Clinton’s 3am ad

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Hillary Clinton’s ad warning of a national emergency at 3am and featuring sleeping children has been considered highly politically effective. It’s spawned hundred of YouTube parodies and was considered potentially damaging enough that the Obama campaign responded publicly.

It’s now been discovered that one of the children featured in the nine-year-old stock video footage – and now grown up – is a campaign volunteer for Barack Obama and a “fervent supporter”.

4 comments on “Clinton’s 3am ad”

  1. Peter 1

    This is so funny! I can’t beleive that Clinton would be so foolish as to put a person who likes Obama in her 3AM commercial. I am really not sure she is cut out to win this race.
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  2. BeShakey 2

    I think this just highlights how distant from actual issues the debate is.

  3. Hillary 3

    I’m very interested in all this ‘experience’ Clinton claims to have. Two terms as Senator and two terms as First Lady. Is she running as America’s first woman President, or America’s first wife as President?

  4. Pascal's bookie 4

    Hillary, I agree that it’s a pretty desperate argument that she is making.

    Especially since she hopes to be running against McCain who will be able to throw it right back into her face. It’s dishonest and stupid.

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