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McCully sheep in wolfs clothingDaily review is also your post.

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28 comments on “Daily Review 02/06/2015”

  1. Anne 1

    If that is an Emmerson cartoon (can’t quite read signature but think it is) its brilliant. He’s fast becoming out best cartoonist ever and we have a history of producing brilliant cartoonists.

    Caught tail end of latest TV3 political poll (Reid?). Looks like Nats took a major drop since ponytailgate. Somewhere around 5% to 43% (?) with Labour up around 30-31%. Can someone confirm actual figures?

    And bear in mind this must have been taken after the budget!

    • ScottGN 1.1

      I just watched the Gower piece online at tv3. I’ve spent most of the day wondering why Key has felt the need today to launch one of his trusty old diversionary plays on asylum seekers. Is it possible he did it for no more reason than the release of a bad (sort of) poll?

    • b waghorn 1.2

      National: 46.4 percent – down 3.4 percent
      Labour: 30.4 percent – up 1.3 percent
      Green: 11.1 percent – up 1.8 percent
      New Zealand First: 8.1 percent – up 1.3 percent
      Conservative: 1.9 percent – down 0.8 percent
      Maori Party: 1.1 percent – down 0.2 percent
      ACT: 0.5 percent – up 0.1 percent
      United Future: 0 percent – no change
      Preferred Prime Minister:

      John Key: 39.4 percent – down 4.6 percent
      Andrew Little: 11.6 percent – up 1.8 percent
      Winston Peters: 11.2 percent – up 3.6 percent
      John Key’s ponytail pulling:

      Went too far: 52 percent
      Was just “horsing around”: 42 percent

      From tv3 site.
      Rwnj s arriving in 3-2-1

      • ScottGN 1.2.1

        The footage in Gower’s piece of him fondling that little girl’s hair is beyond creepy.

        • b waghorn

          The thing about this whole hair pulling stuff that’s winding me up is that most still believe it was once or twice and he apologized and she was fine with it .

      • Anne 1.2.2

        Rwnj s arriving in 3-2-1

        Ohhh… so thats’ why there’s been an upsurge in trolls and rwnjs on TS!

    • weka 1.3

      @patrickgowernz: 3News/Reid Research: NAT: 46.4% dn 3.4; LAB 30.4% up 1.3%; GREEN: 11.1% up 1.8%; NZF: 8.1% up 1.3%; CONS: 1.9%; MAO: 1.1%; ACT: 0.5%; UF: 0%

      • mickysavage 1.3.1

        Wow, no budget bump, that has to hurt.

        Look over there … boat people!

        • tc

          Yes because nz is soooo much easier for them to drift to than northern oz.

        • Anne

          Did you see Key on the TV3 poll clip? Tongue out licking his top lip. Sure sign of lying and attempted distraction. Wearing his nasty ‘I’m gonna get someone for this’ gaze – the same one he wore at the time of the cut-throat gesture to Goff when some unfortunate man tried to jump off the Debating Chamber gallery – as if Goff was to blame.

  2. Atiawa 3

    Keys rejection today of new GP co- leader James Shaw challenge for a cross party agreement on working towards lessening the effects of global warming is a great opportunity for Labour especially, to agree to work with the GP on an issue which more and more informed voters are becoming genuinely concerned about.
    I would personally see such an agreement this early in the election cycle as a win win for both parties and the country.
    Seize the moment.

  3. mickysavage 4

    Sacha suggested on Twitter that progressive blogs should have a #campbelllives post at 7 pm so that current affairs lives. IMHO this is a really good idea. Daily Review could become this instead and 7 pm seems to be the time that people start commenting.


    • adam 4.1


      Can we have a song at the end?

      See below my first suggestion of song, as not to interfere with this discussion

    • weka 4.2

      Would you title it ‘Campbell Lives’ here? Would be good to get a name that everyone can use across the social media scene. Tune in at 7pm at your favourite progressive spot.

      A few ideas bouncing around on twitter. One was that a couple of topics of the day get chosen to focus on, and then see if we can get them trending on twitter.

    • Atiawa 4.3

      Anything that encourages the engagement of others is always a good idea.

      TS could also think about hosting for 3 or 4 hours (weekly) a union lawyer who could answer workers concerns/issues derived from their workplace.

      • mickysavage 4.3.1

        Interesting idea … although would we want to give advice that Talleys may read 🙂

        • Atiawa

          Talleys buy employment law.

          They will only be defeated by worker education and empowerment.

    • maui 4.4

      +1 Like it.

  4. adam 5

    A song I forgot about till I heard a mates brother is in Iraq – with the Aussie army.

    Just swap england in the lyric for NZ and well it fits…

    • mickysavage 5.1

      He or what about …

    • Tautoko Mangō Mata 5.2

      “The Glorious Land” P J Harvey

      How is our glorious country ploughed?
      Not by iron ploughs
      Our lands is ploughed by tanks and feet,

      Oh, America
      Oh, England
      How is our glorious country sown?
      Not with wheat and corn.
      How is our glorious land bestowed?

      What is the glorious fruit of our land?
      Its fruit is deformed children.
      What is the glorious fruit of our land?
      Its fruit is orphaned children.

    • Molly 5.3

      Someone I care for is also in Iraq at the moment with the NZ Army.

      One of their favourites many years ago was Love Vigilantes, New Order.

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9BE4y-Hgao?rel=0&w=640&h=360%5D

      “Love Vigilantes”

      Oh I’ve just come
      From the land of the sun
      From a war that must be won
      In the name of truth
      With our soldiers so brave
      your freedom we will save
      With our rifles and grenades
      And some help from God
      I want to see my family
      My wife and child waiting for me
      I’ve got to go home
      I’ve been so alone, you see

      You just can’t believe
      The joy I did recieve
      When I finally got my leave
      And I was going home
      Oh I flew through the sky
      my convictions could not lie
      For my country I would die
      And I will see it soon
      I want to see my family
      My wife and child waiting for me
      I’ve got to go home
      I’ve been so alone, you see

      When I walked through the door
      My wife she lay upon the floor
      And with tears her eyes were sore
      I did not know why
      Then I looked into her hand
      And I saw the telegram
      That said that I was a brave, brave man
      But that I was dead
      I want to see my family
      My wife and child waiting for me
      I’ve got to go home
      I’ve been so alone, you see

      A good acoustic version by Iron and Wine:
      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hW2ypCL-29E?rel=0&w=480&h=360%5D

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