Daily Review 06/07/2015

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Update:  For BM’s education …

Christchurch Cairn-2

32 comments on “Daily Review 06/07/2015”

  1. mickysavage 1

    The above is a photo of a Cairn in Christchurch in Cathedral Square where people are justifiably still upset at their loss of democracy.

  2. BM 2

    Looks more like a gabion to me

    • mickysavage 2.1

      How are your powers of reading?

      • BM 2.1.1

        I’m the first to admit it’s time I got glasses, but I see no mention of the word gabion.

        • te reo putake

          Cheers, BM, always nice to learn a new word. It turns out a gabion is much like a cairn, but in the form of a cage filled with stones. But I reckon cairn is more appropriate for this one because Chch is a city with a British heritage, rather than an Italian one.

          • BM

            And they’re used world wide for erosion control.

            You can’t get any more environmental than that, not quite as mystical as a cairn though.

            • te reo putake

              Don’t steal this idea, but I’ve previously wondered about making one in the form of a large red forearm and fist. Soviet stylee. It’d look great poking out of my front lawn and give my neighbours something else to talk about at morning milking.

  3. mickysavage 3

    So John Key says there is nothing to worry about with the economy. Of course it helps if you have $50 mil plus in the bank.

  4. Sacha 4

    Hanover Finance directors avoid justice again as the FMA cravenly does a deal involving no liability. I doubt many of their gypped investors would rather get 10% back than see the suave scum behind bars.

  5. G C 5

    Dear Daily Review,

    After watching the first 20mins of 3News – it became clear… …the Government are starting to sound more cynical than the Media concerning the economy. QE 0.1

  6. dv 6

    So if things get bad Key sez we will spend more

    So if things get bad Key sez we will spend more and borrow- there fixed it

  7. Sirenia 7

    John Campbell campaigned for the All Blacks to play in Samoa. Apparently he is getting a huge reception over there. Strangely he is not mentioned at all on the extensive Samoan rugby coverage on either TV1 or 3.

  8. Gael 8

    Gee if cairn words correct chch in real trouble in ? years if no water gets into acquifiers anymore. US already using more water than can be replenished. Canterbury plains are not made for cows, tis wheat, dry stock and pine country. Total madness to make poor cows suffer in that heat with no shelter. Where has farm animal welfare gone in this country. Where do we get our flour from these days anyway and if off shore…..can someone tell me why our wheat growers went unsupported? Cows belong on the west coast, where it rains.

    • Stuart Munro 8.1

      When the norwester gets going Canterbury would probably work well for camels. McCully is probably arranging a camel hub with the assistance of the ubiquitous Mr Al-Alkhalaf even now.

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