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26 comments on “Daily Review 01/10/2015”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    This came across my Twitter feed. It’s a quote from George Orwell that reminded me of this post which does seem to indicate just how true it is.

  2. infused 2

    Good to see Helens support today.

    • mickysavage 2.1

      For free trade? Nothing wrong with that. Of course her words have been twisted and you will no doubt say that she supports the deal that National has negotiated despite not knowing what the terms are because the Government refuses to tell us.

      • infused 2.1.1

        Pretty hard to twist “we need to be part of the tpp”.

        • mickysavage

          “we need to be part of A TPP”.

          If investor state dispute resolution, anti Pharmac provisions and secrecy in negotiations were not there I suspect many Kiwis would at least think about it.

          • marty mars

            “So of course New Zealand has to be in on the action with the TPP and go for the very best deal it can as the agreement expands beyond the original four economies to a wider regional agreement.”


            That is the quote they are using. And this one

            “However, Ms Clark’s comments angered TPP critic and law academic Jane Kelsey who said it put Ms Clark at odds with Labour’s position. “Clark’s statement suggests she had become too far removed from the realities and opinions of ordinary New Zealanders.” She said the UN’s special rapporteurs had voiced concern about the TPP’s impacts on human rights.”

      • aerobubble 2.1.2

        Price of milk is set at the international price, so fresh milk from down the road is priced at the supermarket as if it came from europe, that’s not right. But it gets worse, when milk powder prices drop it pays to cut milk powder into milk at the supermarket I.e no longer fresh and passes extra cost of drying then rehydrating to get a not so nice milk. So sure free trade is good if, and I say if, big retail does not dominate the local market and consumer have real choice.

    • millsy 2.2

      Yep, she has completely gone over to the right.

      Officially she supports legal tribunals imposing privatisation of water on us, as well the ‘right’ of corpoations to pollute the air and water.

      Any new ‘jobs’ created in the dairy sector will largely be given to foreigners, because New Zealanders will not work for the abhorrent wages and conditions in the farming sector.

      We will pretty much be all broke from the high power, water rates, bank fees, prescriptions, insurance premiums and user pays that we will be socked with.

      • Jenny Kirk 2.2.1

        Well – whatever Helen has said – and no doubt its been twisted to look/sound pro-TPPA – Andrew Little has countered that with this : on Stuff News –

        Labour leader Andrew Little said there had been little rhetoric to instill any confidence the deal was worth New Zealand’s time. ……………………….
        “On top of that, we’ve got questions of the [intellectual property] clause, questions of Pharmac and the [investor state dispute resolution] clause, so on balance you’d say why would we have a bar of this deal?”
        He did not know how much information Clark had on the agreement, …………
        “But the reality is, from what we know about TPPA, and that’s very little about the content of it, we certainly know where some of the risk areas are and I maintain my view that it’s something we have to approach with considerable caution”

        • Tautoko Mangō Mata

          @jenny Kirk.
          “However Labour Leader Andrew Little when responding to Ms. Clark’s comments appeared to place more weight on one of the four; improved access for dairy than the other three.

          He told NBR radio that unless the TPP offered “materially improved market access” on dairy and agriculture, then New Zealand would get no gain from being part of the deal.
          “So of course New Zealand has to be in on the action with the TPP and go for the very best deal it can as the agreement expands the original four economies to become a regional agreement.”

          Officially Labour neither supports nor opposes the TPP — instead it is offering support conditional on four objectives being met.

          However Labour Leader Andrew Little when responding to Ms. Clark’s comments appeared to place more weight on one of the four; improved access for dairy than the other three. ”
          “The problem is that if the best deal we can get is a [bad] deal, then what is there in it for us?

          “If there’s no materially improved market access on dairy and agriculture and all we get is a set of obligations adding to our costs, and a potential strain on our sovereignty, then you have to ask what the point is.”

          Nevertheless Ms. Clark’s support may make it easier for those Labour caucus members more sympathetic to it like the original negotiating Minister Phil Goff and Trade spokesman David Parker.

          Technically the Government does not need Labour’s support to sign the deal.

          But Mr. Groser is understood to be very keen to avoid New Zealand’s traditional bipartisan support for trade agreements from breaking apart.

          Maybe as early as today we will have a clearer idea of what is happening with the most important trade deal this country has negotiated since the deal to export butter to the UK when that country joined the EEC in 1972.”

  3. Draco T Bastard 3

    It’s Getting Harder for Oil Companies to Make Money. Here’s Why.

