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22 comments on “Daily Review 08/05/2015”

  1. Hateatea 1

    Ellipsister with a much better commentary on Whanau Ora than I could ever hope to write.


    All the people who argue about the once over lightly view of the MSM but were happy to accept their distortion of the AG’s report on Whanau Ora should read and reread this to get a clearer view.

    • les 1.1

      unconvincing by any objective measure.

      • mickysavage 1.1.1

        Les you can barely spell let alone string together a coherent argument. How about you actually say something instead of annoying us all with your smug illusional superiority?

        • weka

          Willing to bet les hasn’t read the link.

        • les

          do you mean ‘delusional’ …hey if you want to be a spelling detective go ahead.

          • mickysavage

            Either. If your spelling is so good why don’t you advance a coherent argument.

            • les

              show me my spelling mistakes if you think its important.Do you think its a prerequisite for a ‘coherent’ argument.

              • mickysavage

                No but I believe the advancement of an argument, any argument, is a prerequisite for advancing a coherent argument. All I have seen from you is a whole lot of trite statements. You seem to be trying to suggest you are a working class jo disillusioned with the left wing parties but your responses are a bit too sophisticated.

                • les

                  all I can say to you is stop making assumptions…concentrate on the message not the messenger.

                  • stigie

                    Easy on Les, you might get banned,

                    • Rusty

                      Jesus – are these the Moderators getting down on this guy? Really? I think I came in the wrong door. I was looking for relevance and a mix of viewpoints…

    • weka 1.2

      Thanks Hateatea, great write up in that link.

      However, Whānau Ora cannot resolve the effects of almost 200 years of colonisation in 4 years. This seems to be the crux of much of the criticism in an attempt to disband Whānau Ora and force a return to the shabby state services that have been in place for decades and have not been able to change outcomes for a large proportion of Māori. It is an undeniably unrealistic expectation to suggest that Whānau Ora would magically solve inter-generational disparity in under half a decade.


      In saying that, Whānau Ora has helped numerous families to date. And that success should be celebrated. Although, it is currently geared toward Māori and Pasifika whānau to address the history of disparity in Aotearoa, the approach itself is applicable to all whānau and has the capacity to provide a new way of delivering health and social services to all whānau to improve outcomes and finds solutions for whānau self-determination.

      And this.

      • I liked the post, but unfortunately it doesn’t really answer the question I see most asked (yes, admittedly, by Pākehā critics): what *is* Whānau Ora?

        I get there’s the idea, there’s a concept which involves doing things differently … but what is it in practice? An autonomous body? A funding stream? A different set of funding criteria? An overarching all-of-government project?

        I think there’s a disconnect where Pākehā say “what is it” and they mean “what does it do and how is it implemented?” but Māori answer it as “what is this unfamiliar concept?”

        It sounds terribly cynical even to me, but I think this programme (is it a programme?) has suffered in Pākehā media because it’s been explained exclusively in Māori terms. Which is also fair enough in many respects, because it’s not FOR Pākehā . On the other hand this means it loses broader support because it’s too easy for racist dickheads to spin it as “more handouts for Māori which they just waste on [insert Taxpayers’ Union media release here]”.

    • millsy 1.3

      Whanau Ora turned me off when I read about how a single mother was forced to get rid of her land line phone and broadband connection by her Whanau Ora ‘auntie’.

      Apparently she was better off taking her kids down to the school’s computer lab so she could do her online banking, etc.

      • Hateatea 1.3.1

        And how is this different to the actions / advice of mainstream budgeting agencies when they work with families or individuals who need to be realistic in their use of available funds?

        I know several people who have had the same advice from their budget advisor.

        Anyway, unless you provide a link to the story, I will treat that as an apocryphal tale used to tarnish the work of the Whanau Ora services by those who wish the programmes ill.

  2. HumPrac 2

    Dr Russel Norman Speech – NZ Forces To Iraq [2015]

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