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Only days after trying to eat a plate, in yet another freak (can I call him that?) accident, National Party blogger David Farrar has glued his hand to his face.

Bystanders (standing by too close by if you want my opinion) were powerless to help.

Could a one-handed Google search save David? Stay tuned.


51 comments on “Coming unstuck”

  1. outofbed 1

    My caption would be
    “You scratch my back And I’ll scratch “yours”

    I mean seriously The guy with the bad tie is really close

  2. r0b 2

    Migod. I didn’t work it out until I saw this photo. DPF is actually that well known commie, Alexi Sayle!

    What a cunning plan. Alexi acts as a ham fisted National party propagandist, whipping the Kiwiblog Right into such an orgy of unsightly ranting that it discredits the entire right wing message in the eyes of the electorate. It’s brilliant! Go Alexi!

  3. outofbed 3

    Sorry to disappoint Rob, but Alexsi sold out along time ago
    A traitor to the cause I’m afraid

  4. dave 4

    My Caption
    “Hi Helen, remember me.. we met at a tourism dinner in Sydney and we discussed donating to your party. I was with Owen Glen, remember Owen”


    “Yeah, didnt think so”

  5. r0b 5

    Sorry to disappoint Rob, but Alexsi sold out along time ago


  6. milo 6

    Are you going to close this thread down, the way you did the Mike Moore satire?

  7. lprent 7

    Nope.. At least I won’t.

    rOb’s is right – uncanny

  8. outofbed 8

    Or Cam ? what are you log in details again ?

  9. JH 10

    Intersting to see Farrar in a different coloured shirt. Every pic I’ve seen him in in the past has seen him wearing the same coloured shirt.

    I have heard stories of Farrar’s pungent smell. Not nice.

  10. outofbed 11

    JH that’s not very nice

    The bad tie man in the background obviously doesn’t think so

  11. AncientGeek 13

    Definitely. The latest photo is a lot better than the one showing DPF meeting Thatcher.

    These photos should be saved for the future, if he ever does go into politics directly, then they’d be a bit like those of Phil Goff with long hair. Or a young Don Brash when he had hair.

    cap: planner 1855
    this infernal contraption is just trying to say I’m old (again)

  12. AG – Ah yes, the captcha as Rorschach blot…

  13. outofbed 15

    Its amazing just seeing a picture that woman makes me so angry.
    If that is what the KWB feels about Helen.
    Then that is in some way, a compensation

  14. outofbed 16

    had to google Rorschach
    but yes I see

    cap $11000 warren

  15. AncientGeek 17

    ‘sod. How much can you read into a bug splatter. So what does captcha say to you…

  16. “Doyle 1910” – I reckon I just got Irish’s captcha by mistake…

  17. outofbed 19

    Hey can anyone of you guys tell me about the legal position of a Supermarket near me employing 14-15 yr olds doing quite physical manual labour and getting approx $6 buck per hour

  18. Santi 20

    No legal postion to report.

    Is the supermarket forcing these people to work? Are they chained to their posts? Surely they can walk away, can’t they?

    Don’t meddle with others’ lives. Stay not only “out of bed” but out of sight as well.

  19. outofbed 21

    Well I don’t know if they can walk away they are pretty young and vulnerable and subject to horrendous working conditions in addition to low pay
    I guess if people didn’t meddle in other peoples lives 8 yrd old boys would still be sent up chimneys to clean them

  20. the sprout 22

    geez oob, expecting children to go to school instead of going up chimneys is just Social Engineering.

    Santi would rather the market decide who fills the chimnies, but that’s not social engineering apparently.

  21. outofbed 23

    Chimneys or chimnies Life is so hard sometimes

    In fact I always say:-

    Life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat
    Sooner or later some one will come along and piss you off

    Cap = different off

  22. Matthew Pilott 24

    When I saw that photo, my first thought was “that’s what Farrar’s living room looks like, the one he runs Curia out of – it must be packed, fitting enough people in there to make 200-250 calls a week”.

