Clarke and Dawe: G20 Growth

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The excellent Clarke and Dawe:

4 comments on “Clarke and Dawe: G20 Growth”

  1. McFlock 1

    yeah, those two are excellent.
    Very good at the “truth through comedy” thing

    • Once Was Tim 1.1

      as are some in NZ who no longer belong to the ‘media old bois network’, and pretty much the reason why ‘the ‘right’ fear public service broadcasting. Never mind tho’ when the 20% versus the 80% become the 1 versus 99, we might eventually wake up. As I’ve said before elsewhere, unfortunately the longer it takes – the less peacefully it’ll happen.
      No worries tho’ aye fizz and Co, there’s always gated communities and enforcement agencies – the 1% are ‘confdint and relexed’.
      Thankfully I won;t be around.

  2. weka 2

    What in nature keeps growing without limits? Then what happens?

  3. In the same vein.

    Another piece of overseas satire that could translate to our liberal politicians here. All we need do is replace the words, ‘Keystone XL’ with the words ‘Deep Sea Oil Drilling’.

    (And the words, Sioux Nation Black Hills sovereignty with the wordsMaori traditional rights to the seabed and foreshore under the Treaty of Waitangi.)

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