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23 comments on “Daily Review 17/08/2015”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Do School Bullies Really Grow Up to Be Sexier Than the Nerds?

    In schools around the world, bullying weak people is just a sensible thing to do. It sounds shocking, but then step back and look at wider society—is it really much different? We have whole sections of the media dedicated to identifying and bullying people who don’t conform to our specific ideals. Adults harass and abuse people they disagree with online. We treat politicians and public figures with contempt, while politicians in turn enact brutal crackdowns on the sick and the vulnerable. Is it really that surprising that being a bully is a good way to start out in life?

    It’s a disturbing thought and it does some ring of truth to it. Perhaps we really are a sick society.

  2. Clemgeopin 2

    From the post, http://thestandard.org.nz/parsing-john-key-on-tppa/,

    “both Hosking’s and Henry’s jowls are up the Prime Minister’s cheeks”

    Well said!

    …on the cheeks of his backside.

    I would love to see an artist/cartoonist draw that scene pictorially….and auction it on Trade Me for a worthy cause….like Jane Kelsy’s ‘Give-A-Little fund for legal challenge to TPPA secrecy’


  3. Clemgeopin 3

    Poll on Stuff : Is Mike Hosking politically biased?

    73% Yes, clearly. (8252 Votes)

    12% On some issues, yes. (1399 Votes)

    15% No, he’s an outstanding journalist. (1629 Votes)

    The article and poll is here:


    • miravox 3.1

      Of course he’s biased. From the Listener


      There was the time he emceed at John Key’s state of the nation speech. The gig was for a charitable organisation. “They get different speakers along, one of whom happened to be Key. So there was no association with the National Party at all.” Well, Hosking gave it a ringing endorsement. “Yeah, absolutely. Why not? I’m allowed to. I didn’t actually say they should be re-elected, I don’t think.” He was reported in the Herald as saying, “We have bright prospects for the future, so long as you keep them in Government.”…

      and from the man himself…

      …it’s a fine line. “Yeah, it’s a fine line but that doesn’t mean you don’t walk down it, otherwise what’s the purpose of me being here?” It’s why he loves commercial radio. “If I was, say, on Morning Report I’d be in all sorts of bother. For obvious reasons. But that’s because there are just too many rules around that.”

      … “I’m allowed to say what I want, I’m allowed to think what I want, I’m allowed to express my opinion. Which is, apart from anything, fundamentally why I’m employed.”

      • Olwyn 3.1.1

        … “I’m allowed to say what I want, I’m allowed to think what I want, I’m allowed to express my opinion. Which is, apart from anything, fundamentally why I’m employed.”

        Going by other media hirings and firings, if his opinions did not not fit so well with Key’s, he would not be so free to express it, and his employment situation would be far more tenuous.

    • Weepus beard 3.2

      That is fairly conclusive. That’s what the people think. Key and Joyce think otherwise.

  4. Paul 4

    Why does this child of privilege get so much media attention for his social media output?
    Is it because the Herald,( like Hosking, Christie, Henry, Williams ) is Key’s stooge?


  5. Draco T Bastard 5

    Key backs banks after S&P warning over Auckland property market

    “We ask the banks themselves how they see things and they have on numerous occasions say they stress test their balance sheets, they’ve done significant stress testing when it comes to the Auckland property market, including really ramping up their models in terms of unemployment, interest rates and the like, and they’re quite confident their lending is stable and secure,” Key told his weekly post-Cabinet press conference in Wellington. “They tell me ‘look we’ve stress tested our books every which way and we’re very confident that our lending is appropriate and well placed’.”

    Yeah, because asking the fraudster if they’re defrauding you is always going to get an honest answer.

    • Macro 5.1

      And what would his mates tell him? Sounds like the banks are about as clued up about their portfolios as they were prior to 2008.

    • Molly 5.2

      I know of one bank who recently had a staff conference on the Auckland Housing market and how to make the most out of it. The premise is that it has – at most- two years of good pickings yet. They were discussing how to access the continuing high profits until that time, from the ever increasing values in Auckland.

      This may be true if nothing changes, as we watch Auckland being bought up by foreign investors. Similar has happened in other inflationary housing markets across the globe, London, Vancouver etc. There are also other measures in place that would ensure the the population of NZ can live in the country of their residence or citizenship.

      Stable state provided social housing, land tax, perpetual affordability liens, co-housing and considered papakaianga development.

    • greywarshark 5.3

      How can the banks be regarded as financially sound. An important piece of advice given to investors by prudent financial advisors is to have a diversified portfolio. A business is advised to limit its exposure by diversifying. Banks are in NZ heavily into dairying and housing. Is that healthy for them or us? What is their exposure in these two sectors? Does anyone here know, authoritatively.?

      Wikipedia on market exposure –
      “Market exposure (or exposure) is a financial term which measures the proportion of money invested in the same industry sector. For example, a stock portfolio with a total worth of $500,000, with $100,000 in semiconductor industry stocks, would have a 20% exposure in “chip” stocks.”

      • Draco T Bastard 5.3.1

        A little difficult to say as there doesn’t appear to be any straight out figures on it. It’s probably ‘commercially sensitive’. Anyway, this article implies about 50% on mortgages alone – unless I’m completely misreading it. Still, the UK has mortgages at around 60% of bank lending so I think it’s ballpark.

  6. joe90 6

    Best of the week.

    A video has emerged of the Turkish husband and wife who shared their wedding feast with 4,000 Syrian refugees serving food in an act of kindness that made headlines around the world.


  7. Jenny Kirk 7

    I stand corrected – thought they said Indian on TV3 news tonight.

  8. Ovid 9

    John Oliver revisits the NZ flag debate.

  9. Smilin 10

    The probleem with National is they are still the govt and Hoseclip and Basil Brush will just be as right wing as they are with impunity and endorsements, commercial krauts
    Thanks to Da FUHRER

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