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12 comments on “Daily Review 09/10/2015”

  1. Anne 1


    I suspect there’s an element of truth in what he says.

    There’s already signs of it with the Nats preparing to endorse Phil Goff. Mind you I think it comes from Hooten so you have to take it with a grain of salt.

    • RedBaronCV 1.1

      or somebody in NACT is playing games to try to drive a rift between Phil & voters

    • Yep pretty good analysis imo and you are so true about dirtypolitticsismymiddlename Mat – if he said it don’t trust it – look for the angle he is trying to push and follow it back straight to his political agenda and it ain’t got nothing good for the left in there.

    • Anne 1.3

      Just as I suspected:


      According to King, Hooten is talking “absolute crap”.

      King accused Hooton of “absolute spin and downright deceit”, and challenged him to name one Labour MP who had spoken to him about crossing the floor.

      “It actually makes me angry that anyone would give any credence to his crap…there isn’t a tissue paper between us on the way we’re handling it.”

      Round two of dirty politics has started.

  2. RedBaronCV 2

    I was reading a Washington post article linked on open mike that contained this gem

    “So if a Vietnamese company with U.S. operations wanted to challenge an increase in the U.S. minimum wage, it could use ISDS”

    so we can now only put up the minimum wage for local companies?

    If this is in the fine print then we had better stop buying anything locally off multi nationals so they clear out

  3. maui 3

    This story that Russia have accidently hit Iran with missiles is also on stuff, (although Al Jazeera does a much better job at doing balanced reporting). You have to wonder if it’s a ploy from America to deflect attention away from them blowing up a hospital last weekend. If the States keep prodding the Russian bear with a stick I wonder if one day it’s going to get mightily pissed off and react.


    • In Vino 3.1

      Yes, one would think that Iran would have objected by now if there were any truth in it. More spin, as if we do not get enough of it already.

      • McFlock 3.1.1

        Not necessarily. Part of the Great Game and all that.

        But while it’s not unheard of for missiles to go off course or fail (no weapons system is 100% reliable) usually there’s footage from the ground, maybe even parts with serial numbers (ISTR Robert Fisk got tailfin numbers from a missile fired by Israel during the recent war with Hezbollah, and the serial number actually came back to a shipment that had been allocated to the US Marine Corps but went missing).

  4. Tory 4

    Having read the first 5 comments I imagine there has been a run on tinfoil at the supermarkets around NZ

    • In Vino 4.1

      No need for me to rush to the supermarket – I have plenty in stock in the second drawer down. One has to be prepared.

    • RedBaronCV 4.2

      Better send the stuff you buy to that major newspaper “the washington post” . According to your comment all they do is publish conspiracy stuff. And it’s not exactly unknown for a bit of trouble making to come as insinuations from some quarters

  5. miravox 5

    Nobel Peace Prize to the Tunisian national dialogue quartet – the Tunisian General Labour Union, the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts, the Tunisian Human Rights League and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers.


    The Nobel committee said the quartet had made a “decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy in Tunisia” at time of political assassinations and widespread social unrest.

    “An essential factor for the culmination of the revolution in Tunisia in peaceful, democratic elections last autumn was the effort made by the quartet to support the work of the constituent assembly and to secure approval of the constitutional process among the Tunisian population at large,” the committee said.

    “The quartet paved the way for a peaceful dialogue between the citizens, the political parties and the authorities and helped to find consensus-based solutions to a wide range of challenges across political and religious divides. The broad-based national dialogue that the quartet succeeded in establishing countered the spread of violence in Tunisia and its function is therefore comparable to that of the peace congresses to which Alfred Nobel refers in his will.”

    Just hope Tunisia can continue to build consensus and resist the destabilising pressures on the country.

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