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18 comments on “Cold.”

  1. lprent 1

    Urrgh – now who did that…
    That is cold.

  2. Tim Ellis 2

    Very funny.

    I’d be very interested to see how much the Tizard effect plays a role in the Labour Party candidate selection in Mt Albert. I suspect that is a headache that Labour would rather not have.

  3. Stephen 3

    I would’ve thought that no one outside ‘the beltway’ even knows who she is, so why would she be a factor in Mt Albert?

  4. ghostwhowalks 4

    exactly, its not as though Tizard will be going to Wellington the day after the labour candidate wins. She merely moves up one more slot on the list.
    DPF has turned this into the only talking point about the by election

  5. Tim Ellis 5

    Unless Cullen leaves Parliament this year as well gww, which is very probable before the by-election.

  6. And Horomia. He looked fast asleep today when Cosgrove was fluffing his question.

  7. grumpy 7

    What have I missed? Don’t tell me the Royal Consort is no longer “the darling of the left”?

  8. As the architect of S92A I’m happy to see her out!

    • Joseph 8.1


      I suspect many in the IT industry, or just interested parties like myself are very happy with Tizards ride down.

  9. Tim Ellis 9

    There does seem to be a subtle approach from some on the Left to denigrate Judith Tizard now that she is a political liability. There seems to be much more courage to criticise Tizard now compared to the open defences of her before she lost Auckland Central.

    • lprent 9.1

      Where exactly – there are people like you on the right doing it.
      I suspect that “The Labour Party” was some wingnut setting up a facebook page and then un-friending for effect

      • Tim Ellis 9.1.1

        Actually LP it was Tane here who posted the page at the Standard. I don’t know how the page came about, but I suspect it was photo-shopped.

        I haven’t heard anyone on the Left extol Judith Tizard’s virtues, talents and capacity for hard work over the past few weeks, since she became a thorn in the side of the Mt Albert campaign. I have seen several references, including this post, from people on the Left subtly denigrating her.

        • Matthew Pilott

          Clearly photo-shopped – different line weight to the offending text.

          Facebook does not publish stories around removing friends either.

          • Tim Ellis

            That’s right Matthew, and if you look at Judith Tizard’s facebook page you will see a story of a friend that was deleted and clearly replaced when this was photoshopped.

            It was a very funny piece of work though and probably quite cuttingly true as far as some Labour Party activists are concerned.

            It seems that the Labour Party tolerated her laziness as a Minister, tolerated her losing the safe Auckland central seat, and tolerated her defence of section 92A after Labour had abandoned it, but now that the Tizard effect seems in danger of becoming one of the dominant issues of the Mt Albert by-election, left-wing activists want to dump on her.

          • Pascal's bookie

            Less is often more Tim. You are laying it on thicker than a gingercrush.

  10. r0b 10

    since she became a thorn in the side of the Mt Albert campaign

    Yeah keep working on that meme Tim!

  11. This is fantastic! Well done whoever made it!

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