Daily Review 12/05/2015

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John Key Halo

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15 comments on “Daily Review 12/05/2015”

  1. backup (from 2011) of the new seymour hersh allegations about the true story of the death of osama bin laden..


    (fascinating stuff..)

    • Colonial Rawshark 1.1

      We’re being lied to every day by the authorities and their media outlets about events relating to the “War on Terror”.

      • AmaKiwi 1.1.1

        CV, I never use the term “war on terror.”

        Bush, Obama, Fox news, and the oil companies coined the term “war on terror” in order to demonize their opponents as suicidal psychopaths void of any virtuous ideals. Therefore they must be exterminated.

        It’s not working. The economic colonizers are making enemies faster than they can kill them off. There is no “win their hearts and minds” strategy so indigenous support for the guerrillas grows daily.

        20th century anti-colonial guerrillas usually won by bleeding their opponents until domestic opposition forced them to quit. By using mechanized killing machines, the guerrilla’s opponents hope to avoid that problem this time. Wealthy citizens are slower to realize they are being financially bled dry.

        I prefer to call this the Middle Eastern anti-colonial guerrilla war. All sides are using terror tactics.

    • millsy 1.2

      It will be denied, denied, denied, but this is hardly surprising. Almost to be expected.

  2. this one is pretty cool..

    cuban doctors have developed a vaccine for lung cancer..


  3. weka 3

    Stop Unsustainable Dairy Farm Conversions

    Government-owned Landcorp is in the process of converting swathes of land in the Upper Waikato area to dairy farms, and introducing 29,500 extra cows to the environment. The impact of those cows and the waste they produce will undermine the good work farmers have been doing to revive the river downstream.

    The Government and Landcorp should do the right thing by our environment and responsible farmers and support a moratorium on dairy conversions. There’s only so much the environment can take, and we – along with many Waikato farmers – believe we’re at the point where it can’t take anymore.

    We’re asking you to help us back our great farmers and rivers by calling for a stop to massive unsustainable dairy conversions. You can sign using the form below or by returning a completed petition form
    to us.

    To the House of Representatives:

    We request that the House of Representatives asks the Minister for State Owned Enterprises to put a moratorium on all future Landcorp-managed or owned dairy conversions to help responsible farmers, and to restore the water quality of our lakes and rivers.


    • millsy 3.1

      The government cannot tell dairy farmers what to do (without them throwing a bloody great tantrum), but it can put a stop to this practises on its own farms — ie Agresearch, the unis/polytechs, Landcorps, and so on..,.

  4. Anne 4

    Posted O.M. Should have posted here.

    Breaking News: 7.4 earthquake in Nepal at a depth of 10km.


  5. Weepus beard 6

    Government inaction forces the Reserve Bank to make policy decisions in housing…


    Perhaps this is yet another example of our Crosby Textor government distancing itself from what might be considered an unpopular decision amongst its supporters.

    Is John Key getting the Reserve Bank to do his dirty work?

  6. Credit for the “john key halo” image above belongs to Porcupine Farm blog


  7. vto 8

    lots of union jacks and nz flags being waved around in chch today for prince the harry…

    not good for change of flag promoters

  8. vto 9

    lots of union jacks and nz flags being waved around in chch today for prince the harry…

    good for prime ministers and encumbents

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