    You know, the Curia that in’t run out of National HQ 🙂

  23. Santi 25

    Once again you socialists are thinking for others: the do-gooder thing: I know best what is good for you.

    If workers are not happy with the conditions they can walk away any minute and find another job somewhere else with the wonderful current low employment rate. If not, they better swallow the bitter bill and get on with the job.

    The market rules (you like it or not)!

  24. outofbed 26

    These are 14 yrs olds you loop
    A power imbalance exists and someone needs to champion these kids rights
    The other day one of them was severely ill and asked to go home and was told to stop being a wimp and keep on working.
    He was scared stiff had severe diarrhoea,, sneaked upstairs clocked out and ran home crying.
    Now I wonder if anyone here with Union expertise can give me some advise

  25. IrishBill 27

    It’s been a while since I’ve been involved in employment stuff OOB but I’m pretty certain there is no minimum wage for workers under the age of 16. Working conditions are another issue all together. As these kids are in a supermarket then they need to get in touch with the National Distribution Union. Email me with a few more details at fenianbill[]gmail.etc and I’ll see if I can get you some further advice.

  26. Gooner 28

    Great stuff guys.

    The pocket money these young people were earning to buy their new skateboard or iPod will no be longer.

    The Union will poke their Northern England accents into the mess and the supermarket will send these kids down the road to avoid the hassle.

    Nice 1.

    Did you know Eric Watson started his career working as a 15yr old in Whitcoulls for about $2.50 per hour. He then bought the bloody thing and now is worth hundreds of millions, partly because he was given a chance to work and saw how enlightening it was. Who knows, maybe their is an Eric Watson in that supermarket?

  27. Yep gooner and thousands of other “Eric Watsons” got the shaft and then went on to… get the shaft again. I really hate this kind of aspirational capitalism bullshit – it’s just such a fairytale…

    Oh and Gooner? Go fuck yourself mate if you think kids (or anyone) should work in conditions like that you’re a fuckwit of the first order.

  28. The Prophet 30

    Sod’s a wee sweetheart Gooner, as you can see.

  29. dave 31

    Go fuck yourself mate if you think kids (or anyone) should work in conditions like that you’re a fuckwit of the first order.
    Well, you are a dickhead arent you Porter. Change your surname to Hunt sometime – fits in with the type of person you obviously are..

  30. Hey Dave, you’ve got kids – how would you feel if in ten years time one of them gets a part-time job and this happens:

    The other day one of them was severely ill and asked to go home and was told to stop being a wimp and keep on working.
    He was scared stiff had severe diarrhoea,, sneaked upstairs clocked out and ran home crying.

    And your mate Gooner is saying that’s the way it should be, if fact he’s saying they should be thankful they’ve got a job. Or would you tell your kid to suck it up?

    Oh and Dave? My last name’s Porton. Try to keep up.

  31. Rich Prick 33

    Gosh, what a nice blog.

  32. Hey PDQ/Rich Prick – I see you’re still trying the faux outrage game. Tell me, have you threated to kill any other commenters lately?

  33. The Prophet 35

    Do you really want to go down that road Mike?

    I especially like the ones where you and Nih threaten to [deleted] my wife.

  34. Tane 36

    I especially like the ones where you and Nih threaten to [deleted] my wife.

    Prophet, we’ve been through this and you were found to be lying. Stop making things up. This is a warning.

  35. Ex Labour Voter 37

    Tane, while you’re in the habit of warning people, is it accepted practice at the Standard for commenters to go and tell people to fuck themselves? Isn’t Robinsod ready for another final final final warning?

    Funny how you give prophet a warning for pointing out that Robinsod and Nih offered to [delete] Prophet’s wife, which is actually true, yet you overlook Robinsod’s continual abuse, yet again.

  36. Tane 38

    is it accepted practice at the Standard for commenters to go and tell people to fuck themselves?

    It’s a robust discourse, and while curse words aren’t ideal if used sparingly they’re hardly cause to warn someone.

