now for something fluffy. That’s right, the fashion stakes count in the election as well.

According to one stylist National leader John Key needs to update his style. Stephanie Rumble, a top New Zealand stylist says:

“he hasn’t changed his appearance much since the election campaign started, but that Key’s look is very smart, but conservative. Rumble says he should add some contrast to his wardrobe.”

There is a degree of irony to that comment given the current JohnJohn ads. The need to update his appearance is in keeping with National’s dated-looking campaign launch though.

I think Maurice’s “foot-in-mouth” moment over road tolls and Lockwood Smith’s comments to the Marlborough Express point to National’s campaign faltering again.

34 comments on “Clark winning in the style stakes”

  1. Lukas 1

    From the same article- “Stephanie Rumble is impressed with the Clark’s airbrushed campaign photo”

    So the marks must really go to the graphic designer…

  2. John Stevens 2

    Pity about the face.
    Anyway, as they say, you can always dress mutton up as lamb.

    [lprent: Hi idiotic troll.

    Ok so my wingnut program should insult people based on appearance, and trot out some antique saying to show that we can repeat what someone else told us.

    Yep. That is as predictable as a program.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    BYW: You still haven’t read the policy have you?]

  3. Rex Widerstrom 3

    “Style” and “politicians” really appeared in the same sentence without “stunning lack of” being in there somewhere too? Wonders will never cease.

    It’s harder for us blokes (in whatever profession) to radiate style because we’re mostly still confined to a suit and tie (unless, like me, we’re lucky enough to work alone, in which case much of the day can be spent sitting in front of a screen in our greying Y-fronts) 😉

    I don’t think our politcians do too badly, actually, especially the women (by which I mean, lest I get pelted with old fruit, they have more scope to make a mistake since they have a far wider choice (see preceding paragraph)).

    Though I do wonder who told Clark that it was a good idea to wear an oven glove when meeting Wen Jiabao 😀

  4. Chris G 4

    I reckon us fellas have it easy with looking sharp, female politicians always have to keep it conservative and stick to a neat looking suit.. boring. Guys can look sharp in a good shirt and tie, toss on a jacket, easy.

  5. randal 5

    I think that thing on the top of John Keys head is a close cousin to the one on top of Donald Trump.

  6. Ianmac 6

    Actually John has been a bit anxious about this airbrushing thing as his is a bit too, though one angry righty thought the word was supposed to be Hairbrushed.

  7. Janet 7

    I saw Helen Clark the other day close up and she looked very much like her billboard photo and she was also very stylish – more so than I expected on both counts.

  8. That is so nice for Miss Clark.

  9. higherstandard 9

    Indeed she must be chuffed.

  10. I hope the sun does not melt the plastic?

  11. Felix 11

    Speaking of poli-style, has Trevor Mallard sorted that awful suit out yet?

    (and no, I don’t mean “has he given Key a smack?”)

  12. randal 12

    so keys is still wearing paisley ties and flares?

  13. Trev’s got nice boxers. Ouch that hurt.

  14. Rex Widerstrom 14

    d4j: I loled 😀

  15. sweetd 15

    I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!!

    So, you have on one hand this Stephanie Rumble saying she is impressed with the airbrushed imaged of Clark.

    On the other you have she said that Key’s look is smart and conservative.

    Hmmm, one is real, the other is an artists impression. Yeah, Clark is really winning in the style stakes.

  16. randal 16

    bummer..could you go away again please?

  17. sweetd 17



  18. Tim Ellis 18

    Fluffy, but interesting. Putting aside the air-brushing, I think it’s fair to say that Helen Clark does dress pretty smartly and elegantly. It’s one of the advantages of being a woman: you can vary your wardrobe a lot: quite different suits on different days, looking fresh without dramatically changing your look.

    It’s much harder for a male leader of a conservative party to look very different: black or navy suit, starched white shirt, tie. What other options has he got?

    Cullen wears some quite elegant thick pin-striped black suits–ironically, bankers’ style suits. They work for Cullen and make him look a bit younger than he is. Mark Sainsbury wears a similar style, as does Peters. Sainsbury gets away with it because he’s a media personality; Peters gets away with it because sartorial elegance is one of the main features of his public image. But I think if Key wore that sort of style he’d look too flashy for a conservative PM in waiting.

    About the only changes Key can make, I think, are no-tie on weekends, and ties on week-nights.

  19. Sarah 19

    I would have to agree. Helen definitely does dress like a pretty decent bloke.

  20. randal 20

    shut up ya jealous hag

  21. sweetd 21

    The cut and fabric of Key’s suits are superior. There is a difference between tailor made and off the rack.

  22. Sarah 22

    Couldn’t agree more sweetd. If I was really a woman, i’d lap up JK faster than Helen in her motorcade.

  23. randal 23

    shut up ya UGLY jealous hag. if you want to lose tne ugly pounds then cut off your head

  24. Sarah 24

    Looks like the moderators’ judgement is partisan too. Oh well randal, you’ll have your time soon enough.

  25. Felix 25

    Oh great one sweetd – now there are two righties here posting as girls. At least you’re named after something funny though.

  26. sweetd 26


    How does my name in anyway show my sex? If you must know, sweetd is short for sweetdisorder, both of which I post under.

    The name is taken from the song by the kiwi band Strawpeople.

    BTW, I am all man, where have I ever said I was anything else? Is there something you need to tell tell the group Felix? Do you have a thing for trannys?

  27. randal 27

    Sarah if you want to make remarks about the prime minister then expect what you get in return. Dont go bleating about moderators. Take your medicine likea man! Oh thats right you are a man. Maybe you are david farrar in drag or maybe hooton? Oh did you contact thestandard and they told you take a hike? good. and fyi the New Zealand Labour Party and its coalition partner will be the next government of New Zealand. Suck on that.

  28. sweetd, since when was ‘off the rack’ not tailor made..?

    no, since forever will not do!

  29. Felix 29

    Sorry sweetd,

    I assumed you were named after Kaitlin Olson’s”Sweet Dee” from “It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia”.

    Didn’t mean to offend you. Good song btw.

  30. sweetd 30

    Jo Zinny

    Talior made, as in one off ,made and measured for the person; Off the rack as in mass produced and made for the size.

  31. sweetd 31


    no worries, take care

  32. T-Rex 32

    Randal, if you’re going to keep acting like this you should sod off to Kiwiblog. I don’t mind when tories do it as I’m more than happy for them to be lousy ambassadors for their cause, but when people are losers in one sentence and endorse my ideals in the next it reflects badly on ME. You’re not even clever in your insults. I have a strong suspicion you are 15 or 16.

    Stop. Doing. It.

    The fact that no one EVER rallies behind you in support should be the clue you need that nobody is impressed, and nobody thinks it makes you any cooler or anymore of a badass forum mofo. It just makes you sound like Stephen Franks, and that is not where you want to be.

    I dunno if the election outlook is making you wound up or what, but get over it – go back to what you used to be like.

  33. Phil 33

    Cullen wears some quite elegant thick pin-striped black suitsironically, bankers’ style suits.

    Working Style (Woodward Street) here in Wellington has the fabric from his budget speech suit, with the pink pinstripe. It’s a great look on the right guy. You might get change from $2k for it, personally and professionally tailored. Don’t tell them I sent you – they still look at me funny after dicking them around on a cream/tan suit, and then buying off the rack from Kieth Matheson…

    Having said that, Cullsey and Winston are well behind the curve – Mike Hosking is the man to watch for latest suit styles.

  34. bill brown 34

    Nah, real men wear Stubbies.

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