Daily Review 10/02/2016

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16 comments on “Daily Review 10/02/2016”

  1. Andre 1

    New Hampshire results

    Sanders thrashes Clinton, 60% to 39% (counting not yet complete)

    Trump (with 35%) thrashes the rest of the Republican field while getting a lower vote share than Clinton

    • Colonial Viper 1.1

      best news of the day

    • Whateva next? 1.2

      There is hope…..

    • millsy 1.3

      Good start. But it is akin to the opening batsmen getting through the first few overs of a ODI without losing their wickets: A good start, but the bigger challenges are to come.

      I still think that if Sanders starts doing to well in the remaining primaries, a series of old dodgy documents will come to light with his name all over them. That is how these things usually pan out.

  2. mickysavage 2

    Gee John Campbell is really starting to hit his straps. Two stories from tonight that the MSM seem to be avoiding.

    First the Police Complaints Authority have admitted not doing inquiries because they do not have the money. Imagine the outcome if a prominent New Zealander with name suppression charged with sex offences was let off because the police did not have the resources to prosecute him.

    Second Apple had a huge turnover but a miniscule profit and paid very little tax. And are refusing to answer Campbell’s questions about why this occurs.

    Keep it up John.

    • Anne 2.1

      John Campbell is a godsend. He has much more freedom at RNZ and he seems to have more control over the topics discussed. He gives me hope. Keep it up John – for the sake of NZ.

    • vto 2.2


      That Apple one will stir people’s minds… to something they suspect and see everywhere else in the world (doesn’t here in aotearoa eh, nup)…..

      and now landing in their backyard…

      watching apple with over $700million in revenue pay diddly squat… while the news items on tv3 showed children going to school in decrepit buildings because of not enough tax revenue…..

      these things will be linking up in households all around NZ tonight tomorrow

      Go John. Go hard

  3. ianmac 3

    This seems a bit odd to me:
    “George FM has warned staff to be nice to their newest host, Max Key.

    Radio DJs at George FM have been warned they will be taken off air if they say anything negative about the station’s newest host, Max Key.

    Key’s new role at the station was unveiled last week, hosting a one-hour show on Tuesday nights. He will unveil his debut single Forget You on his first show next week.

    An unverified email reportedly sent to all George FM staff warned staff that “all social media relating to the new night George FM Night time residents must be positive.”

    Must be positive! Wow. Not on merit or otherwise but starting out with 10 out of 10. He might be good at his job but…
    And is his debut single “Forget You” his music or someone else’s?

    • weka 3.1

      Excellent, gives me another chance to post this 😉

      I guess his workmates won’t be able to play this then,

      “and the media stands impotent
      seagulls parroting his fucking nonsense,
      and their headline reads,
      John Key’s son’s a DJ”

      • ianmac 3.1.1

        A bit weird eh? Max must be the only performer who gets positive reviews before he performs.And the important headline screams
        “John Key’s son is a DJ !!!”

  4. Whispering Kate 5

    Well, if this doesn’t scream that’s the end of freedom of the press. Cannot believe I have just heard this. The staff should do a massive walk out – but then, silly me, with jobs scarce, no employment contracts so to speak and a “there’s the door” mentality, fat chance the poor sods will ever do that. Boy, if this doesn’t breed resentment and low morality in a job, nothing will. Young Max, if he was a real sort of a guy would be terribly uncomfortable with this feather bedding but I won’t be holding my breath, he is of course the product of his father’s loins. The situation stinks – how many kids in NZ would die to have a job like this and he just walks in. Jesus, I feel its time I went to bed and forgot about the state of this country for a while.

  5. Bearded Git 6

    Just a couple of observations while I am in South Africa.

    1. The local (state owned?) power company is budgeting to use 2 billion tons of coal in the next 35 years.

    2. It is legal to own a personal taser in this country.

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