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Daily Review 09/03/2018

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, March 9th, 2018 - 47 comments
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47 comments on “Daily Review 09/03/2018 ”

  1. eco maori 1

    There you go News Hub 3 countrys companies can still sue us and the one with the biggest companies Japans multi national companies will sue Aotearoa sooner or later its not over yet people we just have to convince national not to support this farcical contract that signs away our mokos sovereignty. The tpp11 is bull____ if it was a good deal how come we don’t get to see the tx before they signed it come on national don’t sign your mokos grandchildren future liberty and sovereignty away for 1 %, of GDP OUR tourism industry is strong bring in billion we don’t need this. Let’s leave New Zealand in a better for state than when we got her Ka pai Ka kite ano

    • James 1.1

      That has to be a wind up? Now you think that people should try to convince national (the party who have always said they were going to sign it) not to?

    • Carolyn_Nth 1.2

      It’s telling if the Nats are happy to sign it.

      • James 1.2.1

        It’s even more so that labour are willing to sign it.

        • SpaceMonkey

          Probably the only comment of yours I’ve agreed with here. With this action alone Labour have proven their true colours.

    • eco maori 1.3

      News Hub on 3 ECO MAORI has had a Eureka minute I have figured out why David Parker is signing that farcical ttp 11 contract it for the bragging rights so his name will go down in history that he signed it Ka kite ano

      • eco maori 1.3.1

        The project on TV3 yea ECO MAORI missed seeing Mike Havoc he a real Kiwi lol he was the humorous one of the duo. Mother nature has a lot of beautiful creatures we need to care for them a lot more than we are at the minute
        Ka kite ano

        • eco maori

          The project I agree with the young man we have to take the system of making profits out of a thing that we need warm dry clean shelter a family home house how we do it we need to stop trading houses like a commondity it’s ridiculous that a house can get flipped 3 times in one year each time the property price goes up. Ana to kai Ka kite ano

          • eco maori

            The project everyone being a minimalist is the way we have to go to have a safe environment for us all and all the beautiful creatures on Papatuanukue Ka kite ano

      • fustercluck 1.3.2

        He is signing it because Labor’s cabinet is stacked with just as many, if not more, globalist shills as the previous government.

    • Ed 2.1

      Toby Morris’s cartoon was not understood by such entitled gits.
      They forget they were handed it on a plate.
      We need an inheritance tax in NZ.


    • chris73 2.2

      Genuine question but wheres the racism in this

      • mac1 2.2.1

        What is the intention of the tweeted picture and caption? In the answer to that is your answer, chris73.

        • Antoine

          It’s advocating restraint in aid spending?

          • mac1

            Is it conflating foreign aid for people who have suffered a devastating natural disaster with a rich American entertainer giving away prizes in a TV show, the purpose of which is to attract viewers and therefore more money for the show’s owners, advertising sponsors and the host herself?

            Is it using words which just might act as dog whistles to people who are racist and despise charitable giving?

            Hmmmm. Again the question. What is its intention and how does it attempt to achieve it?

      • Stunned mullet 2.2.2

        Any ridiculing of Arden is unacceptable because rascism.

        • fustercluck

          Jacinda goes where she will be welcomed for her token aid drops, avoids Fiji where they don’t go for that sort of thing and the comeback to a decent pisstake is muh racism. Missed by this blog was credible criticism about giving foreign aid when people in NZ are suffering mightily from the effects of the same storm without the largess of the NZ government.

    • joe90 2.3

      The behaviour of some young nats says they’re beyond racist, entitled, boorish, philistine brats.

  2. patricia bremner 3

    Well I waited for Henry Cooke’s piece on his trip to the islands.
    Once over lightly I thought.
    Then he decided to promote means testing for greedy pensioners.
    He supports the Right, and is a disappointment in his reporting. IMO.

    • Muttonbird 3.1

      Oh yeah. Cooke is absolutely right wing.

      I’ve been thinking about doing a journalist watch data collection thing on this because it would be very useful for readers of the media to know from where the opinions are coming from.

      Stacey Kirk for instance is nothing more than a National Party spokesperson in drag.

      Hooton’s only disclaimer in his new job at the Horrid was that he was owner of his PR company Elicium. Nothing at all that he’s a foaming hard right dirty politics merchant.

      • Ed 3.1.1

        I’m assuming 95% of the msm is National

      • weka 3.1.2

        Honestly, I’m not seeing it. Here’t the article,


        Maybe either of you could point out the RW bits? And it’s hardly once over lightly, he covers plenty of ground there.

        • Muttonbird

          Please speak to Patricia about that. I’ve not read nor commented on that particular article. I have based my opinion of Cooke on his past contributions.

          • weka

            My question was for both of you. Patricia can talk about that article, but I’m also curious about the generalised accusation. Not seeing that either.

            • Muttonbird

              I’ll do a critique on Henry Cooke as part of my journo watch when I’m able.

        • patricia bremner

          Hi Weka, I thought for a 5 day trip, this was a light article. I was disappointed. Even the title left me cold.That suggests budget to upgrade?
          The Islands are poor in material things but rich in hospitality culture and warmth, this did not come across to me either.

          It is my feeling/ opinion that he gave the same amount of author effort to an opinion on the wealthy getting super, where he used Winston as an example and he failed to explain super diminishes with taxation.
          At the time Winston applied for the pension he was not in parliament, but Henry left the impression he was collecting super while being employed.
          I felt he spent more time writing supporting a view held by Mr Morgan senior, (who has said he would have supported National had Top reached the 5%) and is a possible future National donor.
          I have noted omissions and inferences, even mistakes which colour his writings.
          These may be coincidences, I think not. I think they are devices.
          I apologised earlier for being too personal in my comments on Henry, not for my opinion. Which for the reasons listed above, and Henry’s other articles lead me to seeing him as centre right. Perhaps we agree to disagree?