    What we don’t tolerate is people lying and smearing to disrupt threads and start flame wars. The Prophet/Legio-X has used this particular smear on multiple occasions to do exactly that, despite being shown that he’s lying. He needs to understand this is not acceptable behaviour.

  37. ELV perhaps you shouldn’t trouble yourself with the vagaries of this place that offends you so, and instead stick to KiwiBog where all’s peace, light, harmony and brotherly love

  38. Hey ELV – I’ve noticed a lot of you rightwing jerks keep calling for me to get banned. What’s the matter? You don’t like me showing you up?

  39. The Prophet 41

    At risk of engorging you further Tane, I am not lying.

    It is not a smear.

    It is the truth.

    Would you like me to link to it?

    Last time I did so it was deleted and I was banned.

    Continuing to call me a liar does you no credit Tane. Sod may be your friend but he and Nih stepped over the line that night and all your efforts to sweep it under the carpet, bulging as it is, just make you look weak.

  40. Tane 42

    Prophet – you’re welcome to link and let people judge for themselves, but it was a bad taste (and in my opinion out of line) joke about your wife committing adultery. It was not a threat to do anything like you’re suggesting.

    I’ve invited you to send me evidence via email to back up your claims, in our email discussion you provided nothing. The reason I’m warning you is because I’m getting sick of you using this smear to disrupt threads, as you have this one.

  41. Adam Smith 43

    Whatever one’s political views it is a photo that positively screams ‘caption contest’

  42. it looks like the guy standing behind him has his fly undone

  43. outofbed 45

    Sprout I reference you to the first post

  44. hmm. and Dave looks agitated, or like he’s concentrating. is it a chocolate dish he’s eyeing?

  45. The Prophet 47

    You know what would be efficient? Sod and I going to work at either end of your wife.

    Posted by Nih 19th Dec 10.37pm

    So what would you suggest they’re trying to tell me Tane?

  46. IrishBill 48

    Prophet, I see a distasteful comment rather than what you accuse. I also don’t see ‘Sod saying anything and Nih seems to have given up commenting so I can’t see what you can complain about.

    I did read the thread on ‘sod’s blog in which you told him you’d like to see him cut his throat and suggested he should throw himself under a train. If you were to repeat that vile rubbish on this blog you would be banned for life. I suggest you stop playing the victim card Prophet, it only makes you look like a hypocrite.

    In fact, I’ll go one step further. If you continue to try to throw threads with this I will ban you for a week.

  47. The Prophet 49

    If you saw that thread Bill (or should I call you Uncle Tom?), you would also have seen that earlier in the thread Sod offered to kill himself and asked me if I would like to as well. I would guess he was setting up some sort of ‘you go first’ joke. The fact that I then suggested ways for him to do the deed seems to have upset you and your little cabal. You really need to tell someone who gives a flying fuck Bill, and that ain’t me.

    So you think that Nih and Sod were just suggesting what? Bill.

    Tell me in your infinite fucken wisdom what they were saying?

    Nothing to it?

    Just distasteful?

    Please you sycophantic little man spare me your bullshit.

    Your Standards have slipped since you have been at the Standard.

    *sotto voice* ” I’ll ban you, I’ll ban you” *end sotto*

    Wow, I worried now.

    You know important blog like this one, soooooo balanced in analysis.

    Do your worst little man.

    IrishBill says: Prophet, you’re banned for life and it’s a pleasure to do so.

  48. Gooner 50

    is it accepted practice at the Standard for commenters to go and tell people to fuck themselves?

    It’s a robust discourse, and while curse words aren’t ideal if used sparingly they’re hardly cause to warn someone.

    What we don’t tolerate is people lying and smearing to disrupt threads and start flame wars. The Prophet/Legio-X has used this particular smear on multiple occasions to do exactly that, despite being shown that he’s lying. He needs to understand this is not acceptable behaviour.”

    Water off a duck’s back for me. I’m not worried about it so no need for anyone to start banning people.

    You know, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, and all that.

  49. Rich Prick 51

    Deleted. Defamatory. RP you have been warned.

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