Cycleway updates on Campbell Live

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Another reason to watch Campbell Live: cycleway updates.

John Campbell announced last night he’d be doing regular (nightly?) updates on the number of jobs created by the cycleway and how many kilometers of it have been built.

The top to bottom national cycleway is one of Key’s highest profile initiatives for fighting the conomic downturn – and a personal favourite of his by all accounts. I’m delighted that we’re all now going to have the chance to see what a difference it really makes.

The little video segment from the show is pretty funny, I’ll post it if it ever goes up on the TV3 site.

28 comments on “Cycleway updates on Campbell Live”

  1. justthefacts 1

    Ah yes, John Campbell the original Chardonnay socialist.

    • Tigger 1.1

      I’ve heard he prefers a good red wine…

    • Kaplan 1.2

      JTF, I honestly can not work out if you fancy yourself a comedian with a irony major or if that is just the worst pseudonym choice ever in the history of anonymous commenting.

  2. Redbaiter 2

    Funny. Can’t remember John Campbell subjecting the Labour government to this kind of scrutiny.

    That said, the cycleway is a crock.

    Nevertheless, it galls to see an Alliance supporter like Campbell posturing as someone who cares about waste and silly government ideas.

    • Kaplan 2.1

      That would be because the Labour government did not propose ‘crock cycleways’. Pretty obvious isn’t it.

    • Quoth the Raven 2.2

      Funny. Can’t remember John Campbell subjecting the Labour government to this kind of scrutiny.

      Can’t remember Corngate then can you. Lay off the LSD Red.

    • Chris G 2.3

      Wow you said something agreeable. The cycleway is indeed a crock.

    • Aj 2.4

      “Funny. Can’t remember John Campbell subjecting the Labour government to this kind of scrutiny”

      Then your memory is seriously faulty. Campbell helped slay Labour leading into the last election.

      Memo: the cycleway will be another embarrassing dead duck. Like, boot camp, saving jobs, capping the public service, not touching super, ahhh the list is growing.

  3. Whacky Lefty 3

    John is just setting you up to hassel Asian cyclists who don’t where lycra and have bells on there bike and don’t ride fast enough.

  4. Redbaiter 4

    “Can’t remember Corngate then can you.”

    Learn to read. Corngate wasn’t “this kind of scrutiny”.

  5. lampie 5

    hmmmm interesting equation

    crock of shit = cycleway + John Key

    therefore John Key = crock of shit – cycleway

    if cycleway doesn’t happen, the value of cycleway is zero therefore

    John Key = crock of shit

    if cycle way does happen, we end up with a John Key and his crock of shit cycleway

    hmmm interesting

  6. NX 6

    I thought you guys would love this idea? It’s an idea which could’ve easily come from the GREENS.

    I don’t look at the cycle way as something that will fight the GEC, but as something that is nice to have.

    Anyone that has biked along a road would know that a dedicated cycle track is the way to go!

    • Ari 6.1

      It’s a nice idea, sure, but it’s not a good way to generate a large amount of jobs.

    • Kevin Welsh 6.2

      Couldn’t agree more NX.

      As a dedicated cyclist both, recreationally and competitively, I would love to see a cycle-way the length of the country.

      However, the way this whole concept has been proposed, with the slashing of spending on other cycling initiatives, makes the whole thing an effing joke.

      Which is why, I guess, that fuckwit Key is promoting it… or is he?

      Maybe its just another distraction?

  7. sally 7

    “I don’t look at the cycle way as something that will fight the GEC, but as something that is nice to have.”

    I think jobs are also ‘nice to have’, and I can’t see the cycle way drumming up any in a hurry, to be honest.

  8. nznative 8

    The growth in the prison industry under the natianals will create a few jobs ……..

    I’m surprised J Key did not bring this up and crow about it at his jobs talk fest ……..

    The cycle way will be built by the boys ( and a few girls ) doing PD .

  9. Matthew Pilott 9

    Today’s update: BOOM!

    Apparently they are using Napalm or a FAE to clear the path up north.

  10. positive and ambitious 10

    Has anyone noticed that inner city walking and cycling funding was diverted this week to pay for Auckland roads and rail? Lets get the tourists happily cycling the concrete byways and then getting killed on Quay St or Lambton Quay.

  11. Whacky Lefty 11

    No I’m not Garth.

    I was reffering to the last time I watched John Campbell and his racist beat up on Asians getting driving licences from corrupt WHITE middleaged men.

    Campbell has no credibility and sold out on any ideals he may have once held.

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