    Kepler Cheuvreux reports that the industry’s expenditures on developing new oil sources have increased 120 percent since 2000, while supplies of crude have increased just 11 percent. Investing $100 billion in solar or wind power, the firm’s analysts conclude, would produce far more energy in the long term than an equivalent investment in oil. “The rules of the game for upstream oil and gas companies have changed,” says Lewis. “Every year they have to replace cheaper legacy barrels with more expensive barrels.”

    One explanation for falling prices is the glut of cheap domestic oil from the fracking boom. But the industry is also confronting what Bloomberg energy analysts have characterized as a “demand shock.” California’s new regulations on fuels’ carbon intensity and the Obama administration’s aggressive fuel efficiency standards, scheduled to take effect in 2025, are steering carmakers toward designs that use less gasoline. “We’re on the opposite side of the oil companies in the battle over the low-carbon fuel standard,” says General Motors spokesman Shad Balch. “The first company with a no-gas car wins.” Citi’s commodity research team predicts these factors, combined with the rising use of natural gas, will cause the rate of US oil consumption to peak by 2030. In August, the Interior Department reported an almost unprecedented lack of interest in purchasing leases for new wells in the Gulf of Mexico. And the National Bank of Abu Dhabi recently concluded that developing wind or solar capacity in the Middle East would be cheaper than building a new oil-fired power plant, even if the price of oil drops to $30 per barrel.

    Bold mine

    And despite all these facts, that have been known for decades really, the RWNJs in our government want to keep looking for all and not develop renewable energy. This is nothing less than sheer stupidity. Thing is, it’s been sheer stupidity since the 1970s.

  4. Anne 4

    I thought john Key said last week he liked Red Peak and was going to vote for it?


    Btw, is the poster above another damm good Labour creation?

    [Found on twitter. I should acknowledge the creator but can’t find who it is … MS]

  5. Draco T Bastard 6

    Remember how the previous Labour led government had put healthy food in schools and then National came along and took them out? Well:

    Results showed 78 percent are in favour of the government requiring schools and childcare services to implement a healthy food policy.

    The Horizon Research Poll on healthy food was carried out for the University of Auckland and funded by the Heart Foundation and the Cancer Society of Auckland.

    Another question in the same poll also had 78 percent of the public in favour of the Government stopping or restricting the practice of using unhealthy food and drinks as fundraisers in schools.

    Another proof, if you needed one, that we don’t live in a democracy but an elected dictatorship and one that rules for the benefit of the few.

  6. Tautoko Mangō Mata 7

    “Andrew Robb demands US tear down barriers or no TPP deal”

    “I came to lower protection so I get frustrated if we are talking about increasing protection in the case of biologics or see no reduction in other areas,” Mr Robb told The Australian Financial Review on the sidelines of the talks.

    Mr Groser did attend the first day of ministerial talks on Wednesday, and according to industry stakeholders and officials, was strident in his demands of the US.

    Mike Petersen, New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy, said the original ambitions for the TPP to be a “21st century trade deal”, was being threatened by 19th century tariffs and quotas.”They’re yesterday’s tools for a world that doesn’t exist anymore,” Mr Petersen said.

    Read more: http://www.afr.com/news/politics/andrew-robb-demands-us-tear-down-barriers-or-no-tpp-deal-20151001-gjz0pm#ixzz3nITmFHxH

  7. Tory 8

    Have you all gone flaccid now that the paperwork has been found at North Shore District Court? If you are quick you may still be able to secure a ticket at the WH extradition party to be held at Auckland International Departures to wish Mr Com all the best. Date TBA.

  8. Tory 9

    Can’t believe you lefties don’t have the Twitter update from KDC, then again he is no doubt too depressed to let you know. I’ll help you though, go to Radio NZ webpage and weep….

    • lprent 9.1

      Are Tories too stupid to leave links? Or is it just you? Is the orgasmic sensation of wanking so hard preventing you from doing a right click, copy link, hot to other page, right click and paste… because that is the kind of useless commenting behavioural issue I would expect from a fuckwit.

      Incidentally, I am enthusiastic about being insensitive to a Tory troll. So your first 3 usual responses would be unwise….

  9. millsy 10

    TPPA will financially cripple most New Zealanders. Plain and simple.

  10. millsy 11

    Taranaki Reigonal Council records a large surplus

    Probably unremarkable, but given that people were running round like headless chickens when the TRC took over the iconic Pukeiti Garden and dropped all entry fees (so anyone could get in without paying) warning it would bankrupt the reigon, I think it a good job has been done here.

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