          • solkta

            I’m totally lost on why not wanting wealthy people to get free money from the gummint is somehow right wing?

            • patricia bremner

              It is more his arguments using Winston as an example, and his support for Morgan’s point of view. However, means testing would penalise the poor, who at most will have a home and Kiwisaver….. they will not have trusts, overseas accounts and assets.
              He has not said one supportive thing about the Left, but has implied those with Right wing views, ie Morgan are correct.

            • greywarshark

              It is because that attitude is one that is relying on the ‘common sense’ approach to social policy, not professional advice keeping all factors in mind. There is an argument for paying out money to wealthy people on the basis that a universal payment policy for something is seen as fairer, I paid big taxes, to support this system; it’s cost effective not needing large numbers of administration and deliberation which is open to disagreement and necessary mediation or Court action.

              That’s two reasons for it. There may be more.
              (It is better to put the effort into making people pay their taxes, and in a progressive manner that doesn’t take over 50% of any $. And to keep saying that is fair, and it enables all to have a good standard of living at each class level, low, middle, and high.)

    • Muttonbird 3.2

      I think if you going to make money out of political journalism and opinion pieces then you should have to say who you voted for in the last three GEs.

      Me? I do this shit for nothing.

  3. patricia bremner 4

    Thanks Muttonbird. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but not anymore.

    • Muttonbird 4.1

      I’ve watched Cooke for a while. He’s RW, no doubt about it.

      Lynch is RW as is her stablemate Stacey Kirk who recently sympathised with Bridges when he got push back on his massive Maoriness that he was suddenly trying to promote.

      Young, Trevett, and Watkins are RW, that has been apparent for some time.

      Burr is just a bizarre egomaniac modelled on Gower. Garner is similar. None of these three will be happy until there is a wing dedicated to them and their awesomeness.

      Also watch out for older, non-event, yesterday men like Liam Hehir, Martin van Beynen, and Damian Grant.

  4. UncookedSelachimorpha 6

    Grant Robertson goes full neoliberal and suggests public private partnerships, a classic way to let the wealthy exploit everyone else and the public purse.


    Labour is looking increasingly like National and ACT

    • Pat 6.1

      heard that as well….disappointing indeed, had hoped for better

    • Pat 6.2

      If you wish some insight on what direction (and tools) Robertson will take, this is an enlightening read


    • Ad 6.3

      The hard left keep acting like the state is in the same condition it was in 1984. It isn’t.

      We have a weak, small, reasonably incoherent state. And it will stay small.

      We are never going to follow the folly of fools who say we should just ‘print more money’ and go in to really high public debt.

      And even though the private mortgage sector is as stretched as it can be, there’s no way the property industry is building enough houses or softening the transport crisis.

      And the companies that should be able to help, such as Fletchers, are in real trouble.

      We need other people’s capital to help solve our problems.

      That means they are going to make a profit doing it.

      • Antoine 6.3.1

        I’m reasonably far right by the standard of the Standard, and even I’m not convinced of the attraction of pulling in private partners, just to provide capital to build roads and houses. Can the Govt really not raise the money from taxes, a bit of borrowing if need be, and the proceeds of Kiwibuild houses as they are sold (if anyone ever does manage to build a significant number of ’em and sell ’em off?)

        If private input is called for, surely better reasons are to bring in commercial discipline, expertise, and business acumen – rather than capital?


        • Antoine

          PS or here’s a novel idea, How about not splurging over $40B on infrastructure projects of questionable merit? I had enough of that with the RONS!!

          • Ad

            So what you are really saying is you are waiting for the Government Policy Statement on transport. So that public funding can be shifted away from motorways towards carbon-free transport.


            Have a good look at HLC – what used to be called the Hobsonville Land Co, now called Houses Land Community. PPP from the beginning.

            Also you might want to have a look at all the large projects that have been achieved through NZTA under the Alliance model.

            We are pretty well rehearsed for what is about to happen with Minister Twyford.

            • Antoine

              I dont give a rats about carbon, but Yes, I’m hoping and expecting that the GPS on transport will be an improvement and take money away from white elephant roading projects.

      • One Two 6.3.2

        We need other people’s capital to help solve our problems

        No, we do not!

        • Brigid

          Exactly. We don’t.
          If other people’s capital is based on their wealth, why can’t our capital be based on New Zealand’s wealth.
          If ‘other people’s capital’ comprises loans sought by ‘the other person’, what is the security for said loan? The wealth of the nation from which the loan was issued?

      • UncookedSelachimorpha 6.3.3

        The government can borrow money at very low rates – without exposing the public to the profit goals of private wealth.

        “…we should just ‘print more money’ and go in to really high public debt.”

        You should use ‘or’ in the above, not ‘and’, because one excludes the other.

    • patricia bremner 6.4

      UncookedSselachimorpha, I would hope not. Perhaps at a lesser % than before?
      May even be softening the public /private money up for “Development Bonds?”

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    From today, it’s illegal to smoke or vape in most vehicles carrying children aged under 18 years old - whether the vehicle is moving or not. “Second-hand smoke poses an unacceptable risk to our tamariki and rangatahi,” Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall said. “We know children in vehicles ...
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  • Nine countries designated very high risk
    Nine southern African countries are being added to the very high risk countries list following public health advice around the newly discovered COVID-19 variant Omicron, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said. This afternoon, a public health risk assessment was carried out to assess the emerging evidence and any risk to ...
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