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Protest march for the frankly perplexed

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19 comments on “Daily Review 12/10/2015”

  1. mickysavage 1

    So anyone bought Cam Slater’s dodgy union book? Just asking …

    • weka 1.1

      Slater has formed a dodgy union and written a book about it? The mind boggles.

    • millsy 1.2

      I dont waste my time with anything written by Slater.

      And anyway, he more or less wants unions outlawed, so what do you think he is going to be writing about them?

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    Man-made diamonds De Beers will never sell

    Scientists at De Beers can make near-flawless diamonds in a lab, but they will never sell you one.

    The 127-year-old mining company’s Element Six unit, named for the carbon atom’s rank on the periodic table, makes gems that are as perfect as any found at Tiffany & Co. stores, yet their destination is a 1980s office complex on the edge of London. There, a team of 62 studies their creations and develops machines for diamond buyers trying to spot synthetic stones being peddled as the real thing.

    Of course, the diamonds that they’re against are actually real diamonds – they just so happen to be cheaper than dug up diamonds and massively increase the competition of De Beers and other outmoded companies.

  3. Morrissey 3

    Hamish “Biffa” McKay: “Speaking of the French: BRING ‘EM ON!”
    ITV’s rugby commentators leave New Zealand’s for dead.

    ITV, Television One, TV3, Monday 12 October 2015

    Anyone in New Zealand who tuned in to this morning’s superb France-Ireland RWC match in Cardiff will have been impressed by the excellent commentary. The match callers were an Irishman (Geordan Murphy) and an Englishman (Nick Mullins); they were much, much better than what we are, unfortunately, served up from New Zealand match callers. Their comments were sharp, analytical, fair and (best of all) they were not impeded by any lightweights or dead wood like the egregious Ian “Smithy” Smith. Instead, an intelligent and well spoken woman, Maggie Alphonsi, did the sideline comments, actually providing viewers with precise and useful information.

    At the end of the match, after Ireland’s stirring victory, Nick Mullins mentioned that France had to come back to Cardiff next Sunday to play the All Blacks. The All Blacks would no doubt be seeking revenge for their 2007 quarter-final loss to France at the same stadium, he said. And then he said something which is almost totally verboten for any New Zealand commentator: it was in fact the Tricolors that would be seeking revenge, after their controversial one-point loss to the All Blacks in the farcical 2011 RWC final.

    Such honesty and plain speaking is, of course, absent from the comments of New Zealand sports “experts”. On the Television One sports news this evening, a bleary-eyed and cold Andrew “Sav” Saville, broadcasting live at 6:40 a.m. from Newport, provided a horrible example of the smug misreporting and distortion that are the rule in this country’s rugby reporting….

    ANDREW “SAV” SAVILLE: … But all eyes now are on the refereeing appointments for the four quarter-final games. And as we all know, Jenny-May, referees can SOMETIMES have an effect on the outcome of Rugby World Cup quarter-finals! [Chortles and smirks]

    JENNY-MAY COFFIN: [in an arch, sing-song tone] Don’t know WHAT you’re getting at there, Saaaav! ….[Cut to Saville smirking, as if trying not to snort out loud]…. But, yes, all eyes on the refereeing appointments!

    Shortly after that grotesquerie, I switched the channel, just in time to see Hamish “Biffa” McKay finishing off the TV3 sports news with a defiant flourish….

    HAMISH “BIFFA” McKAY: Speaking of the French: BRING ‘EM ON!

    ……[Awkward pause. McKay’s show of belligerence lapses into an uncertain grimace. Newsreaders Mike McRoberts and Hillary Barry manage to force thin smiles. McRoberts takes a deep breath then speaks as if to an annoying child]….

    MIKE McROBERTS: [grimly] All right. It’s going to be a long week, I can see….

    More mediocrity from Coffin and Saville….

    Open mike 26/07/2015

    Open mike 27/04/2013

    • Macro 3.1

      Thank god I don’t watch TV ….

    • maui 3.2

      Might just be me, but it seems like there are twice as many Rugby World Cup stories in the media than last time. You literally can’t breath anymore without inhaling an AB, it’s wall to wall black.

      • Atiawa 3.2.1

        I’m looking forward to the post mortem. They don’t take up as much time and space as the glory of victory.

      • lprent 3.2.2

        Do what I do. Don’t watch broadcast TV.

        Who gives a pigs arse for what the damn rugby teams do?

        • maui

          I don’t watch tv that much, but it’s the big national news websites that I’m being gamed by, with stories on celebrity fashion and dogs skateboarding and then it’s all downhill from there.

    • Paul 3.3


    • Instauration 3.4

      Too many of us invest emotional energy into a sphere where we are benign.
      The typical AB supporter has no influence or control over the outcome of any game – such investment – is just Dumb.
      AB win or lose has nothing to do with most of us.
      Win – we hope to bask in the glory of other peoples achievements – is just Delusional.
      Lose – well !

      Dumb and Deluded – true NZ at its worst !

      • millsy 3.4.1

        The sun will still rise tomorrow if the AB’s lose.

        FWIW — I cannot see them winning this world cup. The energy isnt there.

    • esoteric pineapples 3.5

      The All Blacks – aren’t they the ones that went from being the national team to the National Party team?

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